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#3803644 Is Druid best healer for any comp?

Posted pripripriest on 12 November 2012 - 02:06 PM

View PostHendie, on 12 November 2012 - 10:43 AM, said:

No need to cry about discs in the druid forum thx.

But also RMP is prob the best comp for rogue/mage/x if played correct.

no mate i wasn't cryin.. i was enjoyin very much your rant about druids due to the fact shammies are, if possible, even more op. What else do you need this time ? You got :

- retarded hot healing (swappable now, yep it's true). Awesome how unlike most classes (dispel shield, earth shiled, pala absorption, monk cocoon) if your lifebloom is dispelled it blooms and gets u mana/ur target heals
- swiftmend and ns with very short cd
- tree of skills where you sit on a broccoliform and spam regrowth while being immortal
- travel form that makes you move away from trouble removes snares or roots and makes you immune to poly effect. castable while silenced
- Melee problems ? typhone (usable on any form and can interrupt casts too)
- Roots spam which, with the nerf on dispel system, are some kinda insane cc on melees (can't be that good vs palas)
- Clone spam.. best CC in game without sorta doubts
- Pick among Aoe blind that doesn't break on dots, 5 secs stuns instant or the aoe gripinoneplace thingy ... which seems to be good on some rbg
- Infinite mana... cause ooming is truly not an option. Also known as spam gem pvp power for even better heals
- Symbiosis.. Having ferals bubbling or restos ice blockin is just pathetic...
- best defencive dispel in game out of questions: you take poisons magic and curses all in 1 button.
- Desplaced beast or whatever the name is ... most retarded spell in game EVER. Blink + stealth every 30 secs... do i really need to comment this ?
- Fairy fire... rapes rogue with 1 button .. wasn't that amazing with normal dispel mechanics.. jk 8 secs cd..

regardless all this, you even manage to rant on your forum...

this said you asked if you are top notch healer for most of comps. I believe it really depends on your team playstyle. Shammy can grant some better surv but druid can grant Infinitely better cc possibly used even offencively (you can potentially cc the whole team just by urself). You have, if used properly, a FAR better dmg assist in cat form compared to shammy. I think ppl truly underestimate this but resto druids in cat form on cds do amazing dmg which can really turn the table for your team. Shammy dmg assist is rather shit tbh.
Both classes (shammy and druid) needs to be toned down by FAR. some mechanics are outdated and needs to be reverted/removed cause they don't fit anymore on the current status of the game.

hope you liked this answer better than what you called "cryin about disc" altho i truly suspect you just miss druid godmode state that you had in pre cata.. and just can't cope with that