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Russians/Wintrade/Abuse - Arena Ladder & Rated BG

24 November 2013 - 01:00 PM

I believe alot of people have noticed several characters that arent legit on 3s ladder and especially 5s ladder + rated BG! (Mostly wintrading russians etc)

When is blizzard actually going to do something about this & take action? They've been there for a while now? Just abit curious if they'll actually get away with it!

5s ladder & RBG is just extreme, but I believe this is happening in 2s & 3s aswell!

Perhaps its time people start reporting all these characters?
This doesnt seem to exsist on the US ladders either for some reason?

Examples: (3s ladder)

http://eu.battle.net...e<br /> <br /> http://eu.battle.net...e<br /> <br /> http://eu.battle.net...e<br /> <br /> http://eu.battle.net...g/Керолв/simple

Disc priest not strong enough

14 June 2013 - 12:18 PM

Anyone know when they are nerfing disc priests? i hate joining 2vs2 arenas and having to struggle with some braindead players with 5000k absorb shields when i dont even have rage to break their shields, I just end up 0 rage , no globals used, and wait for all their shields with 100% uptime to run out ... never...

I feel like disc got so many new things in MoP and atm its stupid how much stuff they have...

Just pain supression itself is enough to counter all my cds every 3min which is the only time i get pressure with the current boring burst playstyle, need more substained dmg imo

I havnt read anything on 5.4 yet about priests,

can someone enlighten me?