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Russians/Wintrade/Abuse - Arena Ladder & Rated BG

24 November 2013 - 01:00 PM

I believe alot of people have noticed several characters that arent legit on 3s ladder and especially 5s ladder + rated BG! (Mostly wintrading russians etc)

When is blizzard actually going to do something about this & take action? They've been there for a while now? Just abit curious if they'll actually get away with it!

5s ladder & RBG is just extreme, but I believe this is happening in 2s & 3s aswell!

Perhaps its time people start reporting all these characters?
This doesnt seem to exsist on the US ladders either for some reason?

Examples: (3s ladder)

http://eu.battle.net...e<br /> <br /> http://eu.battle.net...e<br /> <br /> http://eu.battle.net...e<br /> <br /> http://eu.battle.net...g/Керолв/simple