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1-2 Small changes to each class that I think would help balance this patch a lot.

24 July 2014 - 06:33 PM

Bored with 30 minutes to spare, wanted to see what other people thought, out of just curiosity.

1. No longer be invisible while in subterfuge, but still able to use stealth ability's.
2. Make cheat death base line, replace with some form of talent which makes recuperate more attractive to use.
Goals: Reduce rogues gigantic weakness of dying 100-0 in short stuns. Detract from the value of spamming restealth's, and hopefully offer a viable option other than spam feinting. Hopefully everything combined would make spam restealthing with feint spam less attractive and staying in longer less punishing.

1. Make temporal shield's heal over time effect heal it's full duration over 3 seconds instead of six. Even if you get a perfect temp shield off, and absorb 400k+ damage, your HoT is too small due to being split up over six seconds to normally ever actually have an impact.

1. Remove tremor totem off their reset totem cool down.
2. I'm not sure how to do this, but make enhancement shamans initial ascendance burst slightly delayed. The damage it deals is fine by me, but having it all at one time is too much. If the hunter and enh shaman coordinate ascendance swifty macro + hunters instant damage means any time some one is under 50% life, instantaneous death is a very strong possibility.

1. Increase shadow fury's cool down to match mortal coils(45 seconds).

Restoration druid:
1. Increase the cool down of iron bark from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.

1. Holy/disc: Add a passive for these specs to reduce the base cool down of fear ward by 45 seconds.
2. Shadow: Fix the bug on glyph of sha minor glyph removing shadow fiend off GCD.
3. Disc: When your power word: Shield is dispelled, a HoT for half of the absorb amount is placed on the target over six seconds. (This may seem drastic, but there is not one disc in the US on the ladders, at all).

1. Holy: Reduce the base cooldown of hand of sacrifice by 15 seconds,
2. Ret: No idea, do not know enough about their mechanics/strengths/weakness.

1. Mist weaver: either decrease the strength of orb healing out side of CC, or make it so the orbs they leave behind on the ground are more limited in number.
2. Windwalker: Leave the 2 second blanket on their kick, but should they miss their kick, make it increase the CD by 6 seconds(making it effectively 4 seconds longer, due to the 2 seconds of silence they get when missing anyways).

1. No idea about warriors either what to change. They feel fairly balanced although I dislike the design over all.

Death Knight:
1. I think it's more so other classes are too strong and not sure what to nerf on dks. I think some form of way to be kited a bit less out side of cool downs would be well welcomed but I am not familiar enough to judge.