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[Fire] What does it need to be "viable" in arena currently?

23 February 2015 - 09:56 PM

Note: While I know some people think it's pointless to talk about these things as they assume blizzard will change nothing, but the #1 complaint from high rated mages was ice nova being too powerful/dumb and promoting bad gameplay with it's DRs and instant stuns, and wanting more frost bolt dmg instead, this came with the first major patch and it was a PvP change only. . Anything is possible ;)


In 6.1 if you glyph it, ignite gives a 40% slow for fire. I like that as when playing fire no slow outside of a 25-50 second cool down depending on how you use them is a little rough, and with living bomb dmg being so low, you have no frost nova as well.

So now, what is the main issue keeping fire from being "viable"? By viable I mean if you get good at the spec it being able to while not be better than frost be decent enough to the point pretty much no person but extreme close friends who will let you try hard will play with you. I currently find sub rogues to be acceptable viability, for example, even though combat is better/way more popular sort of like frost versus fire.

I enjoy the idea of fire, stuff to do while moving(scorch x3 into < 1 sec fireball, inf blast, pyro) and the idea of some dot dmg/spread pressure and procs to manage. It kind of reminds of of a shadowish priesty type play.

So what does it need? Is it the raw damage output being too low in arena? Is it living bomb needs to be buffed so we have a frost nova and a decent dot fitting in with the dot dmg play style some? Does combust need a 3 sec stun again?

Would like to hear :)

Some things I'd love to see for this game, both community and functionality wise.

16 February 2015 - 07:07 PM


Bored, this game is going to be around likely with a large player base for years still so just going to drop a couple random thoughts on stuff besides balance etc I think would improve my personal experience playing a lot.

-The premade LFG arena/rbg thing is nice and way overdue, but I have a couple issues with it, mainly being:
You can not look at other groups while hosting your own group looking for people. (aka, I can't list LF glad rdruid for RLD, then check other groups up while mine exist checking for others. No idea why, if there is no work around this should be changed.

MMR Issues:
-The MMR system seems to do an okay job at matching people. The issue here is it can limit who you play with a lot. If I am 2500 CR/MMR, I would still like to try playing with lots of new people, even much lower CR people. I know first hand that even lower players than your exp can often be very good individually at the game, and with the right attitude/team can very quickly turn into even R! contenders.  The issue is to give people a try is so much time/effort when you lose 100's of rating if they are not that person, and it's a snowball effect.

Fix to MMR issue:
I think adding a "Team one, Team two" check box at the top of your arena tab would work. Make it so whichever box you have ticked is the one that has it's MMR/rating changed when you win/lose an arena match. Both team one and two ideally would have separate MMR/ratings, end of season highest of your two teams CR's will go for awards.

This would allow you to use your second team to queue with new people, and if you do really well with them your rating is still relevant, and keep your mainteam for "real super srs games".

Community issues:
-The entire concept of skype being 100% needed every queue session even with brand new people is a pester.

I think LFG and some time could help this a lot. I do however think it's unfortunate that the community did not evolve to allow non skype games the standard for most queues and skype only for "serious queues". A result of no LFG and no way to queue arenas really other than your "main team"(aka the mmr 1/2 issue) caused it. Hope it can change, no skype games are fun still.




1. Improve LFG for arenas to be able to search groups while hosting one of your own/on alts.
2. Make it so there is two separate arena team check boxes (team1/2 at top of arena tab). Each one has own MMR/rating, and what ever one you have ticked when you queue is the one changes on win or loss. Highest CR of the two end of season goes for titles.
3. As a community be open to new comps/specs more imo. On my rogue which plays sub at 2400+ often I am denied to play RLD before 1 game with new people from sub alone. It's not that big a deal.