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[EU] Hunter -2775max -glads LF any mates.

19 April 2016 - 08:33 AM

Hey guys.

I've been inactive for a while now and I'm looking for some motivated 3s partners who don't mind the grind. I'm a competitive guy and won't shy away from discussion if their outcome would help us to improve.

Short summary about me:

Languages: english or german

Comps I'd prefer: Thug, Jungle, PHP/S

Age: 23

usually Online: from 7pm up to 11+pm during the week and 2-3am on the weekend.

Comps I played in WOD (season1)

-Jungle 2775 rating and 2.8+ MMR
-Thug 2600+ rating and 2.6-2.7MMR
-PHP/S 2600+ rating and 2.6.-2.7 MMR

bnet: Nogahn#2895

PS: don't have any real CR and don't care if you got glad or not.

allways looking for 2s tryhards who are willing to heal me