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#4375871 Unpopular opinions thread

Posted by Nogahn on 29 January 2015 - 08:08 AM


okay here we go xD
-mages cry about not being viable once they are limited to 1-2 comps in a season(due to being mediocre)

-everyone hates hunter {once they are top-tier} but are fine with rogues, mages and warlocks being it all the time.

-huntertrap in its current state is fine, compared to polybot and his stepbrother mc full-fear and their little sister cyclorina.

-knockbacks shouldn't be in the game but have to due to the huge amount of gapclosers

-combat rogue (rmd) requires less skill then playing a hunter in any given comp

- blades edge + ruins prepbox should be removed from the game (for example you don't want to go lock on bladesedge eventho he's a great target or lsd-box-of-death)

*heavy breathing*
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#4360905 Demo?

Posted by Nogahn on 15 January 2015 - 05:27 PM

Don't loop all of us in with that idiot. Some of us are halfway intelligent, and some glads lick windows. I won't lump you in as a window licker if you don't lump me in with the emoji demo idiot, deal?

lf some windows to lick
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#4360170 LOL THE DREAM

Posted by Nogahn on 15 January 2015 - 09:24 AM

wow... ..... ... rly?.... wow..

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#4342232 Sum of all cancerous abilities that shit on the game

Posted by Nogahn on 09 January 2015 - 08:44 AM

what about enhancer purgebor 3000? and lock porting on blades edge?

- spam cc (poly,fear,clone [i'd love to se a 3 second cooldown so it could be actually worth to dispell a poly sometimes)
- killingspree
- execute warrior proccs (HELLO?)
- rdruid mechanics
- shadows who aren't casting anymore
- mage having deep/poly/ring/nova (a bit too much isn't it? if you compare it to other classes even hunter since poly = most casted ability while being under pressure)
- kicks which spellocks for more then 4 seconds (i'd love to see a kickbot abusing FMP)
- burst of speed
- passive slows aplied by dmg abilities or auto attacks
and ofc 12sec trap and it's radius
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#4341171 Tired of Huntards

Posted by Nogahn on 09 January 2015 - 12:27 AM

the idea that they aren't going to completely rework a class just because it's been the same way for a moderate amount of time is nonsense, warriors are completely reworked every single expansion

anyway, they're only absurd when you have all of them together. explosive trap knockback has no reason to exist in this game at all

mobility while "casting" should only exist if deadzone still exists

having slows and interrupt are fine, i'm not a fan of dps classes other than mages having a root but it's not a deal breaker for me

-ok let's play a game i'd say no class shoudl be able to switch levels in a way a warlock can on bladesedge.
it's stupid and aids.

-no dps shoud be able to use cds such as bubble/block/dispersion etc. while being stunned if they waste their trinket they should get punished for it.

- knockbacks don't have a reason to be in the game at all.

- no class should be able to spam cc. (poly/fear/clone should have a cd 2-3 seconds)

- no dps class should be able to kill a healer by itself.

- .... i could go on for ages but i guess you'll disagree anyways

and btw they removed deadzone because hunters were kinda stupid to play in pve since... most of the time you wanted to build dps camps to actually heal your whole group but hunters couldn't dps while being in certain areas in an encounter
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#4341135 Tired of Huntards

Posted by Nogahn on 09 January 2015 - 12:06 AM

what aj have you been reading where people never complained about those things? of course they're absurd, hunters have been given a mechanic to remove every weakness they've ever had over time

let's just summon capstone in here and call it a day

then pls explain how huntrs should even be conisdered viable...

since all of you want those things to be gone.

mobility (no casts on the move [not even steady/cobra], no freedom, disengage(+post haste)
cc (30 sec cooldown with at leats 1.5sec arm time right?)
MS nerf for sv+mm
no explotrap
reduce slows/roots (no concshot, no slowamo, no roots)
getting kicked on all of their casts (steady/cobra as ell)
let's also nerf purge i mean... why not zoidberg

hm let's see.... mm hunter = mage but worse
sv hunter = lock but worse
bm hunter = ....

stop crying about all those things... they are a part of the fkcn class since late cata.... there's no way they are gonna rework it again.... TRAP WILL BE NERFED somehow and MAYBE SLOW-AMO THAT'S IT.... GET OVER IT LADIES

and if you get knocked in a corner and conshotted on top...consider it as well played... as you'd say it to every ele
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#4341117 Tired of Huntards

Posted by Nogahn on 08 January 2015 - 11:53 PM

Yes, i'm aware of warlocks being retarded too(Affli), but not being biased, hunters are just beyond retarded. They suck out all fun from the game, have retarded mobility, move while casting damage, retarded cc, passive healing ontop with deterrence and sac, like what the fuck is wrong with the class seriously?

everything has been around for ages.
casting while moving is around since cata (never rly bothered anyone), mobility allways been around (since we are fucked once we get stunned), deterence is kinaa weak compared to other defensive(stuns,dots etc.), sac has been aroudn for ages... and even when we were able to rotate sacs no one rly cried about it, passive healing isn#t even worth to mention (every class got one)

the only ting that is retarded about hunters is 12 sec cooldown on trap + slow amo

i don't get it why people are allways trying to cry about hunters if they are considered strong...
mages are stong,, ye fine... same goes for rogues, locks, shadows, even PROCC-CITY didn't get that much attention
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#4341084 Tired of Huntards

Posted by Nogahn on 08 January 2015 - 11:45 PM


yes, 12sec trap should be addressed and yes its radius should be decrased... but i mean hello? wth is going on here...

you guys are so fckn biased, your comments gave me aids, ebola and cancer. (and i only read the first page)

hunters is rly strong right now. (13 hunters in the top200 EU)

i mean NOW things are bothering you which are around for many seasons...

explotrap, bindingshot, concshot (LOL WTH), MS effect
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#4334805 Feedback and general PvP issues

Posted by Nogahn on 06 January 2015 - 08:52 AM

see i set a positive note for your post any everyone else just jumps on the positive boat, you hit your upvote quota for the week

he gets upvotes because it's actually a great thread.
stop giving yourself airs.
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#4332945 Feedback and general PvP issues

Posted by Nogahn on 05 January 2015 - 08:15 AM

saved for LATER :)

- Weird gear-obtaining system.

To be honest this randomized drops are rly anoying for everyone.
On the one hand there are people who are almost fully geared and on the other hand there are people who got 2,3-2,4 + lr since the first week and are still behind due to random drops.
At this point I'd rather have rbgs with an increased cap (compared to arenas) then RNG-EPIC-OPRAHSTYLE :D
I know rbgs aren't that entertaining for most of us BUT at least you could say THEY DID SOMETHING to be geared and you could have done the same eventho most of us won't.(Blizzard wants to keep rbgs alive (for a good reason) so they implemented rng drops which are even worse tbh)

- Faction imbalance.

From my point of view this whole racial thingy should be removed by now (or at leats every faction should have the same racials spread on their racial equivalent).
I personally only play human due to the racial (i guess most of us do).
If i had no disadvantage for playing another race I'd insta chnage to nelf since I tmorph it anyways.
(tmorphing came to a point where I'm not even motivated to play once a new patch hit the servers)

- General feedback from players
I have to agree with you the decent ideas and posts are getting drowned by casual tears (no offense) and rage posts most of the time.
Please instead of crying about class X or ability Y take a deep breath and take your time to find a solution which could work out [any idea is welcome as long as it's not biased or totally over the top (don't try to destroy another class instead try to fix it)]

Another idea which came to my mind is that our community needs somekind of ELITE CIRCLE who communicates
with blizzard and everyone should be able to read it.(secret forums don't help the community at all)
Just open those forums for everyone and let them read it (not post in it ofc).
And a lot of players would actually understand why class X is so hard to balance, why class Y has to be buffed or why class Z has to be nerfed in a certain why.
The forums don't even have to include names or any kind of informations about a player they could simply color the posts. (blue for blizzard / purple for community)
This way blizzard could actually see what bothers us as a community without having to check the daily aidsfest which blizzard forums have become and blizzard would be forced to give us answers to certain topics since they are getting adressed officially and so they can't dodge a bullet behind their fancy secret-forum-wall.
Those memberships would be based on general experience and the motivation to actually make the game more enjoyable for everyone (3-4 weeks trial etc. blabla to see who actually means it)

- Counterplay mechanics

I couldn't agree more.
Almost everything which required skill is gone at this point.

From a hunter's point of view it's a sad time since there isn't much to shine if your class is that simple.
In the past you actually knew if you have faced a decent hunter due to a lot of facts.
For example when we still got readyness our skillcap was much higher since it could be used as a HIGH RISK/HIGH REWARD ABILITY (sacrifice a second deterence for a dr trap or for that little bit of extra burst which could end the game) there's more where that came from for every class but I think you get the gist.
For example atm i'm playing PHP with a priest (PHP lol did he really say it) and once we face a resto-druid PHP there isn't much we can do.
Even if our priest swds(holyfires w/e) 3 out of 4 traps and we are able to sac a hoj once in a while and make our opponents look like they don't even know how to play the game dps/cc/mechainc wise we are close to losing due to the fact that it doesn't matter anymore how good you are if your opponets play fotm on a decent level.
Yesterday we were clsoe to losing a game vs a 2.4 druid-PHP eventho we almost doubled them in DPS, were 2-3 cc chains ahead due to trapeating/swd and if the game would have lasted a minute longer we would have lost no matter what. (I'm not justyfing the current state of my class i wanted to show you what our game has become)

(warning! my english isn't the best but i guess it's mkay)
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#4319325 Why can't I Life Cocoon while trapped?

Posted by Nogahn on 26 December 2014 - 11:37 PM

cauz "it's a trap"
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#4252537 S16 on December 2

Posted by Nogahn on 04 November 2014 - 11:14 AM

It's so people can enjoy their holidays with their families instead of playing wow :(

jk i have to cap
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#4252516 rbgs have the highest skill cap

Posted by Nogahn on 04 November 2014 - 10:37 AM

there is nothing more fun then winning an rbg vs an equaly good team
winning an arena game i just like meh... we won w/e i expect us to win
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#4251265 rbgs have the highest skill cap

Posted by Nogahn on 03 November 2014 - 07:29 AM

Most of the top rbg teams are packed with r1 players.

No one could ever be proven right or wrong because RBGs is just a fucking cesspool right now. But individual player skill rarely shines in rbgs unless they are in a key roll. This expansions RBGs relied solely on who had more scripts/booters/various other cheats. Maybe WoD will help show how skill based RBGs can be but I am going to go ahead and say nothing will change(except for maybe MOST honorbuddy heroes being gone).

EDIT: letter/spacing

i wasn't talking about real teams i was refering to those early seaosn rbgs groups which are trying to play rbgs for a higher cap (rbg groups made by gladiators who don't have a clue about rbg)

RBGs definitely have a higher skillcap, there is so much more to do as almost every class, and the strategies can be much more complex than arenas. Unfortunately majority of the best players in the game no longer participate in them. They are far less competitive now than previous seasons, and the best teams are very mediocre compared to what they could be. The main reason people who struggle in arenas tend to excel more in RBGs aren't because they're easier, its because the teams beating them in arena don't exist in RBGs, they choose not to play them. The player pool is much much smaller.

Anyone who has actively played both RBGs and arenas at the highest level would agree its much more fun and satisfying to win a hard fought RBG with two amazing teams than to win any arena match, but nowadays that is INCREDIBLY hard to come by, it may not even exist anymore.

I totally agree with you!
rbgs can be fun if u face a team who is on the same lvl or even better....
but as u've said most players don't care enough about rbg so there aren't that many "real" teams i guess in EU there are like 4-5 teams who are fun to play against and US is the same i guess

i guess if blizz would support rbgs with some kind of titles and/or mounts as a seaosn end reward but hota and a 75/150/300 wins mount
rbgs could be huge since there are alot of opportunities to come back even tho u've failed once (lost a base / lost a flag) and they are much more entertaining to watch since even casuals are able to tell what just happend such as lol or cs (game could be much more popular since arenas are kinda hard to understand/follow for someone who isn't that much into it = main reason why arenas aren't an esport).
Eventho they are easy to understand there's also a lot of depth when it comes to rbgs and tactics such as predicting incs/enemy tactics, coordinating a whole team, peeling and cross ccing at the same time etc..
In my opinion blizzard should put some work into rbgs AND bring them to blizzzcon and they will see what the crowd favors the most (top 2 EU vs top 2 US to see if it's even worth it)

just imagine the crowd goes ham after u came back from a 2:0 on WS and u've killed the enemy fc with just 2 minutes left on the board or fighting back a 600 points deficit on mines or arathi and on every little play u make the crowd would cheer at you
you don't go for kills u go for objectives (compareable to lol/other esport games)
and due to the fact that u go for objectives it's much more entertaining to watch and even tho your favorite team lost an objective there's a chance of coming back(!!!)but in arenas u just wait until someone dies randomly because they made little mistake or wait 10 minutes until someone went out of mana/cds.(it feels like sometimes even the commentators are bored of watching the game (lsd vs lsd) or can't even tell exactly what just happened due to teh fact that arenas aren't easy to follow )
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#4250851 rbgs have the highest skill cap

Posted by Nogahn on 02 November 2014 - 07:48 PM

imo rbgs require alot of skill and could be entertaining if more players start playing it....
and your 3s>rbg discussion makes 0 sense since they aren't even the same(not even close).

rbg is all about teamplay, coordination and general overview/game sense (ofc good players make a big difference)
there has to be a reason why alot of "gladiator-r1-groups" struggle vs real teams since u've said there isn't a huge difference between arenas and bgs when it comes to the high rated enviroment.
usualy they(glad-group) are able to win a zerg but most of the time they lose due to the fact that they are getting outplayed (can't handle incs / advanced tactics/ don't know how to react in certain situations) because their arena xp is kinda useless in rbg because rbg is a different story.
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