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Tuesday pvp changes - warrior Str+Sta buff +HS dmg

01 November 2016 - 09:21 AM

  • Hamstring damage has been increased considerably, and now lasts for 12 seconds in PvP.
  • (Arms) Strength and Stamina increased by 10%.
  • (Fury) Strength and Stamina increased by 10%.

Let me start off by saying the damage buff is needed.
Unless you are ignored all game, we are currently out-damaged by almost every other spec in 3's PvP.

-Hamstring lasting 12s now on players will be a nice change but still not as good as it being off the global. The damage is still going to be less than slam, therefore still a wasted global pretty much... (10 rage, damage can't be too high)

Now we're still lacking utility/mobility with the way our talent tree is set up. 

My thoughts on a talent swap to fix the issue. 

1. Make Defensive Stance a base ability. its a traditional warrior thing. stances.

2. Switch Double time to Defensive stance spot in tier 4. 

3. Add Warbringer charge stun to Double Time's spot, making you choose between the 3 stuns.

-This allows us to use charge again (Optional talent) to interrupt/stop casts/damage and secure kills, as a utility option in the tier 2 talent tree, by sacrificing our longer duration/cd stun talents. Each will have their uses still in different match ups. 

Also it helps our uptime, because of losing a GCD by having to apply Hamstring now. We will actually be able to take Double Time without sacrificing utility.


(Keep dreaming) They could even make Mortal Strike or Colossus Smash renew the duration of Hamstring, since we're one of the only manual appliers. 


Warrior 3s? viability after 7.1?

24 October 2016 - 09:41 PM

so.. what comps are most viable with warrior in 3s right now?

what comp can we actually do as good as a ret, rogue, or enh?

damage is already shit outside of our 4 second burst windows. which no matter how you time it you usually end up cc'd unless you're facing a melee cleave. 

our only utility is spell reflect - everything is spammable except hex anyway. and shockwave, which we have to give up mobility to be able to take a stun..

seriously? what comp? has anyone tried kfc or kitty?

do serpent sting and mortal strike stack?

17 September 2016 - 08:56 AM

Has anyone tested? 2 different types of MS, the hunter one is removable by casting. Just wondered if these stacked or whats the deal