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#4614148 Tuesday pvp changes - warrior Str+Sta buff +HS dmg

Posted by Thebestlol on 01 November 2016 - 09:21 AM

  • Hamstring damage has been increased considerably, and now lasts for 12 seconds in PvP.
  • (Arms) Strength and Stamina increased by 10%.
  • (Fury) Strength and Stamina increased by 10%.

Let me start off by saying the damage buff is needed.
Unless you are ignored all game, we are currently out-damaged by almost every other spec in 3's PvP.

-Hamstring lasting 12s now on players will be a nice change but still not as good as it being off the global. The damage is still going to be less than slam, therefore still a wasted global pretty much... (10 rage, damage can't be too high)

Now we're still lacking utility/mobility with the way our talent tree is set up. 

My thoughts on a talent swap to fix the issue. 

1. Make Defensive Stance a base ability. its a traditional warrior thing. stances.

2. Switch Double time to Defensive stance spot in tier 4. 

3. Add Warbringer charge stun to Double Time's spot, making you choose between the 3 stuns.

-This allows us to use charge again (Optional talent) to interrupt/stop casts/damage and secure kills, as a utility option in the tier 2 talent tree, by sacrificing our longer duration/cd stun talents. Each will have their uses still in different match ups. 

Also it helps our uptime, because of losing a GCD by having to apply Hamstring now. We will actually be able to take Double Time without sacrificing utility.


(Keep dreaming) They could even make Mortal Strike or Colossus Smash renew the duration of Hamstring, since we're one of the only manual appliers. 


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#3918442 5.4 Bladestorm - interesting damage breakdown - Arms/Fury

Posted by Thebestlol on 26 July 2013 - 10:22 AM

I spent some time figuring out the numbers for bladestorm damage for arms / fury and how it would compare to damage in pve (was answering a pve dps thread BS vs Dragon roar - single target dmg - on wow forums)

But it also will give an idea of what type of numbers we can expect compared to our other abilities for arena also.

CS into Bladestorm is going to be a dps gain for arms when comparing a 6s burst window.
Even more than CS into spamming 5 slams (even with the 10% buff to slam in CS)

for being unstoppable damage its going to be pretty significant

my fury numbers might not be correct, but thats the easiest way i could figure;


-BS and DR will be on the same 60s CD now.

(BS now 180% for arms, and 120% with both weapons for fury)

Bladestorm is only 4 GCD *durations* (can fit 5 GCDs if we are starting at 0 seconds till its over at 6 seconds) 0s - 1.5s - 3s - 4.5s - 6s (5 GCDs in 6 secs)
The swing timer is 1 second on BS, not 1.5s CD like a global (it actually hits 7 times, once on activation, at 0s, and once every second after, for the 6 second duration)

ADDITIONALLY: when you reach the end of BS at 6 seconds, your next GCD is freed up and ready to use instantly, which you will usually have excess rage and be able to fit in a GCD + Heroic strike at the end of your BS.

Fury -

Titans grip bladestorm = 120% wep dmg from both weapons 7 times in 6 seconds (840% wep dmg with both weps,) calculate it to a 1.5 global = 168% wep dmg from both weapons every global. PLUS Bloodthirst and heroic strike at the immediate end of BS (another +200% MH wep dmg)

Out damaging any other Fury rotation of 4 GCDs + DR - 6 sec total (highest damage ability excluding DR = raging blow -190% wep dmg x both weps)
I don't play fury, but ideally I would think the best rotation possible during CS would be:
RBx2 (190%both weps x2 = 380%) + BTx1 (90% MH only) + RBx1 (190%both weps) plus 2 heroic strikes on CD (110% x2 = 220%)

Here are Fury totals, considering OH wep dmg is ~63% of MH
3x RB total = 570% from both weps (570% + 359%OH) = 929%
2x Heroic strike + 1BT from MH only (220%+90%)= 310%

Dragon Roar
total rotation = 1239% wep dmg roughly + DR on last global at 6 seconds
This requires 90 rage pooled and a perfect rotation with 2 RB stacks previously set up.

Bladestorm 840% MH dmg + 529% OH dmg =1369% + free global sqeezed in end of 6s window (BT+HS) 200% = 1569% wep dmg in 6 sec window

Arms -

Arms BS = dmg being buffed to 7x180% wep dmg swings over 6 seconds
Arms BS Weapon damage %'s, if you are comparing it to other globals, would be 252% wep dmg every global (total 1260% BS wep damage + ending Slam+HS ~ 330% at end of 6s)

BS-6sec = 1590% wep dmg

Dragon Roar -
In the BEST scenario -
Slam x4 -220% + deals 10% more dmg (242%) in CS(x4 = 968%), + DR - even with the c smash slam buff in 5.4
Thats also requiring you to have 80 rage to slam 4 times in a row followed by a DR.
slam will still be slightly behind bladestorm in overall damage, global for global.

DR-6sec best rotation = 968% wep dmg + DR on 6th second.

unless Dragon roar is doing 640% weapon damage for Arms (it isnt, it crits about 20% harder than slam, so rough calculation of DR is about 300% wep dmg, making it a significant DPS loss for arms.

Also on top of superior overall damage in a CS window, you will have excess rage to use after bladestorm.

For Fury the damage will be comparable speccing between BS and DR, but with Dragon Roar you will need a perfect rotation, save 2 charges of RB, and rage starve yourself before and after your CS burst window, resulting in a net overall DPS loss in a PvE encounter. And if you hit 2 targets it will be a dps loss taking dragon roar.

No matter which way you look at it, BS will beat DR even single target, especially if there are 2 targets or more,


-BS will be the best single target and aoe dmg ability for Arms, hands down.

-BS will be equal or better for single target Fury DPS. And incredibly better for 2+ targets.
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#3912528 5.4 PTR patchnotes 7/12 Bladestorm+Bloodbath buff

Posted by Thebestlol on 12 July 2013 - 10:36 PM

can you link the source?

http://us.battle.net......<br /><br /> wow front page
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#3909845 AJ warrior podcast live now - with Hoodrych, Colard, Barburas,

Posted by Thebestlol on 08 July 2013 - 08:01 AM

After hearing the podcast, here is an idea ive come up with touching on a few topics brought up tonight..

1. Fix rage generation
2. Remove Colossus smash, change sudden death: to proc a free, Off the GCD slam (instead of CS)
3. Baseline 50% ARP for Arms
4. Lower CD/Duration of avatar

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#3906975 Potential 5.4 Warrior utility fix

Posted by Thebestlol on 02 July 2013 - 12:38 AM

How does this sound..

1. Fix rage generation
2. Remove Colossus smash, change sudden death to proc a instant off the GCD slam
3. Baseline 50% ARP for Arms
4. Lower CD/Duration of avatar

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