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In Topic: Suwayyah RBG stream

14 March 2012 - 08:48 AM

my irl pvp movie with my SUV toy worth over 150,000 euros :lol:

In Topic: Suwayyah RBG stream

12 March 2012 - 03:26 PM

My internet is as stable as it gets, i never have internet problems (the dc's i've gotten ingame are only the wallbug dc). Then we have you, a boostbuying arab, who has been going around telling people you will ddos me, and then the first time i ever meet you and my net goes down, all a coincidence? Yeah right, rofl.

All this "if it was me i wouldn't deny it" is obviously an act because you don't want your team to get a bad reputation.

Also what happend with these lines in your screenshot?

[22:21:19] Lovetodream: well i cant ddos
[22:21:26] Lovetodream: cuz davexx changed the pw
[22:21:29] Lovetodream: for the ddosing acc
[22:21:33] Lovetodream: i was planning to
[22:21:37] Robert evelio Torre: gahahahhahaa
[22:21:39] Lovetodream: i ddosed myself
[22:21:43] Lovetodream: trying if it works
[22:21:43] Lovetodream: lol

[22:22:31] Voozy: meh why would you even want to ddos :/
[22:22:40] Lovetodream: cuz swack is a fag

Very strong paintskills in that screenshot, you can't even line it up properly rofl.

Also, you're saying you don't know anyone that knows how to ddos, but yet you know trize, you're both officers in the same guild, are you actually this retarded? You're not fooling anyone.


As i said, my internet is stable, i have 100mb fiber with a dynamic ip.

I have nothing more to add on what i said on top, it turned out that your not just a scammer your a mmr abuser and global hack user too .. yes, i buy boosts cuz i dont have much time to play wow and be a freak @ it, u know there are exotic cars parked in the garage and a mansion on an island for parties + yatcht, private plane to go anywhere i'd want and lots of $$ to enjoy life than sitting at home playing a video game all day :* trust me, you wont drag me down to your pathetic state to have an QQ argument here , but always remember when i do it some day ill come to AJ and make a post about it B)

In Topic: Suwayyah RBG stream

12 March 2012 - 01:59 PM

If you get scammed ur shit, you can do one phonecall to paypal or just withdraw the money and you get them back

Money is not a problem my friend, its just about what he "did" the action..

In Topic: Suwayyah RBG stream

12 March 2012 - 09:38 AM

If it was me , trust me i have the gutts to say so B)

In Topic: Genetics: Outland (A) 2600+ Rbg guild recruiting!

27 February 2012 - 10:57 AM

You are fucking retarded, get out of here

How much do you go for? quick quick tell me :lol:

P.S you not your char :lol: