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#3863782 Arena participation since MoP compared to other seasons

Posted Cakesz on 19 March 2013 - 10:20 AM

View PostDreamwalkerx, on 18 March 2013 - 06:44 PM, said:

season 12 happened.
5.0 Warriors happened.

and yes, i get the irony

This has nothing to do with anything,

Every season is the same, something super dumb happens.

There has never been a season where there wasn't something extremely retarded. From S1 to now.

I'd say a huge reason why PvP is dying has to do with boosting and title selling, most legitimate players (who aren't capable of getting Glad easily) are quitting because they don't see any point in playing when they can't get higher because of people buying titles.

Those players aren't being replaced by new ones.

#3839273 Why Warriors will suck in s13 5.2 ptr footage

Posted Claynz on 22 January 2013 - 05:57 PM

This reminds me about the old "World of Roguecraft" videos were rogues were OP back in vanila wow and Mute said:

"When Blizzard finally began to buff the other classes to be on par. The suck players, who could barely understand two buttons, only saw that they were losing more often.  they would not admit, "Hey maybe i destroyed everyone because of my class. And now that the classes are more balanced I'm losing because i was never a good player to begin with." No, the only possibility in their minds is that rogues were broken.  And all other classes are overpowered.
How else could a elite video game master lose to noobs?"

When there is a Warrior in 9/10 top arena comps represented in the 3v3 bracket(here)
and higest represented class in arena, you think that warriors are fine, and will be TOTAL useless next patch?
sure they will maybe not be the top tier 1 class anymore so what? you will not be the worst. Will still be viable it will just get harder.

#3839122 Why Warriors will suck in s13 5.2 ptr footage

Posted Guest on 22 January 2013 - 12:52 PM

What they tried to address with the changes was to give a reason to change stances more often. They threw 2 brutal changes to Defensive Stance which maybe should have just been one (reduce your damage AND reduces less damage taken) to force you into Battle Stance when you want to do damage. I don't fully understand how the changes will work, but do you end up doing more damage in Battle Stance next patch then you would this patch? I agree Warriors may be unjustly too squishy after this change, but their damage would still keep them in high rated arena.

#3831111 Healers in the absence of silences (5.2)

Posted affix on 04 January 2013 - 07:55 PM

View PostDjandawg, on 04 January 2013 - 09:43 AM, said:

I hate this change and hope it never goes through.  I think it will be one the changes this expansion that will make me play significantly less.
People need to understand a few things before they bring up the "fake casting was skill" argument:

-Reliable arena healer classes never cast anyway. Holy power / word of glory mechanic and unleash / short cd NS / healing totems that can be placed behind pillars etc are uninterruptable huge heals.
-They gave every healer aura mastery.

So not only they can keep people up with instant huge heals, they are immune to interrupts when they need to cast.Also it's not only heal prevention, blankets are used to prevent stuff like dispels, bop, SLT etc.
What's going to happen is,,comps with 2 melee, each having 4+ ways to stop healing, will tunnel healers freely because the other healer can't fall behind in healing and can always assist, freedom/dispels etc due to lack of blankets to stop.
This is a really good post, and so far not a single person has directly addressed the last paragraph.  The change will not make casters cast more, it will not make healers cast more, it will not promote fake casting at high levels, because Mages won't *BE* at high levels.  If you cannot prevent instant cast healer utility, you cannot get kills.  If you cannot protect your debuffs with Imp CS semi regularly, you cannot peel effectively against top tier cleaves.  It's a viability ender.  And all the back and forth about how the game 'should' be doesn't matter if the only thing you change is one spell from two classes that is pivotal for their viability at the moment.

The collateral damage for this change is too high - it's one of the few spells we have left that can truly differentiate good Mages from bad ones when they try to peel teammates, or predict and prevent burst.

#3831041 Healers in the absence of silences (5.2)

Posted Domesauce on 04 January 2013 - 05:35 PM

No matter how much you may want instant CC removed, you HAVE to be able to blanket CS to protect your CC to stop cleave rushdowns. It's just not a viable change, period. Sorry.

It's so strange.... they buff Counterspell by lowering its CD, and then when they want to nerf it, they remove the blanket? They remove healing tools that could be used while blanketed, and then decide that it makes blankets too strong? They destroy caster silences, but Hunters only get a 4 second CD increase? (which is what they should have done to CS). So KFC's instant CC is pretty much untouched, and casters' ability to live through it is nerfed? i no unnerstand :(

#3830933 Healers in the absence of silences (5.2)

Posted Saikx on 04 January 2013 - 12:46 PM

when they nerf the mongoloid gods in plate that have alone 7 rotateable interrupts and fucking jesus cats that have a cyclone procc on every global they do then maybe but only maybe any mage would consider to fakecast.

Atm its just not worth it to fakecast since you will have to outfake ~10 rotateable interrupt abilities when mongoloid plategods or jesuscats are on you, which are btw in 99% of the teams you meet now GUESS WHY

inb4 feral/warrior defending their class, cy@ faggots

edit: oh and on topic, removing silence from mages will just make the gap between them and shadows even bigger, another indirect buff to shadowpriest I mean they arent god status enough yet(why would you ever take mage now when you can have a shadowbuddha in your team?), stupid mongoloids at blizzard sometimes I really wonder if they even play their own game or if they just calculate numbers

#3830829 Healers in the absence of silences (5.2)

Posted Dizzeeyo on 04 January 2013 - 04:54 AM

on the topic of cc in general i find it funny that next patch a single holy paladin will be able to cc a target by himself for longer then a mage and druid combined :D

#3830828 Healers in the absence of silences (5.2)

Posted Dizzeeyo on 04 January 2013 - 04:48 AM

View Postaveragepriestz, on 04 January 2013 - 04:38 AM, said:

Don't take things out of context. Back then everyone fakecasted, now, nobody does it. It was really important for casters to hit that 8 second lockout in TBC, because people did not get globalled in 2 seconds. Now, nobody gives a fuck.

You see my point?

well then you cant take things out of context either, in tbc casters actually had to cast to heal. the main reason mages started having to use counterspell as a blanket is a. because no1 casts anything anymore so saving counterspell for 40+ seconds just to land an interrupt that is only 2 seconds longer then a blanket is pointless, and b. because cc on something that isnt the healer is completely useless unless you can also blanket the healer at the same time. i promise you the majority of mages do not enjoy having to blanket counterspell to just get a sheep to stick for 4 seconds on a dps but that is the direction the game has moved in.

i see an incredible about of bias against blanket silences from holy paladins in particular, most likely because the only way wizardcleaves can get kills on holypalas now involves a blanket silence after a deep every 30 seconds. all this change does is continue to push mages and warlocks out of arenas, sp ele shaman resto druid/holypala will be the new god comp wizardcleave and melee cleave / kfc will reign supreme, but they both work really well with a holy pala so i can see why you wouldnt give a fuck about the game moving in a less chain cc more tunnel spam retarded damage whoever pops all cooldowns first and crits the most wins direction

#3830820 Healers in the absence of silences (5.2)

Posted Dizzeeyo on 04 January 2013 - 04:23 AM

View PostKorzul, on 04 January 2013 - 04:20 AM, said:

Yet they added Ring of Peace/ changed paralysis. We still have paralytic poison etc.
We're on the same carousel we've always been on and the potential lockout combos in 5.2 are now even worse than those we had in 5.1.
low rated / shit people complain about wizard cleaves and the "30 second UNINTERRUPTABLE (hah) cc chains" that mage sp restodruid can pull off

good people complain about hunter 30 second all instant cast cc chains and melee cleave/warrior damage

unfortunately obvious who blizzard listens to, trying to fix a relatively recent instant cast cc problem by removing abilities that have existed since level 60 cap and ignoring all the retarded new stuff they introduced this expansion must make sense to someone

#3830812 Healers in the absence of silences (5.2)

Posted Pritchard on 04 January 2013 - 04:07 AM

View Postaveragepriestz, on 04 January 2013 - 03:24 AM, said:

Blanket silences were not helping in any way. I am sorry, but I can understand where you are coming from, but please do understand that you have been used to having it, instead of recieving it. I have played a healer for as long as I can remember, back when fake casting rewarded you with a few seconds of well deserved casting time to pick up your partners. In todays game, there is no more fake casting. It makes no sense. You can not tell the difference between a good or average Mage anymore. You fake their counterspell, but you are still locked out for ½ of the duration that you would have taken if you just plain tried to cast it the first time. Do you really want the game to reward such sloppy play? You can't lock him on his cast, so you just throw it anyway and get what you want with minimal effort.

The same goes for Blood Fear and all the other instant CC's that litterally spells out "Make a mistake, nobody minds". Take a game I had the other day. The enemy team had their DK rush in vs. us. Huge mistake from their part, he was out of sight from his healer and 2nd DPS and went to 20%, had to trinket and pop all his CDs. I rush on top of the enemy healer to cyclone him. I get instantly blood feared, which I trinket, for then to be put into a Howl of Terror. We ended up losing the game shortly after, since the Shaman popped SLT and then NS Hexed me from the fear, which meant my partner died.

It is just extremly sloppy play that blanket silences and instant fears promotes. You do not need to communicate with your partners, you do not need to set anything up, all you have to do is target your enemy and press a button. Casters were simply too good against classes that had to cast. Especially Paladins. Now Paladins are in a pretty good state (too much CC in my own opinion, I prefer the defensive role we used to have). Blanket silences, just like Warriors had, should go. And frankly, I am sure you thought Gag Order was retarded too, so why do you think it is any different for casters?

I honestly do not believe healing is a problem currently compared to all the instant CC and burst. After they tone down this, I do believe their plan is to work on instant healing too.

instant healing and damage is JUST as big of a problem as instant cc.  THAT is the sole reason BLANKET spell locks have gained popularity over the years is because healers and dps cast LESS.

In Wrath, I RARELY used CS as a blanket.  Because people actually had to cast, and getting that 8 second lockout could win games.

In Cata/MOP, what is the point of using CS for an interrupt?????  NO ONE CASTS(who casts now, destro locks and ele shams?  resto shams under heavy pressure?)

Instant healing and damage needs to be worked out RIGHT AWAY  but also so does something with interrupts as sicne there is 10000 interrupts in the game now, this promotes instant cast style of play.  (mage 20 second cd CS is pretty hilarious)

DR Interrupts just like every other cc, so that mindless interrupt spamming teams cannot endlessly lock down someone, and bring back casting to this shit game.

edit:  also, a major part of imp cs/sl is that damage and healing are so high, if damage and healing were low, blankets would not be as big of a problem as they are now.

if they would have kept damage like they did on beta when they overbuffed resil, while nerfing the healing, the game would have been great at launch

#3830799 Healers in the absence of silences (5.2)

Posted Snuggli on 04 January 2013 - 03:29 AM

View PostAthenĂ¡, on 04 January 2013 - 03:20 AM, said:

As for covering debuffs, land a cs and then cast the cc. That'll protect the debuff longer than a blanket will.
Faking isnt needed no, cause 99% of the mongs out there don't use it to actually hit an interrupt anyway, deep into blanket is just to powerful as is.

I welcome this nerf with open arms as a holy pala.
So when 2 dps go completely ham on your healer and you need to peel you wait until their healer casts so you can get undispelled CC off? gg.

Blanket interrupts are one of few CCs in this game which actually had an interesting playstyle. You can only ever do one thing with polymorph and that is polymorph people. With a blanket you can either use it as a filler in CC, use it to stop instant damage, use it to stop stuff like deathgrip or actually use it to fully lockout a healer. meh.

i think there is other stuff they could've done.

#3830776 Healers in the absence of silences (5.2)

Posted Claynz on 04 January 2013 - 02:14 AM

There is almost no fake casting anymore, fake casting in my opinion is a small skill factor were you play mind games with the opponent. Fake casting separated bad/good healers/caster dps but nowdays everything is instant on both healer and dps side.

Almost every class have also been simplified a good example there is warrior, before you had to "Stance Dance" now they just sit one stance with 25% dmg reduction hitting abilities in right rotation with insane mobility & dmg.
It's this kinda stuff i miss  separate good from bad players. Bladey r1 war on cyclone atm told me he considered quitting because the game is too easy.

They should make every class very hard to master so it gives players space to improve on, i think blizzard did a lot of fine changes for pvp in MoP but there is still a lot to improve on.

And fucking change the Honor system... need to grind like 40k honor to get full honor gear on alts + upgrades, no wonder why people bot i don't blame them. Bring back old AV were you summon Ice Lord & Forest Lord etc those fun BGs were you get honor for killing and if you kill a high ranked player you get even more honor.

#3830765 Healers in the absence of silences (5.2)

Posted affix on 04 January 2013 - 01:41 AM

It seems like healing classes very rarely need to cast nowadays, without some form of interrupt protection up that makes it safe to do so.  Most kills are about preventing healing entirely, through CC, stuns and silences.  This has always been true, of course - but classes have always had the tools to do so effectively.  It feels more binary now than ever, with how massive instant cast heals (and damage!) can be.

In 5.2, they're removing Spell Lock and Counterspell silence.  This comes after a lot of scaling back of snare frequency, potency, and duration, and a mass cut of a lot of root sources and DR categories.  I'm not exactly expecting sympathy from people regarding this change - I'm just curious how you think the arena meta game will play out in the absence of these effects.

I feel like multiple times per game, in EVERY game, I rely on a silence to protect debuffs, follow up trinkets, bridge DR gaps, or prevent CC outs.  It's such a normal part of my gameplay it feels essential to playing the class.  I identify with it as much as I do Blink or Ice Block.  It's a versatile tool that can be used offensively and defensively, and I just don't really see how the game will play out without it, or what will prevent melee and healers from just trading cooldowns one for one when training a target, to get out of dispellable CC, or to spam instant heals to top people off.

Everyone keeps talking about how there's too much instant cast CC - from blood fear to PoM ring to Symbiosis to Pally blind to Shockwave... and it seems like Blizzard is focusing in on silences as the major culprit.  I fear that they see the removal of silences as a buff to caster effectiveness, when in fact it'll result in nothing but a significant nerf to our ability to protect magical debuffs and prevent instant heals.

#3790227 Real men play rogue or priest

Posted khuna on 13 October 2012 - 04:36 PM

What an horrible community lol, im trying to provide content to people to help them improving/keeping interrest into the game and that's what im getting?
I am actually trying to work hard for ppl not only doing typing test and collecting money, using something ive built over the years

The video on AJ frontpage is for obvious reasons, why does it bother you so much? youd rather keep looking at tr announcement when its out since 1 week ?

I didn't do shit to hydra and xandyn admitted it later but his post got deleted (lol).

@ Starcookie : you should focus on improving instead of bitching like that because trust me you are really bad at this game, i won't even bother making things i know about you public because it implies other persons but i know how much of an horrible human being you are too.

Haters you can keep hating, followers i hope it helped you and let me know if you want to see more in the future so i don't quit this game

#3788693 Hunters Are Overpowered

Posted Dagin on 09 October 2012 - 04:21 AM

game is shit and not fun each expansion gets worse and worse nice to see all the people who were quiet about rogue last xpac doing their civic duty to bitch about hunters.