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#3772950 European tournaments - assembling a team

Posted Kreeds on 17 September 2012 - 12:03 PM

Goodluck with the event, nice to see a post from you without licking khunas arse :P

#3772844 European tournaments - assembling a team

Posted WildeHilde on 17 September 2012 - 07:34 AM

Over the last weeks the stunlocked team started to work on a concept for European online WoW tournaments. We have a working tournament UI and will run showmatches for testing over the next weeks. We want to bring not only the well-known names that participated at tournaments for years but also new teams. Right now we are looking for members that would like to join the team and make a name for themselves as shout-casters and streamers/camera men. This is not based on server or guild - we look for participants from all over Europe.

The idea
Competitive communities are based on tournaments. This is where champions are born and names are made. I strongly believe that MoP has a good chance to have a competitive pvp scene. Sponsors are looking at WoW again. Now is the opportunity to make it happen and we want to build a team for that.

You need to be communicative, entertaining and have a good awareness and class-knowledge. Also you need to speak English well. We have one shout-caster up until now and we would love to expand that. Shout-casting needs training of course, but I am certain that a lot of capable casters are around in the EU. If you want to make a name for yourself, let me know and we can give you the chance to participate during our wargame tests.

Camera men and streamers
You need a good connection and a computer that can handle recording the matches while streaming. You also need a good awareness of the game and be able to let the viewers see the critical moments of the matches. We currently have one streamer for the tournaments.

Video artists
The tournament videos all will all be on youTube. We would love to have them edited by someone that has expertise in this area or is willing to build it up. You need video software and have knowledge about editing.

Designers and Illustrators
If you are a good designer or illustrator we can certainly use your help on the team.

What we have Required
You need to have Raidcall installed, as this software will be used for communication around the tournaments and has a much better security than Skype, especially against DOS/DDOS attacks.

What about cash?
This is one of the goals, but if you look for something that will pay your rent this will not suffice. Once the tests are finished we will contact potential sponsors with an expose. Price money is the first thing to spend money on. It is not my goal to make money with tournaments, but to support cash prices and the team with money from sponsors and add-revenue.

mail: [email protected]
PM on the AJ forum

Contact organisation and tournaments
Lyr: [email protected]

Contact tech, plattform and AAV
Zwacky: [email protected]

Contact tournament UI
Vadrak: [email protected]
Vadrak's AJ profile - the author of the tournament UI ArenaLive
ArenaLive download

#3769550 Triple dps with a twist by Mcnásty

Posted Heastost on 15 September 2012 - 10:23 AM

Check it out at http://www.warcraftm...w.php?id=220903 !

This is entertainment "only" (ofc there is a few skill-showoffs) but as we made the team and queued up the last hour of the season we obviously wont have very good teamplay.
But what the hell, it's triple dps - what can go wrong?

The team consists of Me, Hertzy and Grantstreet (Outland EU Alliance: Shadowpriest, Boomkin, Rogue).

Our teamplay may be really shit in the games, but we never planned on playing this in the first place.

This is my last video I'm releasing, because I'm done with the game.

My last video was supposed to show off great skill and such, but I bought my new computer late into the season and 70% of the community had by then went AFK camping their titles.

Footage is recorded from a VoD on my stream channel http://sv.twitch.tv/heastost

Song list:

Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride [Steir's Mix]
The Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz 1973
Session - Linkin Park
Tenacious D - To Be The Best

Hope you enjoyed it!

#3766355 Khuna MoP Stream

Posted khuna on 11 September 2012 - 10:55 PM

Hi, here is a short video to introduce you to my Twitch Stream :


I will be streaming frequently @ MoP in a better quality so Follow me now!

Tracklist :

FF8 OST - A Sacrifice
Spencer & Hill and Nadia Ali - Believe It (Cazzette Remix)
Kaskade - Turn it down (Le Castlevania Remix)

#3606796 How to Become a Gladiator - What's a Gladiator Made Of?

Posted Guest on 05 January 2012 - 08:18 PM

What's a Gladiator Made Of?
What makes Rank 1 players so amazing? What can multi-season Gladiators do that single-season Gladiators cannot? How come do I go that extra distance and avoid another season of Duelist? How can Rivals step it up? What's a Challenger to do to break the ice? Where does a Beginner start? These are the questions I will be tackling this week. I'll be exploring the difference between the skill level and consistency of players between the different rankings (Multi-Glad, Single-Glad, Duelist, Rival, Challenger, Beginners).

Before we start I want to mention things that I won't be taking into consideration. These are factors that do not directly affect how good a player is between the ratings and create too much of a hassle when trying to identify the exact difference between each ranking.

Things not taken into consideration for the purpose of this article
-Your Battlegroup
-How hard you try and how often you PvP
-The gear you are wearing
-What comp you play
-How good your class is this season

Remember these are the things that I'm not taking into consideration. These things DO matter as far as getting certain rating, but it makes it too hard to tell the difference between the rankings without excluding these factors first.

The Beginners
We'll start with the chumps, the newcomers, the learners: the Beginners. What does it mean to be a Beginner? Are you the absolute worst player on the planet? Of course not. Beginners just need to go in a good direction and start learning basic arena gameplay. Let's go over common themes that Beginners have.

Beginners, let's be honest, you guys are pretty terrible at PvP. You don't know what the best abilities to press are and at what times to press them. You don't have the best gear. You might ask questions like: "What the heck is Line of Sight?", "What makes a comp good?" "When should I use my defensive cooldowns?" or say things like: "We died so fast, what could we have even done?" or think "Why do I need to be 2200 to play with other good players?"

Can anyone even help me?
Hold it there buddy. You're not ready to step into the arena. Veteran arena opponents will ruin you faster than you can say 'Realz'. Let me introduce to you your new opponent.

Posted Image

Do not underestimate what you can learn from battling this formidable opponent.

No, this isn't some joke. The best way to begin your PvP adventure is to start with the basics of the game. You need to learn what the best buttons to press when attacking or healing are. This part can be very simple or you can get really technical with it. I would just go for with simple path for now. We're going to visit a well known site: www.elitistjerks.com

Here, through the PvE forums, you will find valuable information about each healing and DPS spec. You can learn your best stats, your top DPS rotation, your best enchants, and other key information.

Posted Image

A typical Shadowpriest DPS Priority

With that said, Elitist Jerks is a PvE Healing and DPS site. You're just trying to learn the basics from them. Don't copy the exact talent specs, glyphs, gearing, and gemming. If you think you're going to run around arena in PvE gear and spec with 0 Resilience think again! If you don't want to sift through that information you can watch PvP videos and see what abilities they prioritize. For some classes this is easier than others, but you should take the time to learn the basics before stepping into the arena!

The Challengers
Next up is the inexperienced, the not-so-deadly, the tunnel-visioners: the Challengers. You're done with those training dummies. You are finally ready to break it down in the arena, but do you know how to handle yourself in there? You know what line of sight is, but do you know how to use it? You know the DPS rotations, but can you keep up with the other things going on? Let's find out more about common Challenger traits.

I'll go over DPS first. They generally make poor target choices, or better yet find a target and tunnel it until it goes down (or not) in an arena match. If they get crowd controlled at all, they are trinketing; whether it was a 1 second stun, an 8 second blind, or a frostbolt snare, they have to get back to their target!

Healers, you're next. You guys tend to have next-to the worst positioning possible. When you're healing you lose a sense of what is actually going on in the match and tunnel vision your party health bars to make sure they live, even it it means running straight into the enemy Death Knight and Warrior.

And finally Challengers, do not use or do not look at their focus frame. Even if you do use it: do you know what you're looking for on it? Do you know who to focus each game? Let's talk about what Challengers need to do to improve.

What's a Challenger to do?
I recommended this in my old blog and I still recommend it today. Whether you are the healer or DPS you can work on this together. Go into a battleground with a friend (1 healer 1 DPS). Try to get into engagements with 2 DPS at once and try this out. Put one of them on focus (generally a caster class) and watch what they cast. Do this while killing the other target or healing your partner. If you can watch exactly what they are doing and heal/do damage at the same time - you're one step closer to becoming a better player.

Next we'll move onto the Rivals. What does it mean to be a Rival? You understand the basic concepts of arena battle. You don't run straight in the open and die anymore. You understand that when someone is Deep Frozen with a Rogue on them that they are in big trouble, but what is there still to understand? Let's find out.

I'll start with DPS again. Rival DPS still generally tend to chase one target, but know to get off of them if they are chasing them way out of line of sight of their healer. They will swap targets based on this more than anything else.

Time to criticize the healers! You know to generally stay by pillars to avoid getting controlled. However, once the action gets going you lose a sense of where you are and why you are at that pillar. You start drifting away from the pillar as you start to panic. That Mage is trying to sheep you. That Warlock is trying to fear you. When the going gets tough you end up crowd controlled or swapped to.

Rivals, you know to use your focus frame, right? Don't worry about knowing exactly who to focus, instead think more about what you want to use the focus frame for and what to watch out for. If you can think of those things then you will know who to focus each match because you know what you want to watch for.

Posted Image

A focus frame lets you keep track of important things such as enemy casts

Rival Improvement?
These concepts will be very difficult to execute at first, but with time you will learn them. You need to learn the art of correct defensive cooldown usage. First, keep track of your own team's defensive cooldowns. You should be communicating with your teammates when you think you need extra healing or when a defensive cooldown is needed. This does not just mean when a player is low on health. Second, you need to track the enemy's defensive cooldowns. The focus is more on swapping than anything else. Rivals know how to deal high amounts of damage so you will force cooldowns by attacking a target. Once you see a cooldown, though, I want you to try something new. Once you see that Anti-Magic Shell, Pain Suppression, Barkskin, Cloak of Shadows, etc try switch targets. It doesn't matter if your target was at 20% or 30% health, it's almost always best to swap targets. Their healer will still be trying to heal the person at 20%, but when you get someone else is to 50%, you've just made their job that much harder. Play around with this idea of swapping based on defensive cooldowns and you will surely improve.

We'll follow with the Gladiators-to-be, the almost-there, the hard workers: the Duelists. You guys are almost there. You understand Line of Sight now, even as DPS when you know you're in trouble. The focus frame is a piece of cake now. Swapping? Hah. You're masters of that now. What gets you to that next tier? What brings you to the next level? What's it take to get that sweet yellow Arenajunkies helmet!?

Let's go back to the beginning. As a beginner you learned the proper way to DPS a target. You attack it with your best spells and kill it as fast as possible. When's the last time you took a look at your DPS rotation? Is your DPS rotation out-of-date?

Has something changed over the past couple patches to change that rotation? Is a PvE rotation of spells the best rotation for you? Is it better for you to split damage between targets? What about burst? Isn't that something necessary in PvP? Ask yourself these questions. There's always something you can do better every game as a DPS. Think about when you use your offensive cooldowns. Is it best to use them at the start of the game every time? Should I save Shadowfiend for mana? Is it good to use Deep Freeze in the opener? Should I Recklessness instantly or should I wait? I'm sure your DPS ability usage could use some work.

How do I go that extra mile?
To get to that final goal of becoming a Gladiator we're going to need a lot of practice. Be critical about your play. Record your games via streaming, FRAPS, or any other program. Watch yourself. Question yourself. Don't question your teammates, just yourself. Could you have used Line of Sight there? Look for mistakes that make you exclaim: "Wow, I could have reflected that Frostbolt" or "I could have just killed him here." Find out what you did wrong and what you did right. Repeat the things that worked well; correct the things that did not.

Take some time to learn about all the different abilities in the game. Do you know how long Divine Shield lasts? What's the cooldown of Divine Protection as Retribution? As Holy? What's the duration of Cloak of Shadows? How does Impact proc? What does Fingers of Frost do? What school is Mana Burn? Know the game. Take the time to learn ALL the abilities and figure out what to do when you see them. Next, get a feel for how much damage a spell should do normally and how much a spell should do with trinkets/cooldowns up. It's much easier to know when to use cooldowns and when you are fine when you understand where the damage you are taking is coming from.

One-Time Gladiators
Whether you are a Gladiator from seasons past, or you're a Gladiator from last season looking to repeat your success, this section is for you. You know how all the abilities in the game work. You've watched your games and critiqued your own play. What's next?

Continue recording your own play if that is possible. It's difficult to have someone else critique your own play and it is rude if you try to critique others without them asking for you to. Now is the time to start coordinating with your teammates. Reading through previous passages you could easily be convinced the main type of PvP in this game was solo or 2v2. You're playing 3v3 or 5v5 to get your Gladiator. You need to coordinate with your partners! Let's go over how we do that.

Many players simply do not know what to say in arena. Let me talk about what to communicate and why communication is so important.

What to communicate:
-When you have cooldowns up and you're attacking a player
-When you just used a defensive cooldown
-When you trinket
-When an enemy player trinkets
-Things you are doing that may be good to know (running to fear someone, Frost Novaing someone, running out of Line of Sight to kill someone)

Why communicate?
Sure they can see what's happening, and you might be saying something they already know. However, if everyone communicates those things throughout a game, suddenly your team can concentrate on other things like line of sighting better or managing their cooldowns better. Once you get communication and coordination down you are one step closer to becoming a better player and a consistent Gladiator.

Multi-Season Gladiators
We'll finish off with the triumphant, the victorious, the multi-helmeted Multi-Season Gladiators. What makes players at this caliber so good? Why do they always get Gladiator regardless of their composition or their gear or the season? Let's discuss.

First of all, you can't be a Multi-Season Gladiator unless you have fun with the game and the people you are playing with. You don't need the best of the best players at your side to get Gladiator. Find people you enjoy playing with and work well with to make it to the top. Multi-Season Gladiators do one thing better than everyone else and it's precisely what the Single-Season Gladiators need to learn: communication and coordination. RMPs in the past have been the best example of this. The great ones were able to coordinate their kills with chain crowd controls, heavy burst damage, crazy swaps, and great team play. They know each others game so well they could play almost as good without verbal communication.

Here's one thing to really work your heart on to become a Multi-Season Gladiator or even a rank one player. Make an effort to use chain crowd controls on not just one, but multiple players at once. Sheep the Priest with a Kidney Shot on the Rogue and a Fear on the Mage. Do this while coordinating damage and managing enemy cooldowns and your own cooldowns. Watch your own play, critique yourself. Don't get caught up on the flashy stuff shown in PvP videos. Sure he Shadowstep Kicked that heal, but does that make him a great player? As Day[9] would say "Learn how to be a better gamer." We'll learn more in the coming weeks on just how to do that. Till next time.

Also be sure to follow ArenaJunkies on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date!

#3761244 Vishas and Hildegard's rogue guide - approved by Reckful

Posted WildeHilde on 06 September 2012 - 10:59 AM

3.) Gear

While I am working on a rogue pvp burst spreadsheet the work is not done, yet. Which means that many of the following statements are assumptions and not based on math. If you are experienced with theorycrafting and want to help - send me a message.

3.1 Hit and Expertise

3% Hit is 1020 Hit rating. Having more is not bad but stats that could be spent better. Try to reforge as close to 1020 rating as possible but always have at least 1020.

Depends on choice. Monks, druids and paladins have about 3,5% chance to dodge, Priests and Shamans have 3% unless they have additional buffs.
3% Expertise is 1020 Expertise Rating
3,5% Expertise is 1190 Expertise Rating

If attacking from behind Expertise is only used for Gouge. So the value of the stat is up to preference, unlike Hit, which should always be capped.

3.2 Resilience vs. PvP Power

First of all read Eldacar's 5.2 Guide to PVP Power & Resilience. Resilience scales slower than in patch 5.1. Going from full resilience gems to matching socket bonusses and focus on PvP Power increases damage done by about 6.5% but also means the rogue takes 12% more damage.

A real answer can only be found in the arena and I will keep you updated on the choices the most succesful rogues out there take. Currently the most common choice by far is to use resilience gems and take the socket bonusses.

In the future agility might become a better stat than PvP Power.

3.3 Subtlety gems and secondary stats:

Sockets defensive choice
Meta: Tyrannical Primal Diamond (source undetermined) or Agile Primal Diamond
For Orcs the Powerful Primal Diamond is a solid, but very defensive choice, too.
Blue Socket: Vivid Wild Jade
Yellow Socket: Mystic Sun's Radiance
Red Socket: Lucent Vermilion Onyx

Sockets offensive choice (not recommended):
Meta: Tyrannical Primal Diamond (source undetermined) or Agile Primal Diamond
Red: Assassin's Imperial Amethyst
Yellow: Effulgent Wild Jade or Radiant Wild Jade
Blue: Stormy River's Heart

Secondary stats: Mastery = Crit > Haste

Subtlety Mastery vs. Crit
Based on early calculations in my rogue pvp dps spreadsheet crit is as strong as mastery for Subtlety rogues. Crit reduces the RNG during burst a bit while mastery makes the opener stronger but more RNG based. Subtlety burst depends on crits and we have a relatively low crit chance. Without numbers to back it up I think it‘s fair to say that both options are viable. If you want to play safe, take mastery as most top rogues do.

3.4 Assasination gems and secondary stats

Sockets defensive choice
Meta: Tyrannical Primal Diamond (source undetermined) or Agile Primal Diamond
For Orcs the Powerful Primal Diamond is a solid, but very defensive choice, too.
Blue Socket: Vivid Wild Jade
Yellow Socket: Mystic Sun's Radiance
Red Socket: Lucent Vermilion Onyx

Sockets offensive choice (not recommended):
Meta: Tyrannical Primal Diamond (source undetermined) or Agile Primal Diamond
Red: Assassin's Imperial Amethyst
Yellow: Effulgent Wild Jade
Blue: Stormy River's Heart

Secondary stats: Mastery > Crit = Haste

3.5 Combat gems and secondary stats

The information on combat might be outdated. I don‘t know of any high-rated rogue playing combat in patch 5.2 and cannot check many of the choices.

Sockets defensive choice
Meta: Tyrannical Primal Diamond (source undetermined) or Agile Primal Diamond
For Orcs the Powerful Primal Diamond is a solid, but very defensive choice, too.
Blue Socket: Vivid Wild Jade
Yellow Socket: Mystic Sun's Radiance
Red Socket: Lucent Vermilion Onyx

Sockets offensive choice (not recommended):
Meta: Tyrannical Primal Diamond (source undetermined) or Agile Primal Diamond
Red: Assassin's Imperial Amethyst
Yellow: Effulgent Wild Jade or Radiant Wild Jade
Blue: Stormy River's Heart

Secondary stats for combat
Based of PvE the secondary stats would be: Haste > Mastery > Crit
In my opinion however Mastery and Crit would be more benefitial for PvP, as Haste does not affect the strongest burst (Killing Spree) in a combat rogue‘s arsenal. Solid informations on combat are lacking so take this ranking not as a fact.

3.6 Enchants

Head: Does not have enchantments anymore
Shoulder: Greater Tiger Claw Inscription
Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Superior Critical Strike
Chest:Enchant Chest: Super Resilience or Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats (not recommended)
Bracer: Enchant Bracer - Greater Agility
Gloves: Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery
Belt: Living Steel Belt Buckle
Legs: Shadowleather Leg Armor
Boots: Enchant Boots - Blurred Speed
Mainhand weapon: Enchant Weapon - Dancing Steel
Offhand weapon: Enchant Weapon - Glorious Tyranny or Living Steel Weapon Chain until you have full gear.

Glorious Tyranny is definitely better for the offhand than the Living Steel Weapon Chain. It is not better than Dancing Steel on the mainhand. For rogues with full S12 gear Glorious Tyranny is the biggest upgrade available until elite gear becomes available.

3.7 PvE vs. PvP gear

From the current looks of it PvE gear is still worse than PvP gear. If patch 5.3 introduces gear upgrades for PvE only this would change. If you want to be safe – start raiding.

4.) Racials

Over 90% of the best rogues in World of Warcraft play either Undead or Human. If you want to be safe take one of them. Other options are there but it's up to argument if they can compete.

4.1) Alliance racials

The main argument for playing Human is the proc trinket that can be used instead of the Medallion. It's not as much about the passive amount of PvP Power (that gets weaker as gear progresses, currently it's about 1.5% - 2% more damage) but about the agility proc. Humans deal by far the highest burst damage in PvP and rogues are a burst class. They lack however the utility other racials bring to the table.

Night Elf
Shadowmeld works like Vanish did in previous expansions. You can shadowmeld not only enemy casts but also instants like stuns, Blind or Mortal Coil. It gives a free restealth. In addition Night Elves move faster while stealthed.

Gnomes are awesome! Ok, let's be realistic. Escape Artist is a good spell and can help sticking to a target and can keep a burst going that would otherwise be denied. The added Expertise with daggers comes in handy, too. But overall Gnomes are not on the same level as Humans or Undeads.

4.2) Horde Racials

The most iconic rogue race there is. The utility of Will of the Forsaken is huge. Touch of the Grave is a small DPS increase that might add around 6k damage to the rogue burst.

Before I said Humans have the biggest burst of all rogues but that is not entirely true. Currently using the proc trinket, Synapse springs and Blood Fury together is about the same damage as a Human with proc and onUse trinket active. The downside is the nature of procs, they are not reliable and the burst needs to be timed based on the internal trinket cooldowns.
Hardiness is very good for survival and can be combined with the Powerful Primal Diamond.

5.) Professions

The best professions for passive stats are Blacksmithing followed by Jewelcrafting. Other than most professions you can get resilience and PvP Power as perks, while Enchanting or Alchemy only provide agility.

Engineering gives access to the Synapse Springs glove enchant. You can use Synapse Springs in addition to other enchants. This gives a second onUse effect that is about 70% of the effect of the onUse trinket. The Incendiary Fireworks Launcher does not scale at all and cannot be used together with other onUse effects. The damage is probably too low to consider it, but it might be handy to keep someone in combat over a larger distance.

6.) Talents

Tier 1

Affects the first ability used out of stealth. While the speed increase comes in handy the other choices in this tier are far superior.

While Subterfuge is active the rogue has the stealth buff but is visible to nearby players. It works different than Shadow Dance, for example the increased damage from Master of Subtlety carries on for three more seconds.
Subterfuge is a strong option and makes openers a lot safer, as you are still able to open even if you get popped out of stealth. When comparing it to Shadow Focus one could say that Subterfuge makes openers safer while Shadow Focus makes them riskier but stronger if they work. The rogue community is divided on which talent is better.
The rogue remains invisible for the duration of Subterfuge, as can be seen in this video.
In combination with the glyph of Vanish the rogue remains stealthed for up to eight seconds unless he attacks.
If Shadow Dance is triggered less than 0.5 seconds after the opener Subterfuge bugs out. Blizzard promised to have a look at this bug.

Shadow Focus
Straight forward damage increase, allows for quick openers with Distract, Sapand Ambush/Garrote/Cheap Shot only costing 75% of the normal energy. Burst of Speed is also effected so a stealthed rogue can use it constantly.
When comparing it to Subterfuge one could say that Subterfuge makes openers safer while Shadow Focus makes them riskier but stronger if they work. The rogue community is divided on which talent is better.

Tier 2

Deadly Throw
The interrupt only works with three to five combo points and not like in TBC with any amount of them. This skill is extremely effective against classes that need to cast. It should only be taken in combination with the Tier 6 talent Shuriken Toss. Deadly Throw has a minimum range of 6 yards.

Nerve Strike
Excellent talent for peeling. As enemy team compositions are known prior to the start of the game a good choice if peeling is needed. Good synergy with Subterfuge to do the 3x Cheap Shot Neilyo style on the enemy team. With 5.2 probably the least taken choice in this tier.

Combat Readiness
Lasts for 20 sec, but if 10 sec elapse without any incoming weapon strikes, this state will end.
As talent now on a different cooldown than Cloak of Shadows. Stacks only with Weapon Strikes, Hunter shots are counted. The best defensive choice against melee and hunter comps.

Tier 3

Cheat Death
Solid choice that eases the energy management unlike Elusiveness It prevents the Windwalker Monk execute Touch of Death (4set bonus) from killing the rogue. During our tests we had regular rogue deaths with Cheat Death barely helping. It seems to work about 80% of the time. Khuna is one of the rogues using this talent over Elusiveness.

Leeching Poison
From a first glimpse the talent looks decent, but the fact that it only works when it is not needed, meaning in stuns or generally when not attacking, makes it far less useful. The Shiv-effect heals for 5% of maximum health, which is about 18k in full gear. Also it prevents the usage of mind-numbing poison. Along with Nightstalker the worst PvP talent for rogues.

Elusiveness reduces AoE damage multiplicative to a total of 65%. Rogues are pretty energy-starved, at least in the first season. But having a 20 energy Barkskin without cooldown is priceless. The downside is that Feint cannot be used while stunned. The Glyph of Feint increases the duration by 2 seconds.

Tier 4

Cloak and Dagger
Has a high synergy with Subterfuge and helps staying on your target, especially during Shadow Dance. Cloak and Dagger can be used for control. For example if a healer trinkets during a burst situation the rogue can use Focus Garrote/Cheap Shot on him and then use Ambush to go back on his target.
Opinions on Cloak and Dagger vs. Shadowstep are divided among the rogue community.

Shadowstep now works on friendly targets as well, which is great for taking hunter traps for example. It offers not more or less but different utility than Cloak and Dagger.
Opinions on Cloak and Dagger vs. Shadowstep are divided among the rogue community.

Burst of Speed
Does not break roots anymore. A choice rarely seen by rogues, but has some uses, like the nearly free Sprint while stealthed when used with Shadow Focus. The only Tier 4 talent that does not add Z-Axis mobility. If some day rogue flag carriers become viable it might...

Tier 5

Prey on the Weak
Offers more burst for the whole team during stuns. Solid choice.

Paralytic Poison
Paralytic Poison is on the DR with uncontrolled stuns like Impact but not with Kidney Shot or Cheap Shot. The Shiv effect is Partial Paralysis rooting the target for four seconds. Highly effective for shutting enemies down.

Dirty Tricks
Blind removing DoTs is also caused by the Glyph of Blind. The glyph effect also removes dots from other players. The zero energy cost on Gouge is pretty good and this talent could be a viable choice for a defensive setup in which the rogue shuts down enemies. Gouge can be dodged and without the glyph Gouge is unreliable against any class using agility as main stat. Probably only used by Assasination rogues.

Tier 6

Shuriken Toss
This talent alters the rogue gameplay and causes mage tears. Especially in combination with Deadly Throw rogues can now pressure from range. It does not proc utlity poisons. The damage is pretty high and makes rogue actually deal damage in arena. Especially for Assasination this talent is very strong. Nearly every high-rated rogue chooses Shuriken Toss in Tier 6.

Marked for Death
The only reason to not take this talent is Shuriken Toss. Apart from that this talent is crazy good and offers rogues a vastly stronger burst than without it. Focus Kidney Shot without the global cooldown from Redirect is amazing, too. Marked for Death is not on the global cooldown.

This talent was good in 5.1 but Marked for Death is simply better for PvP and Shuriken Toss seems to outshine both of them.

#3718857 amazing world of warcreft catelclysim rogue how to's

Posted Hyuru on 22 June 2012 - 06:09 AM

beeing the person that i am, i try to live every day to the fullest encountering a big variety of amazing adventures in world of warcreft, some examples of this is learning to how bladestorm like a real fierce warrior and saving the world from evil cultists that were trying to ressurect deadwing


How to: Bladestorm
How to: Save the world
How to: Beat warriors
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How to: World of Warcreft


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#3719216 amazing world of warcreft catelclysim rogue how to's

Posted Zaephyr on 22 June 2012 - 11:45 PM

would I get rep if i just wrote that ayras a fag???

#3719002 amazing world of warcreft catelclysim rogue how to's

Posted FTRouslan on 22 June 2012 - 03:17 PM

View PostBreadstick, on 22 June 2012 - 07:16 AM, said:

calm down dogtrash cata prot hero

Usage of "dog"? Check.
Talking shit to Ayra? Check.
Criticizing prot? Check.

Inc billion rep from EU.

#3718925 amazing world of warcreft catelclysim rogue how to's

Posted Starcookie on 22 June 2012 - 10:40 AM

I don't know whether to rep or delete...

Lets vote

#3716629 Bleached Bones Arena Tournament - 5250 € Prize Pool

Posted WildeHilde on 17 June 2012 - 10:11 PM

Hoping for a revival of my favorite RMP Khuna/Xandyn/Zunniyaki with this tournament.

#3708024 Lack of chill, down to earth arena players.

Posted Sawj on 28 May 2012 - 03:16 PM

There appears to be vomit on his sweater, perhaps its mothers spaghetti
Hes nervous, but in the starting zone he looks calm and ready
to drop

#3705764 Mists of Pandaria PvP Set

Posted Retriku on 22 May 2012 - 07:33 PM

wish they woulda demonstrated the priest on a different race wtf.

#3705071 Rank One Nightfall

Posted Nastyhabitz on 21 May 2012 - 02:58 AM

let me tell you something about Jahmillz, we were best friends in high school...I know..I dont even....whatever, so in the 8th grade, i started going out with my new girlfriend Bianca, totally gorgeous, but then she moved to Indiana, and Jahmillz was like weirdly jealous of her, cause if i would like blow him off to hang out with Bianca he'd be like "why didnt you call me back" and I'd be like "why are you so obsessed with me?".

So for my birthday party, which was an all guys pool party, I was like...."Sorry Jahmillz, I can't invite you because...I think you're gay"...I mean I couldnt have a homo at my party there would be boys there in their swimsuits! right?! so his mom called my mom and my mom called her mom and they were yelling at eachother...so retarded and then he dropped out of school because nobody talked to him and when he came back all his hair was cut off...and now I guess he's on the crack