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05 October 2013 - 02:17 AM

This is by no means a rant towards Warriors or Mages or anything. However, I'm genuinely interested in how others are handling the state of these other classes as a Hunter currently.

I'm currently playing 3's, and have been throughout the season, but it's much more noticeably since Weapons have come out.

So, to get to the point: Since Weapons coming out, I've played with very well experienced Rshamans, Holy Priest, Holy Paladins, and Rdruids of all calibers ranging from Rank Ones to Duelists, just playing for fun. Throughout, it seems apparently that Hunters, or at least I am, just dropping to Warrior/Mage damage. For example, we went against Warrior/Ele/Priest. I was playing with a Rshaman. The Rshaman OOM'd within 3 minutes of the game, with me spam lining the Ele, from only Warrior Damage. The Warrior did double both my partner and my damage (Amounting to over 4 million, at roughly 26k Single target DPS on me alone, being that he wasn't swapping or Bladestorm).

So, my question lies within the idea of whether I'm not doing something correctly, or if others are having these issues.

Kiting the Warrior as much as possible (But large uptime, due to warrior mobility).

This is the first time in my WoW career I've really had to burn double deterr. this early in games vs teams that are able to survive for the long-game.

Anyway, just wondering if people are having the same issues or have constructive comments on how they're handing the tunneling of Warriors right now. I'm dying without the Warrior popping CDs for almost no reason. :(


Note: I haven't played KFC or Beastcleave, and only played PHD slightly very early in the season. Seems like the only option is to counter this with a just as stupid (In terms of damage) comp.