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#3053598 theorycrafting

Posted Freze on 10 February 2011 - 01:27 AM

first thread in brand new section of the forum and it's mispelled theorycarfting?


#2393769 Priest beta junk

Posted blackjack11 on 11 July 2010 - 04:33 PM

Gonna put updates on top cuze nobody reads the updates below and people create duplicate posts and discussions.

Update 1 (14th of July)

The new talent trees are out u can check and whine about them here : http://talent.mmo-ch...?priest#,,12479

  • Desperate prayer is on 45sec cd.

Posted Image

  • MD is 0.5 baseline now

  • Shadowform is now transperant looks really really bad so i cba to post a screenshot..

The same way the warlock topic works. At first I'm gonna share my own experience, considering no good information that actually is of any use is being released on the popular sites.I have multiple gladiator/r1 experience on my various priests during the years and have been playing a priest since Vanilla closed Alpha when u could shackle undead rogues :):priest::priest:. Here I will express my thoughts and humble opinion about the beta.Further changes / suggestions / improvements can be discussed and evaluated here.

First Impressions and tests

In no particular order.

My stats in full mooncloth gear at lvl 80 (Better comparison)looked like this:

Posted Image

  • 36k HP / 37k Mana. Same stats in full satin as well.

  • Haste adds extra ticks to spells ( penance , DH ). With 25% haste u get an 4 ticks of penance for 2seconds casting time. With power infusion and 34% haste you get 5 ticks of penance within 2 seconds.

  • Spirit buff and abolish disease are gone ( cure disease is still here )

  • The  Power word : Barrier is bugged , when u leave the zone the buff stays for 5-7seconds and you still get the absorb.

Posted Image

  • AoE spells have suffered a significant amount of damage nerf. Holy nova and Mind Sear doing 500 / 1000 hits in that particular order.

Discipline Impressions

  • Flash heal heals for 9500-10500 depending on grace stacks. Costs 1081 mana. The Improved flash heal talent / glyph dont seem that worthless now.

  • The "new" Heal spell is absolutely broken costs the same amount as flash heal on live servers and heals for about the same / 1k more. It has the same casting time as greater heal so I expect it to be rarely used ( probably never ) since its gonna be worthless even in 2s in its current variant.

  • Greater heal on another hand heals for 14k / 16k with Archangel up ( Amazing talent really , but gonna discuss it later on ). Costs 1050 mana.

  • The Extra 15% crit added to penance and smite is amazing. On another hand offensive dmg ticks for 3000 damage each.

  • Evangelism & Archangel are absolutely amazing , the more u smite the more mana u get / at the point u have to heal up / penance u can use archangel and have an extra 15% healing to help u catch up on healing , so u dont fall behind as easily.

  • THE MORE U SMITE THE MORE MANA U GET , offensive play will be rewarded , defensive play ( ala druid s6 tree form spam ) will be instant loss. Also THE MORE U SMITE THE MORE DMG IT DOES.Using Archangel doesnt currently consume evangelism charges ( hopefully not a bug ).

    Penance while moving is NYI , but its still planned even tho the Archangel tooltip doesnt currently say it.

Summary : I think the smite/evangelism/archangel design might turn out to be the best thing blizzard has ever done for priests.


Not much has changed , I hope the tree has yet to be remade.

    Mindspike x3 , into mindblast shadow word: death when having a shadow orb is absolutely retarded burst ( think chaos bolt conflag / lava burst  in a deathcoil! )

    You will want to shatter your orbs with mindblasts on every cd to maximize damage output.Which leads into the next issue.

    The shadow tree is too bloated , Improved mind blast needs to be 2/2 or 3/3 because mindblast will be absolutely used on cd in most cases

  • The talent Shadow Apparition at the moment works in this way : Pain has  6% on tick to summon a shadowy apparition that deals  damage , if u are on the move the % is increased by 60%. The interesting thing about this is if u multi pain many targets ( think of 3v3 ) all the shadowy apparitions that spawn will explode into your current target. By multi tagging alot of mobs like this i solo-ed all the elite quests so far.

Summary : Setting up burst with mind spike seems interesting but the shadow tree doesnt really have that "new" cool feeling when u got shadow word death or when your dots started to tick faster :). The tree is still too bloated and i hope that when the talent trees get reduced to 31 something changes!

This probably isn't everything but thats what i could think of as of now. I will be updating with new patches / changes .Lets turn this thread into something useful.

#1847196 Sheep and Fear

Posted affix on 16 February 2010 - 12:28 AM

bighandxyz said:

depends on how they code the spell system, but judging by the easiness they were able to do by swapping blind and fear on the same DR, it wouldn't be hard at all for them to allocate for exceptions.

Not that I'm supporting the OP or anything, I'm just saying it could be done, and most likely not too difficult.
Not sure why you think them changing Blind's DR category suggests that coding exceptions would be easy.  But let's just assume you're right and they can code in an exception so that:

*Fear shares DR with Psychic Scream
*Poly shares DR with Fear

Without merging all fears and all incapacitates in to the same DR.

Sounds simple enough from a coding perspective... but how will it actually function?

Target gets hit by Psychic Scream, then Fear.  The fear will last for 5 seconds.  What happens when you Polymorph?  Is it 5 seconds, or 2.5 seconds?  If it is 5 seconds, that's pretty confusing - something goes from full duration to half duration to half duration?  If it is 2.5 seconds, then you've failed, Psychic Scream now shares DR with Polymorph, at least indirectly.

What happens if a target gets hit by a Psychic Scream, then Gouged, then Polymorphed twice (now 'immune' to Incapacitates but the fear DR should have reset), then Psychic Screamed?  Logic should dictate that the Psychic Scream should be full duration, but the target is still Fear immune because of the polymorphs.  What will happen when he gets feared?  Is it immune, or half duration?

Confused yet?  Don't worry:  you should be.  Assigning one spell to two DR categories makes no sense.  So your options are to merge all incapacitation effects with all fears, which is arbitrary and stupid, or to keep fear and polymorph separate.

Alternatively you could move Fear to the Incapacite DR, or Poly to the Fear DR, but you run in to other problems from there (Sap -> Poly, for example).

#1844501 SWDing CC

Posted ferz on 15 February 2010 - 01:21 AM

Sometimes you won't be able to SWD CC's, it just happens.  But usually when you think (it's pretty much instinctive after you play a lot of games) you're going to get CC'd then you can leave yourself with some free globals and pretty much just bait a CC in order to get DR'd.

#1838216 Vote for the Best Mage in the US!

Posted Redefined on 13 February 2010 - 12:55 AM

Deathless said:

lol @ trancey comparing 3's when vidra face rolls and vileroze is actually good.

regardless of who should be on this list or w/e. one thing is for certain vidra should not be on. vidra is a pretty average mage (maybe a tiny bit better, ill give him that). but besides that the only reason people think hes above average is because he constantly brown noses on actually good people.

he was nothing before he came to realize that he can spam frost bolt + blanket healers to get R1 in 5's, and to do nearly the same in 3's with wiz cleave.

he's released several videos, both in which you can see spam frostbolting and not much else.

There could have been a hundred better choices for this vote, and vidra was probably the worst you could have chosen. but the others are good =D


#1810711 RMP, how are you all doing?

Posted Arterian on 05 February 2010 - 07:52 PM

Feels much better than last season

#1812612 Thinking about race changing...

Posted Rlthug on 06 February 2010 - 08:15 AM

Go orc. I am a female orc and I do not regret it one bit.

#1811925 PW:S and Sacred Shield effect lowered by 10%

Posted Kluian on 06 February 2010 - 03:10 AM


#1798528 Cashing in BG marks? Here's a macro.

Posted HappyJohn on 02 February 2010 - 07:07 PM

Might need this today.  :)
Get them non-sets!

/run SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1) 

/run CompleteQuest() 

/run GetQuestReward() 

You can speed the process up even more if you bind "Interact with target" under targeting functions.  That'll make it so you can hit a binding rather then right-click.

Posted Image

#1800371 Lich King Hard Mode LOOT

Posted Máverick1296678354 on 03 February 2010 - 01:54 AM


#1745268 RMP Buffed by resilience changes?

Posted revivespriest on 20 January 2010 - 06:24 PM

Beldam said:

Doubtful, I see this as a nerf because RMP isn't really an outlast comp and if you cannot kill someone during your CC train you lose.

Well, you gotta look at it this way I think:

Mage cannot sheep because of 15 sec of lock downs from lets say a prot warr hunter team. Mage has to play very defensive to just survive let alone CC or dps.

Less damage in lets you control more, less damage out doesnt matter if you are CCing appropriately.

Honestly right now, most games are over by the time a whole team has trinketed not really giving the chance to CC past the initial CC. Like a paladin, sac ->sac -> bubble ->trinket If your team lives thru all that and no one died yet then wow...but usually they only get to the first sac or maybe bubble before someone has been cleaved or you have killed one of their team members.

But I could be wrong.

#1743668 Relentless Gladiator Class Breakdown (USA/EU)

Posted chaimer on 20 January 2010 - 09:49 AM


:paladin: 11 - 17%
:mage: 8 - 12.5%
:warrior: 8 - 12.5%
:priest: 7 - 11%
:rogue: 7 - 11%
:hunter: 6 - 9%
:warlock: 6 - 9%
:shaman: 5 - 8%
:druid: 5 - 8%
:deathknight: 1 - 1.5%
Total: 64 RGlads

:shaman: 16 - 19%
:priest: 14 - 17%
:paladin: 12 - 14.5%
:warlock: 11 - 13%
:mage: 10 - 12%
:warrior: 6 - 7%
:hunter: 5 - 6%
:druid: 5 - 6%
:rogue: 4 - 5%
:deathknight: 0 - 0%
Total: 83 RGlads
Grand Total 3v3/5v5: 147


:paladin: 14 - 14%
:mage: 13 - 13%
:priest: 12 - 12%
:rogue: 12 - 12%
:warrior: 12 - 12%
:warlock: 12 - 12%
:shaman: 7 - 7%
:druid: 7 - 7%
:hunter: 6 - 6%
:deathknight: 6 - 6%
Total: 101 RGlads

:shaman: 25 - 20.5%
:paladin: 24 - 20%
:priest: 19 - 15.5%
:warlock: 17 - 14%
:hunter: 13 - 10.5%
:warrior: 10 - 8%
:mage: 9 - 7%
:rogue: 2 - 1.5%
:deathknight: 2 - 1.5%
:druid: 1 - 1%
Total: 122 RGlads
Grand Total 3v3/5v5: 223

USA has 13 battlegroups.
EU has 16 battlegroups.

USA averaged 11.3 RGlads per BG
EU averaged 14.0 RGlads per BG

***This DOES count players twice if they achieved RGlad in both 3v3 and 5v5.  This was a very rare occurence it seemed, but just know that those players are counted twice in this data***

This is including all the many many tied teams, and of course is subject to change if infractions occured.  Also, these are only team members with the required PR for the title.

Things i noticed while doing this:
-holy fucking christ europe has a buttload of ties.  one 3v3 bracket had a 6-way tie.
-the diversity of comps in the USA is actually >>>>>>> than those in Europe.  most of the european titles went to cookie cutter comps (especially rmp in 3v3, and 2346[war/hunt]/2345)
-most popular comp in 3v3 for both USA and EU was :priest::rogue::mage:
-most popular comp in 5v5 for EU was :hunter::warlock::shaman::priest::paladin:
-USA did not seem to have a dominant 5v5 comp.

p.s. +rep! :) teehee

#1739915 Get your rank, quick and easy.

Posted Schnorki on 19 January 2010 - 07:41 PM

Despite the armory being broken as hell, for those interested, you can view your team's current rank despite not seeing anything in the pvp tab.

Specifically, this gives you the in-game ranking (updated as of this maintenance) for the given teams, meaning this is NOT counting out inactive teams yet. (Not all of them anyways...maintenance update catches some, but not all of them. So usually your 'real' rank for purpose of cutoff determination will be a tad bit lower than the one shown here)

Also, it shows you your personal rating and % of total games played, just in case you forgot and aren't sure if you even qualify anymore. ;)

The actual macro:
/script for i=1,3 do t,s,r,_,_,tp,_,_,pp,ra,p=GetArenaTeam(i) pl=(floor((pp/tp*100*10^2)+0.5))/10^2 ChatFrame1:AddMessage(""..s.."v"..s..": Team <"..t.."> is rank "..ra.." with "..r.." rating. ("..p.." personal, "..pl.."% played)") end

changed it a bit
(thx to Cyaxeres for the idea to just check all 3 teams at a time.. =p)