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Help with strafing?

30 January 2012 - 07:12 PM

I'm slightly confused about how to move around after seeing that most people bind strafe to A and D. I currently have A and D bound to their default left and right keys, and to 'strafe' I right click and press either A to go left and D to go right. I can also turn around whilst casting this way which I found impossible when trying A and D as strafe keys - I couldn't reach the arrow keys easily at all (they are on the other end of the keyboard after all).

So yeah, I'm wanting to know if you all have your A and D keys bound to strafe left and strafe right, and if so offer some insight into how it is superior to right clicking with default binds in terms of strafing and turning round to cast spells.

Thanks in advance,


Reinstalling WoW: Mage or Rogue?

17 January 2012 - 06:50 PM

Currently reinstalling WoW after a year and a bit off and am either going to roll a Mage or a Rogue. I'll be doing PvP primarily and am equally interested in RBGs and arenas. Please note that I enjoyed both classes equally before I took a break from the game and so enjoyment isn't factoring into my decision.

1) Is it now realistic to level solely through battlegrounds? How much faster would questing be?
2) Fastest class for levelling through battlegrounds between Mage and Rogue?
3) Would you recommend rolling a Mage or a Rogue for PvP (both RBGs and arenas)?
4) Which class, Rogue or Mage, is always consistently strong in PvP (and to a lesser extent PvE)?

Thanks in advance!