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In Topic: PvP Hotfixes: December 19

22 December 2016 - 06:43 PM

You never know if it's sarcasm or nah these days, any idiot can write in these forums. :) nice social skills, flaming right away you get the chance.

Hey atleast i get a title on this aacount, soon more to come since i for some reason enjoy this mix blend game again. Shouldn't have sold my old acc with other glads on it, but who am i to fool.. you would most likely find an excuse for flaming me on that season with that title once again, low life cutie.


In Topic: How is it possible to track live ranking?

13 December 2016 - 10:11 PM

xunamate vs arenamate 






haha jk theyre both shit and made by EUtards. arenatracker is Designed by Players, for Players very good

In Topic: anyone know the streamer trainwreckz?

10 December 2016 - 05:03 PM

just wondering, this dude cant get over 2k and was talking mad shit about tosan and a bunch of other streamers, not trying to act like im snutz or anything but who the fuck is this kid?? and why is  he not even duelist talking shit to everyone?



also, how the fuck do you give people like this an audience?  i assume all of his fan base is 1600 dks like chimpo?


anyone wana fill me in on his background/ how hes even relevant on twitch id appreciate  it

People think hes entertaining, personally im not a huge fan but i understand why others enjoy him.


On a side note i like how you make fun of him not getting over 2k but ur sitting @1900 with 500 games played l0l

In Topic: 3v3

28 November 2016 - 10:35 AM

I think this kind of system could be good in the beginning, but will probably be extremely selective with time. Just like how the PvE one works. Not because of the system itself, but how people react and play with each others. People will ask achievements (“Ahead to the curve or no inv”), people will ask specific class/spec, and as said before, the poor guy who play the weak spec of the week will never have a queue at all, no-one will ask him to play with.
And the PvE one is way more… neutral, in the way that the bosses are always the same, and you can be easily invited just because you have a better gear. A PvP one would be way more elitist, because you can’t predict how the fight will go, your gear will not be an indicator of “Ok, this guy will be good in the group.”. Right now, a group ask for Helya achievement for Trial of Valor, in 4 weeks, after Nighthold, people will just see your 910 gear, and invite you without questions.

The idea of finding other people to play with is good, but I’m not sure about the benefits of the system you show.
What’s your opinion about the same system as we have now, with a different ladder, with a different rating, with loots… but instead of queuing as 3, you can only queue solo, and only solo. So you are mixed up with people for your own mmr, with random spec and classes, and you play against people with random spec and classes. Add to this a system who punish people leaving because “Oh no, it’s a holy priest” without hurting the holy priest, and everyone can queue something with his own spec. This is my experience in Moba’s for example, I usually queue solo 99% of the time because It’s like playing WoW Vanilla, you play a solo game, but with people around you, and then you have to adapt to your mates’s heroes/role. And sometimes, you find someone friendly or good enough to play together. And more important : in solo queue, I can play anything I want, compared to the rated one where I have to pick the right character if there is no tank, and avoid some because “the meta is not good for him”.

Right now if you queue at specific and regular hours (In my case for exemple, it’s usually after work and dinner, so between 20:00 – 23:30), you will face few teams, usually 50% of them are FotW – now in my opinion, it’s ret/huntSV/rdruid -, but they will be the same players, until they naturally stop for X reasons.). Add to this some websites like xunamate where you can spy people, and you end up saying “Ok, I’m gonna play Overwatch, there are 4 differents liberty queuing.”

The big problem right now with arenas queues is that people have no reason to queue after a particular rating, you face only the same people playing the best comp of the week, and people doesn’t really want to continue playing with the same people after one defeat (Like in PvE, try to do a Trial of Valor HM now, it’s funny to see how much people are patient with wipes and the others), especially with how balanced WoW is since the first arena in season 1.

A huge solo queue system, with different rewards equally as attractive as the gladiator’s storm drake, but with more… diversity in the queues. What’s your opinion?
That would be interesting to see how high rated people play together with random team composition and against random team composition without any voice software. (Streaming it would be interesting too.).

The reward system is outdated too. Having to wait the end of a season is cool but there should be something in between... with currencies earned in arenas or whatever.

I feel like theres some good shit here but its really long can u tldr thanks

In Topic: MM Hunters Bug - nullifying sacrifice/bop?

22 November 2016 - 09:40 AM

It's possible that sac isn't treated like a normal dot since its quite unique in the way it works. Either way if frozen arrow doesn't remove other dots this is definitely a bug. Haven't played against enough MM hunters to have had this happen to me as of yet, or I'm too dumb to remember/realize.


I have no idea about the BoP thing though, rets and druids have no way to remove it so its probably just a bug. Do MM hunters have an offensive dispel?