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PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

28 August 2017 - 10:35 AM

Hello everyone! I understand that the thread's title sounds very generic and non-original, so instead I'll just cut straight to the point;

It's no secret that the WoW PvP community has been declining more and more each year with every new expansion. As saddening as this is, I want to believe there is still some hope for redemption left. I feel like the biggest problem with Blizzard (when it comes to WoW, at least) is that its Developers often don't know what the game needs in order to implement the right changes. In other words, they need some guidance. I happened to come across 3 very exciting videos talking about WoW PvP which exactly state the game's biggest problems as well as suggesting very simple solutions to them. Those are the 3 videos (be warned though, as they are quite lengthy);

1.  (15 minutes)

2.  (18:30 minutes, skip to 0:38)

3.  (19:50 minutes, skip to 1:01)

I personally agree with what was said in these videos (especially Tosan's video) and I honestly believe that they should get more views or get listened to by more people.

What are your opinions regarding the facts that they state and their suggested solutions?

EDIT: I will be making some small corrections from time to time for some small improvements.

EDIT 2: Just to clarify some extra things about how I would picture rewards available through Solo Queue and Premade 3v3 in this given scenario.

- Titles would only be given through Premade 3v3. At least the Glad/R1 ones. Then, more rewards should be added. Maybe more Enchants/Tabards/Cloaks/Elite Sets. Something like what Lord Jimjim proposed, but impemented like this; Casual PvP set has color X. 2k Elite set has color Y. 2.4k Elite Set has color Z, and maybe some more extra details. Maybe Heirlooms as well?

- In order to encourage people to play Solo Queue, some smaller rewards could be added. Like maybe some exclusive PvP Glyphs (which modify the visual effects of some abilities or huge cds to make you stand out)? Pets? Maybe a different Tabard? Different Cloak? Diferent, less-significant titles? Heck, even stuff like Order Hall Followers could be ok.  Anything that would be cool to pursue, but wouldn't be "greater of value" than what you would get awarded from the Premade 3v3.

And boom, there you have it. More rewards, more "reason" per se to PvP, more attraction towards new players, way more rewards and incentives, and the coexistence of Solo Queue and Premade 3v3 without one completely negating or shutting down the other.

And for those of you who say that no voice 3v3 would be boring and everyone would rage and whatnot, this could at least be reduced a bit by implementing an in-game Battle.net voice call system which doesn't require you to have the other people in your friend list in order to forward the call.

The reintroduction of Elite Weapons could also be an amazing idea, but they should implement more than just 1 of each. 2k, 2.2k, 2.4k weapons (and so on) could be different, with more and more detail added each time (like Lionheart Executioner from Blacksmithing). They could also maybe vary in color? And then the highest tier Elite Weapons would be of a totally different aspect.

Upcoming Changes & Current State of Rets

19 February 2017 - 09:49 PM

Hello AJ. I am sure that most of you - if not all - have seen the upcoming PvP changes and the corresponding buffs and nerfs to each class and spec. If you somehow happened to miss those, then here's a link;

EU https://eu.battle.ne...15101490?page=1
US https://us.battle.ne...pic/20753108893

However, the lack of attention given to Rets troubles me. Cara made an awesome post about it on the EU forums here;


TL;DR version of that post is that since Blizz won't make mechanical changes until a next patch/season/xpack, we would be in a much better spot if Str was buffed by 5% instead of 3% and if we could have our old PvP Versa Template back to 125% (currently is 50%). There is no question on the fact that Rets need some love, seeing how Rets of Cara's and Elypsia's caliber are currently struggling to reach 2.600 on their alts. Cara even told me that he has more chances on getting Rank 1 as a Demon Hunter with one week's experience than on his main Ret.

So, what do you guys think? I mean, the requested changes don't seem to be too strong or op, and it could be just enough to make Rets have a comeback. Thoughts?