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#4636901 Ret melee cleaves vs boomkin/ele

Posted by Hollowinside on 09 December 2017 - 07:02 PM

Historically speaking, Ret comps don't perform too well versus caster cleaves. So there isn't a whole lot you can do, but, try the following stuff;

I would advise you to save your Freedom for when the Boomkin has Solar Beam and is about to Root-Beam your healer. Keep in mind it has a 1 min cd normally, and a 45 seconds one if it successfully interrupts a cast. If Boomkin doesn't have Beam up, then you can use Freedom in combination with your Horse under one of the following situations;

- When you are going in for a HoJ on the enemy healer.
- When Ele has already used Thunderstorm and you need to get back to your target.

Having Boomkin be your main target is probably far easier than trying to chase the Elemental Shaman, especially if the map you're fighting them at is Tol'viron or Blade's Edge. Both of them can kite you pretty well, so I would also spec into Divine Favor instead of Crusade and then probably Word of Glory (since you won't be in melee range too often to make effective use of Justicar's Vengeance). Don't spec into Law and Order, unless in maps where you know you will be able to melee alot - which again, if they know how to play, should never be the case.

I would also advise you to always run back and LoS the Boomkin when he uses Incarnation. That damage is way too retarded and overpowered to tank in the face, so you want to be avoiding as much of it as you can (which feels funny to even type when said shit lasts 30 goddamn seconds). As such, I personally pop Wings only after the Boomkin has popped Incarn and I am on dr with some of their cc.

I would say you need to provide extra info if you want further help though. What comp(s) are you usually playing? What's the exp of you and your partners? 

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#4636817 How's this game now

Posted by Hollowinside on 25 November 2017 - 05:21 PM

ah the wonderful language of the third world

ah the ever-amazing ignorance of a person on AJ

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#4636362 PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

Posted by Hollowinside on 01 September 2017 - 08:21 AM

Yeah it's not balanced but you can pick your comps so you know what to play around. If you are a mage and get 10 warlocks in a row and you tank to simply better comps that isn't going to help you with anything. Lets stop making up reasons why this will save pvp because we all know it won't, it won't even help it a little bit. This system will only be there for boredom. That's it. You bored? Go rage in solo q. There is literally nothing else that benefits from solo q besides your bordem, which it will be boring to you after a month or so anyway.

No one is "making up reasons". From my perspective, it just feels like you are tunnel-visioning between your beliefs. I wrote whole paragraphs as to how and why it might not be a bad idea, and the best arguments you can come up with are stuff like this, so let me answer individually to everything you have to say;

"This system will only be there for boredom."
"There is literally nothing else that benefits from solo q besides your bordem"

Yeah, right. Because the current LFG version (which is a nerfed version of Solo Queue, in all honesty) is so much fun and exciting! Can't wait to start searching for shit/boosted/carried/piloted people for 3 hours straight again, in hopes I might find a semi-decent guy and still not be sure if we are gonna end up teaming up together! Yay! xD

"if they added rewards for solo q, what's the point in anyone trying to do 3s teamed"

Because, uhm... different rewards? Much better/More rewards in the Premade 3v3 bracket?

"Lets stop making up reasons why this will save pvp because we all know it won't, it won't even help it a little bit."

Again, no one is making up reasons why this would save anything. And who are you to know if it will/won't help, and by how much? The only thing I see here is legit, valid reasons as to why it could offer some help. I think that people here are trying too hard to make up reasons why this wouldn't change absolutely anything.


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#4636308 PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

Posted by Hollowinside on 28 August 2017 - 10:35 AM

Hello everyone! I understand that the thread's title sounds very generic and non-original, so instead I'll just cut straight to the point;

It's no secret that the WoW PvP community has been declining more and more each year with every new expansion. As saddening as this is, I want to believe there is still some hope for redemption left. I feel like the biggest problem with Blizzard (when it comes to WoW, at least) is that its Developers often don't know what the game needs in order to implement the right changes. In other words, they need some guidance. I happened to come across 3 very exciting videos talking about WoW PvP which exactly state the game's biggest problems as well as suggesting very simple solutions to them. Those are the 3 videos (be warned though, as they are quite lengthy);

1.  (15 minutes)

2.  (18:30 minutes, skip to 0:38)

3.  (19:50 minutes, skip to 1:01)

I personally agree with what was said in these videos (especially Tosan's video) and I honestly believe that they should get more views or get listened to by more people.

What are your opinions regarding the facts that they state and their suggested solutions?

EDIT: I will be making some small corrections from time to time for some small improvements.

EDIT 2: Just to clarify some extra things about how I would picture rewards available through Solo Queue and Premade 3v3 in this given scenario.

- Titles would only be given through Premade 3v3. At least the Glad/R1 ones. Then, more rewards should be added. Maybe more Enchants/Tabards/Cloaks/Elite Sets. Something like what Lord Jimjim proposed, but impemented like this; Casual PvP set has color X. 2k Elite set has color Y. 2.4k Elite Set has color Z, and maybe some more extra details. Maybe Heirlooms as well?

- In order to encourage people to play Solo Queue, some smaller rewards could be added. Like maybe some exclusive PvP Glyphs (which modify the visual effects of some abilities or huge cds to make you stand out)? Pets? Maybe a different Tabard? Different Cloak? Diferent, less-significant titles? Heck, even stuff like Order Hall Followers could be ok.  Anything that would be cool to pursue, but wouldn't be "greater of value" than what you would get awarded from the Premade 3v3.

And boom, there you have it. More rewards, more "reason" per se to PvP, more attraction towards new players, way more rewards and incentives, and the coexistence of Solo Queue and Premade 3v3 without one completely negating or shutting down the other.

And for those of you who say that no voice 3v3 would be boring and everyone would rage and whatnot, this could at least be reduced a bit by implementing an in-game Battle.net voice call system which doesn't require you to have the other people in your friend list in order to forward the call.

The reintroduction of Elite Weapons could also be an amazing idea, but they should implement more than just 1 of each. 2k, 2.2k, 2.4k weapons (and so on) could be different, with more and more detail added each time (like Lionheart Executioner from Blacksmithing). They could also maybe vary in color? And then the highest tier Elite Weapons would be of a totally different aspect.

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#4633927 "Your new profile page is here!"

Posted by Hollowinside on 11 May 2017 - 10:05 AM

To prevent people from copycatting, also if you remember, before there were arena teams, it was showing the team members etc, caused people to use FoTM setups faster. They basically think by giving less information on the armory, they are slowing down the emergence of OP specs and FoTM setups, and they believe it helps balancing the game. That's my opinion on it anyway. Otherwise, incompetency at its best.

While your opinion does make sense per se, I don't think that this is what went through the Developers' heads when they changed the amrory! :(

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#4633885 "Your new profile page is here!"

Posted by Hollowinside on 10 May 2017 - 08:23 PM

I also hope they will change something. It is horrible as it is currently, in the sense that you just can't see enough info. Why else would you armory someone else in the first place if you can't see any of what you are looking for?

I would also like them to add a display of the PvP Talents someone is using, but that may just be me.

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Posted by Hollowinside on 05 May 2017 - 05:05 PM

let him have it dude, probs the only thing he accomplished in his life, shame he had to play  :shaman:  :warlock:  :druid:  with prot warlock and raidboss boomkin and link spec to get barely horde r1, but it's aight, he got it

Then let's hear what have YOU accomplished in life. :) I'm DYING to hear this out. Do you realize that you are in a "cult" (ayy lmaoo!) formed by someone who thinks of himself as "the most intelligent person to ever live and unmatched by even Einstein", and like ALL you do is... play wow?? And stream it?? Is your brain even cappable of firing in a way that is not to be deemed as subhuman by rational standards? Do you even realize that you are being fed already-chewed lies of being superior when compared to the norm with no basis to back up that claim?

You are as delusional as you are being brainwashed. You are not worthy of other peoples' sympathy. This kind of fate/life is exactly what suits people like you.

P.S. Also, how stupid and ingenuine of you to start bashing other people about being bad at this game when you were a cheater yourself, and you have queued with Grappling in the past! Honestly, Xen, I am ashamed to admit that you and me are both part of the same "intelligent life form". It literally makes me want to quit being human so I can avoid this crushing humiliation. Being as dumb as you are, I am ashamed you haven't yet joined any fanatical religious group or some ridiculous feminazi-kind propaganda.

P.S.2 Stop hating on Abolished and Xonika. No matter how hard (or how deep lol) Athene is fingering you, they will always be better players than you. Like it or not. Peace! :)

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#4633087 How to be imortal?? | Full Absorb PvP Exploit

Posted by Hollowinside on 25 April 2017 - 03:04 PM

This was fixed in yesterday's hotfix.

Good to know. Thanks for letting us know! <3

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#4632592 How to be imortal?? | Full Absorb PvP Exploit

Posted by Hollowinside on 18 April 2017 - 01:35 PM

I swear, if Russian players spent at least 1/10th of the time they use to research these stupid cheats to actually IMPROVE and PLAY the motherfucking goddamn game, they would be steamrolling every ladder and tournament.

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#4631965 Inspiration!

Posted by Hollowinside on 07 April 2017 - 08:20 AM

Ok, I know this is obviously a troll, but I would like to say something serious on the matter (probably not a good idea, considering this is AJ and that you probably didn't make this thread to have a serious conversation in the first place) as I have had experiences with the sort of people your video shows.

Tbh, whenever I see people with special needs doing well in life, I feel some kind of hapiness for them. Even if I don't know them.
My best friend's sister was paralyzed from a genetic disease affecting the nervous system (she could only move her eyes a bit, her mouth, and 2 fingers on her right hand), but that didn't stop her from writing poems, drawing on the pc, having advanced conversations and telling jokes. And that made me look up to her in a way, like she was a juggernaut on the inside, a pillar of real strength of soul. I could never imagine myself doing well (or even "ok") in her position, yet she was always cheerful and happy, temporarily reminding me how all of us take some things in life for granted.

@Abolished I don't know if you are indeed disabled or if this a kind of reference on this new patch (I really hope it is the 2nd one), but know that if you are really finding yourself in a similar irl situation as shown above, I admire you.

Best regards.

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#4631734 7.2 problem list.

Posted by Hollowinside on 04 April 2017 - 04:33 AM


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#4630759 grappling airservice

Posted by Hollowinside on 17 March 2017 - 08:46 AM

A little something to add to this thread


When autism, down syndrome, inbreeding, retardation and braindeath collide on these 2 people. Tragic.

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#4630627 grappling airservice

Posted by Hollowinside on 14 March 2017 - 11:51 AM

edit: @Hollow it's not just you who spams this guy. The fact that people give him so much attention is mind boggling because that is exactly what he wants. It's not like him getting a title in s21 matters to anybody.

If you think I am "spamming" this guy, let me assure you that you have no idea what you are talking about, whatsoever. I don't spam him since I am not giving him any kind of direct attention (e.g. messaging him on AJ, whispering him in game etc). I just noted how stupid I think he is for having this "dead" aspect of a PvE game as his ONLY means of ever getting attention, without even caring if it's positive or negative.

Also, you are super delusional if you think that him getting a title doesn't matter to anyone else just because you suddenly "stopped caring about the game", yet are still here posting how shit, bad and dead it is compared to WotLK in every thread. There are many people who still care and try their best to get titles, even now. Even if people like you consider them invaluable or worthless, some competitive people who want to learn, improve and stand out are still out there fam. And trust me, to them it DOES matter.

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#4630264 Interrupt Awareness [New Release] - Lockout Tracker

Posted by Hollowinside on 10 March 2017 - 09:48 AM

It looks pretty neat if you ask me, and thank you for making this! It's always appreciated. But I am not sure if people will prefer this over OmniBar, sadly. :/ I will still give it a try! Best of luck!

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#4629592 Xenbeast hacking

Posted by Hollowinside on 02 March 2017 - 12:52 PM

ok i'm hacking but who does everyone care? report me to holinka if you have a problem =)



like i wrote earlier, i still have to target with shift 1 2 3 and press W to move, so i'm still playing my character



jokes aside, if you think i'm kickbotting go to my stream, check my vods and make your own opinion. I stream my games with TrufiGCD; and if you claim to have any knowledge about the game,  watch me fuck up my rotation and kicks every game and accuse me of kickbotting. Call me a shit feral, but don't call me a botter/scripter.

Now there are some people that just want to taint my reputation and take time to make these shitposts, as you see cassidy is getting paid to post this thread, it's propaganda, and you are making yourself look stupid, i'm just trying to save you from yourself, like you know you fucked up when even xonika is kinda on my side


4th edit: LMAO and this line of evidence that cassidy is using. a picture of a banwave for honorbuddy, a picture of a thread where i post that i'm unfairly banned, and some picture when i'm trolling him in /w , and another picture where i'm trolling him with the picture. You are taking the bait so hard. And like so many people that whisper me that they are gonna get me banned, good luck, i'm never gonna go away ))

This guy is confusing me. Can't decide if he is just awful at trolling or IQ -4.

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