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In Topic: Ret melee cleaves vs boomkin/ele

09 December 2017 - 07:02 PM

Historically speaking, Ret comps don't perform too well versus caster cleaves. So there isn't a whole lot you can do, but, try the following stuff;

I would advise you to save your Freedom for when the Boomkin has Solar Beam and is about to Root-Beam your healer. Keep in mind it has a 1 min cd normally, and a 45 seconds one if it successfully interrupts a cast. If Boomkin doesn't have Beam up, then you can use Freedom in combination with your Horse under one of the following situations;

- When you are going in for a HoJ on the enemy healer.
- When Ele has already used Thunderstorm and you need to get back to your target.

Having Boomkin be your main target is probably far easier than trying to chase the Elemental Shaman, especially if the map you're fighting them at is Tol'viron or Blade's Edge. Both of them can kite you pretty well, so I would also spec into Divine Favor instead of Crusade and then probably Word of Glory (since you won't be in melee range too often to make effective use of Justicar's Vengeance). Don't spec into Law and Order, unless in maps where you know you will be able to melee alot - which again, if they know how to play, should never be the case.

I would also advise you to always run back and LoS the Boomkin when he uses Incarnation. That damage is way too retarded and overpowered to tank in the face, so you want to be avoiding as much of it as you can (which feels funny to even type when said shit lasts 30 goddamn seconds). As such, I personally pop Wings only after the Boomkin has popped Incarn and I am on dr with some of their cc.

I would say you need to provide extra info if you want further help though. What comp(s) are you usually playing? What's the exp of you and your partners? 

In Topic: The Hidden Tapes: Overt Snakes

09 December 2017 - 12:58 PM

Point of the post being?

In Topic: How's this game now

30 November 2017 - 12:36 AM


Cheers to u too fam

In Topic: We are going back to vanilla bois

29 November 2017 - 11:04 AM

Btw season 15 in MoP was probably one of the best seasons to ever exist in WoW and it had retarded amounts of CC, just look at what a druid and priest could do together with a fear, both had cyclone (from symbiosis btw) including the feral having INSTANT cyclone

Just fyi, Ferals stopped having instant clone since S14 (Grievous). So yeah, they didn't have instant clone at all in S15.

Also, chill. He's just a guy on a forum who calmly stated his opinion about a 13 year old game having flaws. He didn't offend your mother/wife/sister or some shit. xD

In Topic: How's this game now

25 November 2017 - 08:51 PM

I mean the only person willing to give me some input on my question happened to speak my language everyone else just comes in and talks about whatever's wrong with their life. That's AJ I guess

Pretty much. First things first, welcome back Braindance! It's good to have you back! :D

About the question you asked, well... The game is overall in a really weird state atm. From what I've heard, PvE is quite alright. I don't meet a lot of PvEers complaining about the state of the game. PvP is a mess, but can still be fun if you queue with friends for fun. Do not expect to have the same fun you once had playing this game during better times, but it is still quite alright as a time-killer (if you are not someone who tilts easily, that is). That being said, it's probably still worth a try.