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Jungle cleave question

20 November 2014 - 07:38 AM


So me and a friend was thinking of trying out jungle cleave in WOD.

So i think its called jungle cleave atleast (feral/hunter/healer)

So anyway my questions is, what spec is the hunter and what healer do you normally run?

Is it just a healer who is strong at the current time or is their one in you normally use?

Addons, macros and keybinds.

29 September 2014 - 04:06 PM

Hello people,

So lets start out with the addon part.

This is pretty simple what are some must have addons when playing arena and when playing RBG?

The arena addons i have right now is: Gladius, gladiatorlossa, tidy plates and juked.

RBG addons i have: Healers have to die and battlegroundTargets.


So here is the deal, i main warlock and resto druid, but i cant fit everything in to easy to use binds.
I feel like i binded everything i can, my mouse have 2 buttons and the side plus the scroll button both pressed and scroll up and down is binded. But i still feel like im in need of more keybinds. And then i binded all of the normal stuff, both alone and with shift. But i still cant fit every macro and ability in my bars. I mean as the rdruid as an example i have to have several binds just for the cyclone. Like just the normal cyclone ability, and then focus target cyclone. then there is the cleanse macro, 2 of them for my teammates and 1 for me. that is 5 binds used just on cyclone and cleanse, then there is all the healing spells and ironbark macros and stuff like that, i just cant make it fit. So if anyone knows a good way to do that please share, since this is becoming a problem for me.

Also i have another question, i saw this hunter streaming the other day(dont remember his name though) and he did this thing where he change to the second page on the actions bar to use an ability and then back to the first actionbar in pretty much 1 sec or something. And he was pretty much only using macros. So how do you do that, since that would make me able to "hide" some ability on page 2 on the action bar, maybe someone i dont need that often or something.

I hope you can understand what im trying to say, since my english spelling and grammar is pretty off.

Any input you can give me, is greatly appreciated.

Oh and 1 last thing.
I have this problem ingame. So when ever i fear or just cc anyone in general i get this little icon over their nameplate with a little CD for when the cc expires and that stays even though i have another target. But i cant get it to show other CC than my own. If you guys knows how i can make it show other people cc on the target that would be very nice. I typed my addons earlier in the post, so if it is one of them(tidy plates maybe) i need to change please tell me how, since i looked around in my addons and wows own interface settings and i cant seem to fix it.

2's Lock/boomie troubleshooting and tips

26 September 2014 - 03:17 AM

Hello everybody.

So here is the thing, me and a friend of mine started playing lock/boomie in 2's, and we destroyed everything until we got to 1700+ rating, and we just got stuck now.

The main problem is we keep getting against warrior/healer and DK/healer, and we just end up losing no matter what it seems. Any tips on what to do is highly welcome. We tried focus dps and cc healer and it works sometimes, but it is still very hard getting the kill, since they pressure us like crazy and DK pop their shield. We tried cc dps and go on the healer, and this has been the most succesful since we can kill, the healers in 1 good beam from the druid, but we still lose the majority of the fights, also this is very hard to do against rdruid and hpally. which is seen quite alot.

The other thing is, should i as the warlock go destruction or affliction? We tried both, and destruction feel like the most useful because we lack execute otherwise, but it is crazy hard to get chaos bolts off enough to actually start matching affliction pressure.

Also when playing affliction, i feel like my pressure is not nearly hard enough, since i only have DoTs on 2 targets, and 1 of them is cyclone alot.

any tips is welcome. And please dont be too hard on the spelling, im tired and danish(bad combi right there)