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Shoutout for Holinka

30 October 2015 - 07:16 PM

Everyone just complains about wow pvp, this people are just mad because they suck.

So i wanted to thank you brian! Its fun to play wow and i hope you read this and continue youre great work, (ashran is not rly funny, but i had a lot of epic fights there, so thank you for this too!)

The community is rising every day, and we need to get some good atmosphere here, because the good work can only continues if we support the Blizzard team.

I´m having a lot of fun with 3s and 2s, were having rly epic fights there, every mistake decides about death, so the concentration need to be up every second, thank you for this, its fun !

I hope you continue youre great work with legion

(PS: unban me on twitter)