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#3887907 Increasing Arena Participation

Posted Hoodzx on 16 May 2013 - 02:47 PM

yes but we're telling since ages to blizz to merge bgs and other ideas like :

- Bring back 2s titles but make some 2s changes only (like the pvp battle healing nerf but only for 2s, for example some abilities not usable to not get some 25min games all the time...)

- Merge all battlegrounds (1 for EU without RU realms, 1 for US, 1 for TW, and 1 for CN)

- Idea that isn't always liked : Delete teams and make Ratings like rbgs so people don't delete teams all the time to get new teams and stay all the time at 1500mmr when they actually have a much higher skill than their mmr shows.

- Make more rewards in PvP (only vanity ones), and imo some evolving ones ! (I see it coming : like pokemon LOL...), like they could make some ground mounts in arenas (mount : alliance = horse, horde = wolf, competitors will get a little armor on it, rivals a normal one and duellists a big one, gladiators will get the same as duellists but with an aura or a different color looking more brutal... and with also the flying mount so it gets to be really higher ! ^^)

- Bring back the rewards with the WotLK style (but without superior stats, only new skins to transmog) to make more motivation to play arenas (not only the cap or the titles...), here is a link to show my idea : http://www.wowwiki.c...8_Arena_rewards
T1 - Low players, with the base stats (500-1200)
T2 - Normal players, also with the base stats but gear have a modified skin (like the evolution of the gears in wotlk S5->S6->S7->S8) (1200-1900)
T3 - High players, base stats too but the skin evolves again looking prestigious (1900-2500)

T1 :
500 : Belt
600 : Boots
700 : Gloves
800 : Legs
900 : Chest
1000 : Helm
1100 : Shoulders
1150 : Weapons

T2 :
1200 : Belt
1300 : Boots
1400 : Gloves
1500 : Legs
1600 : Chest
1700 : Helm
1800 : Shoulders
1850 : Weapons

T3 :
1900 : Belt
1950 : Boots
2000 : Gloves
2050 : Legs
2100 : Chest
2150 : Helm
2200 : Shoulders
2250 : Weapons
2500 : Tabard (maybe too high but it should be the really highest reward obtainable without waiting the end of a season)

- Show personal mmr when you inspect people / on armory

- Make the titles in arena per class not per team, like top 5% warriors, top 5% druids etc... (would make that classes not OP at some patchs still have the possibility to get the titles)

- Reset MMR at every seasons so R1 teams don't play again only 40-50 games to get R1 again...

- Don't make some arena maps that are going to advantage some classes over than some others like RoV, just do the Nagrand style with some differents design (4 pillars + another skin for the maps, pretty easy to do). And to add : the new arena coming seems to be a disaster, the skin is nice but for example warlocks with their portals are going probably to be the kings in this one... (not sure about mages/monks)

- When teams afk on their rating more than a certain time put on the armory an AFK status, so they can't get the titles, because imo a team that get gladiator for example should play atleast for example 10 games a month, freezing on a rating because they had it at a time when it was too OP (like thugcleave or KFC last season or 3dps in S11 ^^)

- Make rating inflation higher in 2s, so we can get 2200 with the same difficulty as in 3s, how can it be possible that R1 teams have only 2150-2250 seriously, some people had really higher in some pre-cata seasons without being glad (when titles were still obtainable in 2s, there was much more competitivity in 2s / participation and 2.2 wasnt the big deal)
Don't know however for 5s (prob because i never looked to)

- Ban PVE gear in PVP ffs ! Or atleast downscale it to an ilvl much lower (if in 5.3 pvp gear is downscaled to 496, make the PvE one to 470-476), because in 5.3 some heroic gear from PvP downscaled to 496 is going to be better than the PVP ones, and that shouldnt be allowed, ever.

- Try to make more attention to the 2s bracket, because it is actually the bracket imo where you'll see most of the new players play, it's just easier to get 1 mate than 2 or 4, and if you look at the title ranges in 2s ( http://www.hosted101.net/season_12/ ), you'll see the difference of participation ! So please, balance 2s atleast a bit.

- Last idea but i know it wont ever be done, because it's not in the interest of blizzard, (and theres nothing to do with this topic sorry but i'll just drop it here), make some servers like BC Server, WotLK Server... i don't care but Cata Server too, so people can enjoy their good ol' times again, going to ArenaTournament servers isnt really what i like even if i trully loved Season 8 (best memories).

I know all these ideas arent approved / liked by everybody, just adding my opinion, even if blizzard isnt reading those forums (and they should because battlenet forums are full of sh!t)

#3842006 Ret/Dk/Heal

Posted Hokaido on 29 January 2013 - 09:48 PM

dk has quite a pressure against the healers (and in 5.2 1min cd on strang) but does not have so many defensives against melee cleaves/kfc's and especially rogues/monks in 5.2
ret is quite bad atm because of the low sustained dmg out of cds and nerfed healing, dont know if it will be better in 5.2 but probably not that better

all around: its not a really good comp even though the burst is great but easily avoided with cc's, i suggest for the pala to spec holy and play holy+dk+rogue/monk/sp etc (ofc in 5.2, in 5.1 play tsg)...
if you want to play this comp, play with hpal/rsham and a frost dk (great burst)
regarding the necro strike: when going for the kill: pop cds, stun/silence the healer, use unholy runes on necro and frost on obliterates. If the dps wont peel for the healer and he has no trink/buble, hes dead

#3593614 Im new

Posted Beeteequetee on 20 December 2011 - 09:45 PM

How do I get this "rep" I keep hearing about?

A: Rep on AJ is given to posts by clicking the green plus in the bottom right corner, for you to  get rep you should probably post constructive thoughts and hopefully another member will click the green plus on your post.

How do I find teammates on here?

A: At the top of AJ there is a recruiting section found here http://www.arenajunk...m/recruit/team/ you just need to fill in the specifics of what you are looking for such as class, spec, experience, and realm. I would also recommend using teamfind.com created by AJ's Pyrilus.

How do I post anywhere but here?

A: Posting in the members forums requires a gladiator title or a 2400 rating? It's either 2400 or 2600.. sorry..

And how do I do anything else I might want to do here?

A: AJ has tons of fun things! You can read troll posts, watch streams, see the front pages news, check arena ladders, learn new macros, and whatever else the wonderful world of AJ offers.

Welcome to ArenaJunkies!  :lol: