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Rogue/Mage help

20 November 2014 - 10:04 AM

Since rm is burst/opener heavy lineup, i have been thinking which 100talent and glyph's to use. I think hemo glyph is kinda mandatory since it helps with opener and fast switches, rupturing at opener with 2-3 combos seems so clunky cuz premed SnD and rupture ends about at the same time when dance does so suddenly i dont do anything. Venom rush+´glyph of energy sounds good for opener heavy line up, but not sure if thats overkill.

Atm trying dfa with glyph of energy, hemo glyph and cs glyph.
With those im thinking of opening with: Premed->SnD->cheap->hemo->dance->ambush->(pool energy/wait for cs to end)->kidney->mfd->dfa

I would like to hear some thoughts from more experienced roge/mage and rmp players about our talent/glyph/opener.