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#1864188 Reputation System Update

Posted Rapture on 20 February 2010 - 03:09 PM

Well after lots of heated discussion about the system and lots of suggestions for how to fix it, we have decided to try the reputation system with only positive rep. This will cut down on trolling and hopefully still motivate people to post higher quality.

I have dropped any negative reputation you may have received in the past.

I have also made the reputation bars require take more reputation to build up.

Since the beginning I have said that we are testing the rep system to see if it can work here. In trying to weigh all the feedback, this seems like a reasonable next step before we abandon the rep system entirely. Use it for a while and let us know what you think.

#336932 seriously considering regemming?

Posted Kelustu on 04 September 2008 - 06:23 AM

Iceblower said:

On top of that it depends on your partner if you're able to spec DS.  Didn't look at the OPs armory but if he plays with a Warrior DS just isn't a viable option.  Now if he plays with lets say a Rogue, then yes DS is the "better" choice for that.  I recently made the switch from War--->to Rogue and playing DS is a bit different, takes a while to get used to;)

Though a bit different in style, DS works great with warriors. There are a few ways it can/i have played it. Theres the outlast way, where you only heal/CC when needed, and let your warrior's damage drag them oom, due to your superior mana regen. There's also the aggressive over the top offensive DS/warrior setup. Its played largely on 3/3 cyclone rotations(cyclone healer, or w/e your not killing, 3 times, then cyclone his partner so he doesnt get help/healed while hes on DR 3 times, then cyclone back to the partner and finish the kill target). It takes practice, but i like it more than the class feral charge/swiftmend build with a warrior.

Also, if you ever want to run with a lock, i recommend trying 8/11/42 with tree of life, or 18/0/43 with tree of life. I've done both and absolutely love them. Its near impossible to kill the pet, you can't be bursted down by double DPS teams, and i *think* you can't be sapped/MCed, though you do move slow. It's worth a try still.

#278535 Good writeup on class balance and arena statistics

Posted Taffy on 31 July 2008 - 11:22 PM

PhasedOut0607 said:

You mention that Mages have worse mobility than Priests.

are... you serious?

yeah... absurd notion.  mages have amazing mobility and just lack lasting power.  along the same lines, trade mobility for utility and you have the priest class.  

imo blink and barrier shouldn't cost significantly more than 100 mana.  especially blink.  0 mana would make perfect sense.  why in gods name is it still so expensive?  would mages be OP if they could kite for longer? it doesn't even make sense.  a rogue never runs out of pressing w and spamming shiv.  it's not even linked to damage.  it wouldn't change power balance at all, just award more longevity.

priests have gotten so many survivability buffs over bc, and they worked out great, but they've had to trade off all of their power and longevity for survivability, where their competitor utility healer (druid) hasn't.

I think priest would be competitive with druid in 2's and 3's if psychic scream also dropped snares.  maybe it doesn't make sense, but it would do the trick.  it doesn't really change power balance, and priests could potentially afford to stop gemming stam/resil in every slot and work on their regen for those brackets.

hunters seem annoying to play but don't really lack power in any bracket.  they tend to lack players that utilize that power, but I see PLENTY these days.  I have nothing to say about them.

paladins are uninteresting and anyone who rolled one post bc should have known what they were getting into.  everything about them pretty much just annoys me, and they all got what they deserved.

#245745 [Druid/Warrior] Why TOL against rogues

Posted Prue on 14 July 2008 - 03:54 PM

See http://arenajunkies....ead.php?t=27323 which was also discussed in http://arenajunkies....ead.php?t=30977 regarding Tree of Life.

What we try to do against rogue/mage is have the warrior on the rogue for the most part, helping with hamstring etc. while I try to line of sight the mage and his/her pet as best as I can. Use faerie fire on the rogue when the option presents itself, and use nature's grasp when he cloaks it off. I seldomly run across a rogue/mage team that tries to gib my warrior, so it is all about you staying mobile and not getting caught in those devasting stunlock/shatter combos. It is a hard match to beat and we rarely beat them without breaking a sweat and without them giving us a run for the money.

This is also discussed here: http://arenajunkies....ead.php?t=31399

#158903 Name each season!

Posted Grunz on 06 May 2008 - 04:12 PM

1) This fucking cheater keeps running around the pillars
2) lol, this newb isn't running around the pillars
3) Fuck pillars, let's just queue up at the same time and trade wins

#142282 Resilience Detecting Addon

Posted Hemingway on 22 April 2008 - 09:50 PM

Okay - so, per Aimlessgun's suggestion, I created a resilience detecting addon last night.  It is in very early development - but I decided to release it to ArenaJunkies nonetheless.  Posting it in it's own thread (though in the arena tournament forums, as this was where I first saw the suggestion) to give it more attention - may have it posted more prominently elsewhere on the wbesite soon.