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#2326413 Dodging, Sniping, and Collusion on the TR

Posted affix on 24 June 2010 - 12:48 AM

Malladon said:

in defense of these shady tactic type things- all types of competitive engagement have things that directly affect your ability to succeed in an event that aren't directly related to how good you are at it.

it's possible that by having something that requires a bit of dedication beyond being good at the game you effectively weed out some idiots that can just grab a fotm comp and roll into blizzcon- by making top 8/regionals require a little bit more dedication than just "hey im pretty good at this game" you end up with a significantly more competitive event. whether or not team #1 and #4 were giving eachother handjobs in the back while exchanging information about who's q'ng when wont make blizzcon any less competitive.

in fact i think putting people that are dedicated beyond just being good at the game makes for even more competitive play come tournament time (i think col. black is the best example of this, for those who read sodah's blog).

/end devil's advocate
I think there's a difference between "I am doing this to maximize my rating" and "I am doing this to tank your rating".  Further, there's a difference between "here are the things I'm doing to maximize my rating" and "here are the things that we as a group of ~8 teams are doing to make sure we have an advantage over everyone else".

I understand and appreciate the point that the meta game can't completely be ignored, it matters and it requires a different kind of skill.  But when a group of players can create a barrier for entry that can't be overcome, that crosses a line, IMO.