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Smite! and why you should play it. (3v3 mode!)

09 August 2013 - 09:31 PM

Smite!  An up and coming big name in the MOBA market with its 3rd person perspective twist.  Why should you play it especially with bigger games with bigger scenes like Dota2 and LoL?

Rather than listing a bunch of reasons why I will just come out and say what sold me on this game:

3v3 Joust mode

This is a different mode from the standard 3 lane MOBA set up (known as 'conquest' in Smite).

In this mode there is only 1 lane and 3 structures to destroy to secure victory as well as your typical spawning minions.  The jungle is simpler and in my opinion better, the more standard jungle seen in conquest honestly never felt entirely put together in any of the MOBAs in my opinion.

These reasons make this mode great for players like myself because it puts an emphasis on 3v3 team fights while maintaining some of the strategy of conquest.

So, if you are a former WoW arena player that has been looking for a better alternative then please give this game a shot!  It is free to play much like LoL is.

Add me on the game!  My name ingame is Footler.