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#4251748 rbgs have the highest skill cap

Posted Avengelyne on 03 November 2014 - 08:41 PM

Unseenzskì you are right, there is definitely more room to outplay and more to do to win an RBG game than 3v3. I feel like nobody with a brain would argue against that.

The problem is nobody gives a shit about them for many reasons;

-Rewards. Hero/HWL/GM are possessed by pretty much anyone that has ever tried seriously for them (mostly by people who try for Gladiator but get stuck at 2200 and proceed to RBG because they suck at arena and claim not to care later). There's no recognition for being the best RBG group besides bragging rights. You don't appear any better than some loony that scraped up Hero.

-Gimmick strats. Exploits aside i'm talking about stacking knockoffs and turtleing on z axis, AoE grips onto solar beams, stacking compositions to literally AoE teams down. And it seems easy to think "outplayed by team strategy" or whatever, but the best (and sometimes only) way to counter it is to use your own gimmick strats and then soon the RBG isn't even PvP it's just who can out gimmick the other team

-Exploits. Think gateway bugging as you get tunneled as an Rsham sucks? Imagine you are doing an RBG for money let's say, an organized money fight (since nobody gives a shit about the rewards and I couldn't think of a scenario where someone would give a shit if they win or lose) and one of your teammates gets death-gripped or feared into a corner/behind a wall where you can't get out. You're now down a guy THE ENTIRE BG. Does it happen EVERY time? No. Is it avoidable? Mostly yeah but it happens consistently enough to ruin 1/3 games at least. More if your team is retarded.

-Map bullshit. It seems every time one exploit gets fixed another pops up. One week we are seeing people fly over AB gates and cap nodes before the game starts, and another we are seeing people stacking mystery speed boosts to cap waterworks before opposing team gets to the river. Then you're fucked unless you ninja cap. There are way better examples people can point out but I can't think of them atm.

-General PvP imbalance. Same problem as Arenas or PvE to a further extent really but it affects RBGs. I read the mistweaver vs mage example earlier, but imagine if you're a Feral, Or a Ret or Enh. Serious groups would rather shit like knockoff posessing boomkin/eles or Hpals. You're fucked unless you get gear for a different spec. I was lucky enough to get in with Filo's group in S9 when Rets could replace a healer (when smokebomb/RoF were fucked) and run triple offense gimmicks (we were rank 3 US RBG S9).

-DDoS. Half the ladder of arena 3v3 is a lost cause. Let's not even consider how dogshit 5v5 is. 10v10 it's surely a huge problem. I can't account for this one because I haven't had a bad experience in RBG DDoS wise, but I see threads every day about RBG DDoS drama and can only imagine how bad it is by now when any 12 year old with his mom's credit card and internet access can hit people off.

Back in WotLK I was really excited for RBGs. I loved BGs and the competitiveness of arena and thought it was going to be amazing. In S9 it was. Unfortunately for reasons Jah said earlier, the best players no longer care about them simply because there is way too many gimmicks and too much bullshit to make them enjoyable. And the fact that goobers that can't hit 2200 in Arena can walk into RBGs and collect the TOP RBG rewards make them cringeworthy and a waste of time once you get your big RBG conquest cap & when you're fully geared in WoD.

tdlr; RBGs have way more for a player to do but are currently ruined by the scum community and exploits. They have too many variables to actually be competitive/police and no rewards to interest players that want to take it to the next level.

Edit: Forgot to mention queue times were absolutely awful even in RBG prime they are probably unbearable now

#3609590 Smoke Bomb

Posted Ctuhlu on 09 January 2012 - 05:45 AM

View Postzephah, on 09 January 2012 - 01:07 AM, said:

Smoke Bomb is the only thing that makes Rogues over the top.

I literally laughed out loud

The sad thing is that even though Smoke Bomb is utterly retarded -- even though it completely imbalances rated battlegrounds, and even though it is mostly uncounterable for many classes (note: many classes, not all) -- it's not even the ability that is making rogues overpowered right now.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: what makes Rogues ridiculous this season is that they do the damage of a 4.1 arms warrior, have the control of a 4.0.6 mage, and the survivability of, well, I don't think anything has ever had the survivability of a 4.3 rogue. Rogues are 5/5 in every single category of PVP abilities: 5/5 mobility, 5/5 survivability, 5/5 damage, 5/5 control, etc. Smoke Bomb just puts adds to the ridiculousness.