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#4137173 New DK need all advise

Posted Rustie on 08 June 2014 - 06:53 AM

Hi, I inspected the character linked to your AJ account and if that is indeed your character then I'd focus on getting it some more gear, because right now you're almost in full greens and you just can't expect to get very high rated like that. That's just how the game works. Bottom line what you really need though is just practice, and a lot of it too. If you don't find obvious mistakes in your gameplay, then you should look for them anyway and be self-critical, but try to also look for the good things you did to stay motivated.

I'd advice you to farm some honor in bgs to get practice and some grievous items to replace your green ones, and later on proceed to 2v2 arenas to fill your conquest cap.

You asked about good Dk comps. The best ones are: Dk/Warlock/Resto Shaman, Dk/Hunter/Healer, Dk/Warrior/MW Monk or Resto Shaman, Dk/Ele Shaman/MW Monk or Resto Druid and Dk/Boomkin/Resto Shaman.
For 2v2 if you wondered then a MW Monk is the best choice, but any healer works.

As for addons, it's not the most essential thing for you right now, but there are some good ones, like: Gladius, Diminishing Returns, LoseControl, OmniCC, NecroticTrack, Plate buffs - MoP, TellMeWhen and Tidy Plates for an example. I'd suggest you take the time to configure your UI until your really happy with it, and when it has become easier for you to distinguish important information on your screen.

There are two up to date Dk guides here on AJ which would be a good starting point to get information that could help you improve. Here's one of them: http://www.arenajunk...-pvp-guide-547/
These are some of the Dk streamers you can watch:
Just keep learning about your own class, as well as other classes and have fun improving.
Hope this helped.