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#2359166 [Druid/Rogue/Warlock] RLD vs shadowshatter

Posted Rezie on 02 July 2010 - 09:13 AM

Hendilicious delicilious come over here and do the dishes

#2267897 spellcleave counters

Posted Loreen on 08 June 2010 - 09:07 PM

Hendie said:

if i was trolling i would say you are a good paladin :confused:

that was a burn while trolling, have a +rep sir.

#2225945 You know what I just realised?

Posted shadyzz on 29 May 2010 - 12:29 AM

im pretty sure id do 100% of your health because you have downs and dont know how to deep freeze


#2218707 What happens if..

Posted Shamanizer on 26 May 2010 - 11:14 PM

Improve said:

what happens if 2 rogues going exactly 65 mph shadow step eachother?

you got me!"


#2217291 What happens if..

Posted Bashel on 26 May 2010 - 04:07 PM

-Warlock casts chaos bolt at a Warrior.
-Warrior charges, intercepts and intervenes away from the Warlock as soon as the chaos bolt flies, and pops spell reflect before the missile hits.
-Warlock portals further away from the warrior and his own chaos bolt, while a prot Warrior in his group cast spell reflect on him.
-Warrior continues to run away now with the chaos bolt on it's way back to him and either spell reflects it again, or the 1% reflect meta gem does it for him.
-Warlock has by now used his hearthstone - what happens to the chaos bolt?

Very, very unlikely situation, but whatever :p

#2000926 Shadow/Moonkin/RShaman

Posted Dajova on 26 March 2010 - 10:10 PM

Yukanoduka said:

you're my new hero. that team sounds incredibly fun

   Awww how touching :P. We actualy started out running the standard rshaman, SP, moonkin and after tons of QQ from the shaman wanting to pew pew we went to disc, ele, kin. Eventualy one day we got confused on wich combo we were running, thus we were in a match as triple dps "go till we lose" we said, had a good ~8 game win streak so we kept the combo

#1985001 What spec wil you be running (Feral)

Posted Drikor on 23 March 2010 - 08:59 AM

Ill be running improved mangle + imp shred spec with the mangle glyph. Its just too great when you cant get behind for shred.

#1954005 Combat log error (screwing up your addons) supposed fix:

Posted Pharaun on 15 March 2010 - 07:47 AM

Sordaz said:

no addons - no cry *sing*

Unless you want to see your combat log, in which case I regret to inform you that that breaks too.

Hendie: try shadowed's addon.  Unless this is all broken now, which would suck :(

#1062465 Adding spells to InterruptBar

Posted salice on 17 July 2009 - 04:55 PM

If anyone's too lazy to do it manually just copy paste the text in the .lua to the original.  Put this up for a few others to DL so might as well give it out to the rest.


#1289903 Rate the UI above

Posted Naatzors on 13 September 2009 - 09:20 PM

Like it, 8/10

Posted Image

Never got used to the vieuw of no bars in my screen, so they're stil there.

Afflicted bars mid screen above normal bars, spellalerter default loc.

#1791545 Feral Mage Priest

Posted Kotelnikov on 31 January 2010 - 11:55 PM

It's good vs pmr, wld, any team with double melee, and double healer. But you'll have a lot of trouble with rls, spell cleaves, and hunter teams.

Vs pmr our main goal was to oom the mage. Open hard on mage and switch between him and rogue whenever you guys see a good chance. PMRs usually train feral or priest vs us. If the rogue opens on your priest before your feral opens then he should open on rogue.

Vs wld your priest should focus on never being in los of the dps. Mage and feral should be on the warrior mainly, but switch to lock every now and then. With your priest playing a like a bitch the whole game you should out mana the druid and get a kill. If its rov you should try to go for a gib on the warrior or lock since your priest is going to get full dotted and bladestormed on before the druid is oom.

Vs spell cleaves focus on CCing and LOSing as much as you can. You want to try to oom one of the casters before your priest or mage goes oom. If theres a mage on the team you should be on him and your priest should be burning him whenever he can.

Vs rls with an affliction lock they'll just train your feral usually and your priest can't keep up with healing.
Vs rls with a destro lock just try to outlast the rogues evasions and focus on CCing the lock. Once evasions are down you guys can get a kill on him.

I didn't really feel like writing a lot about the comp since S8 may change some the strats, but I'm sure the comp will be at least glad viable in S8.

It's a really fun comp to play, but like every comp in the game there are hard counters that can make it really frustrating at times. But I'm positive you will have a lot of fun and close matches vs comps like pmr and wld.

#1730374 Purge

Posted Kelustu on 18 January 2010 - 03:22 AM

Posted Image

#1752658 Arena team name suggestion

Posted Zoltån on 22 January 2010 - 07:00 AM

Moved the thread
^^Offical Thread

#1631174 African Turtle Cleave ~Team Strats~

Posted Khanitus on 21 December 2009 - 08:21 PM

I'd like to open with the fact that blizzard does not know how to balance this game. There has never been a season where one or two lineups have not had a severe advantage over the rest. That being said I would greatly appreciate if the all the angry casters would not post about how OP prots are, we know and we have heard your argument. You didn't stop playing :druid::warlock: or :priest::rogue::mage: in burning crusade just bc others said you were OP so please don't expect me to. This thread is to help hunters that are looking for a new FoTM, which I personally think that draek and i have found.

G34r1n9: http://www.wowarmory...Hand&n=Khánitus

~1000 resil  -  The only target that can be ridden for a kill is the hunter, so I wear a solid amount of resil to keep me up
~6400 ap buffed
~40% crit
~7% hit  

Spec & Pets:  Spider as SV, other specs and pets on my armory are for lols / pve. Spider for the clutch ranged snare / cheesy pet name (Charlotte). Survival bc i'm terrible atm at marks due to serpent getting dispelled, me ragin over it, and refusing to learn to play it better. Also Surv bc sharing dr on silences messes up my warriors lock out on swaps. The lack of melee control you have with traps being 8 secs longer and having no wyvern makes surv seem like a better spec for the combo.


I'm not going to write a strat for every team ever created but here is a few that have given us trouble in the past and what we do to take home the win.

vs :rogue::mage::priest: we do decently... if it's a good team they can land a kill on the hunter or the druid so be ready with RoS and Master's call on the focused targets. Our basic strat is i ride the mage stopping any poly's he casts with Los if its on me, or scatter be silence wyvern if my warrior is target to help draek keep dpsing. We make swaps to the rogue when he comes out of evasion or to the priest him he gets too close to the druid pressuring him with fears. Also if the priest finds his way into the open to start turreting mana burns on your druid, this is a great time to switch. On swaps get them as low as you can and once they start gettin topped off back on the mage to force him to continue to play defensively.

vs :druid::warlock:(aff):warrior: open on warrior with interupts on fear, again los'ing the ones on yourself and cd's to protect partners. Force a shield wall and swap to the druid with full stuns if he's in the open or hit the lock till you can hit the druid in the open or get back on the warrior once his shield wall falls off. If you shut down the warriors damage the lock cant out pressure the team if you are stopping his cc and slowing his dps when he's on the hunter with los'ing. If the druid is playing super defensively hiding around pillars ect making a swap to the warlock is also acceptable. If he keeps his pet next to him instead of on your healer open with a shockwave on both the warlock and his pet and make a coordinated switch on vent to the pet. He will most likely port and rez a new one which is a great time to start raping on the warrior again.

vs :hunter::deathknight::paladin: We originally started on the hunter but we had problems with him getting to line of site too easily / kiting the warrior. So instead we go on the DK who is a very good target to kill once you burn through his cooldowns. The reason we choose the dk is forced into the open to kill our team so its easy for both of our dps to be on him.. When we attack the hunter off the bat draek can be easily kited in a frost trap with web's stuns and chains. When we make swaps to the hunter it's when we have the dk in a defensive position and freedom is on cd. We lead web's and into stuns, to help insure that draek can get damage into the hunter b4 he starts getting kited. These kind of swaps on the hunter are only if his position gets too offencive leaving him in the open far from los. Main strat is to get on the dk to force ibf and ams then swap to the pally and get his bubble then back to the dk or the hunter depending on their positioning.

vs :deathknight::warrior::paladin: Open on the warrior while ccing the dk with swaps to pally. keeping the dk cc'ed while the warrior is playing offensive is the key here. first on the opening charge scatter frost trap entrapment into cyclone while at the same time forcing the warrior to shield wall. Then make a hard swap to the pally forcing bubble, then back on the warrior and ccing the dk. The only time they should get a kill is during their bladestorm stangulate combo, which is easily countered with Roar of Sacrifice and Safeguard(intervene) from the warrior.

vs :paladin:(ret):warrior::druid: open on the warrior with scatter entrapment wyvern cyclones on the ret locking down his damage with cc and kiting is key. Force shield wall /shield block on the warrior while watching the druid for swaps when he's in the open (charge shieldbash silence conc shockwave) usually will force a barkskin then back to the warrior for a kill, if he has a cd from his partners he might live. If not.. swap to the druid again and you should get a kill unless they have a bop. Just keep working those to targets and you should leave with a win. Use Roar when wings and/or bladestorm is being used.

vs :paladin:(ret):hunter::druid: Same thing as the warrior team, just use web on the hunter before the stuns, again to help make sure the warrior doesnt get kited too hard. This isn't as important as the hdkp team bc your warrior should stick to the hunter with out Chains of Ice slowing him down coupled the hunter not having freedom. Make swaps to the druid for barkskin then hunter then druid ect.. each swap should get you close to a kill just try to do it with stuns and LnL remember stacking disarm(hunter) and black arrow for a 16% increase in damage along with no deterrence. Make sure you are ready to LOS wiht your healer vs ret hunter teams bc they can dump a ton of into other hunters. So don't be over zealous with your positioning.

vs :mage::warlock::druid: This has been one of the hardest comps for us to play against. If the lock is ua, which most will be now, we open on him while ccing the mage's poly's with los and scatters and wyverns leading into cyclones. Once the warriors stun cd's come back up we look for an opening on the druid and make a hard swap with stuns. Once barkskin is used then back on the warlock looking for swaps to the pet from shockwave. Another way to play this is pressuring the mage and los'ing/ccing the lock with swaps to the druid. This only works if the mage doesn't deadzone the warrior in nova's, you can counter this by staying at the right range for your warrior to intervene out then charge the mage. At any time during this match your warrior gets sheeped be ready to los hard untill he comes out and can start peeling their dps.

vs :shaman::warlock::paladin: Start on the warlock with interupts on the shaman's burst, again with los and cc leading into cyclones. The paladin is the swap target vs this combo but be quick about it. Force a bubble or get off him leaving 2 casters open can lead to a dead teamate very fast. Don't go for kills on the locks pet if he is destro, doing so releases pressure allowing the two 20k burst combos to start to be lined up when you can get a kill when their pet is still up.

"The most important thing to remember when you're switching around is DO NOT TUNNEL HEALERS. They're going to pillar you and your partner almost immediately, and unless you're playing with a Rogue or an Arms warrior, chasing behind the pillar can cost you a win. Your first switch is virtually guaranteed to trigger Barkskin or Pain Suppression, and your only goal after that is to get 5x sunders up and then switch back to a DPS target. Remember, you should be pressuring whatever target your abilities will most effectively lower the DPS of. Hunters will kite you and Ele Shamans will tank you. They are not good targets; even though you can interrupt Ele shaman spells, your team won't put out good pressure and the healer will start CCing/Dispelling to take control of the game." -Draek, WorldofMing

For a warrior's guide to African Turtle Cleave (much better written) see http://wowriot.gamer...-African-turtle


TY for the support/hate it's what keeps me playing!! Feel free to send me PM's if you are to shy or too n00b to post on this forum! It's about time hunters got a FOTM amirite?

Sorry for the shitty writing/spelling/grammer ima math major :P

Happy Hunting

:hunter::warlock::druid: play this one mildly defensive open on the lock with cc's on the hunter scatter -> cyclones. Once you have used your cd's look for a swap to the druid and cyclones on the lock. If this isnt available do to the druid playing super defensive losing and the hunter has overplayed his position you can put some pressure on him until you have cd's back up for the warlock. Remember that hunter destro dps can be very deadly in a short amount of time so be ready to los and stay in intervene LoS of your warrior so he can get to a pillar w/o wasting major defensive cds.

:rogue::warlock::shaman: Open on the lock w/o stuns off the bat and try to get the rogue out of stealth with flares track hidden and warrior shouts. Once the rogue opens get on him with a stun lock out till he uses evasion then get back on the lock for 15 secs then to the rogue with stuns back to the lock and finally to the rogue. Your cc should be on the lock when you make switches to the rogue and cyclones on the rogue should be made when he evasions. Something to keep in mind kiting away from their shaman opens up your druid from cyclones, and takes the lock away from his port. Also clutch intervenes from the pet/warrior destroy this team along with getting in combat asap considering the majority of the battle vs rls is in the opener and 45 secs after that

To all the haters... I know im not the best hunter in the world, but I am doing my best to get a solid combo, no matter how other players perceive it, out into brackets so that hunters can enjoy wow again. For one season I'm trying to help hunters have fun playing a combo that can get #1 in a bg, granted its not bg9. I think that Jhazy is running my comp as MM with a pally @ around a 90% winloss on bg9. If you want to follow a real hunter playing a solid comp on a legit bg he's the man to idle, not me. I'm just a lowly pawn that brought the battle plan to the masters, they will be the ones who bring out the OP'ness of my, well thier new comp. Looking forward to reading his guide on how to play this new fotm!

GL to all the noobies trying this and the best of luck to Jhazy on bg9!

#1561912 Reputation System Reinstated

Posted Rapture on 03 December 2009 - 04:43 PM

Thanks to some feedback from Sallice, we have decided to reinstate the reputation system.

We're testing the system to see how it works and how we need to fine tune the current system.

How it works:
  • You can give someone positive or negative reputation for a post in most of the content related forums by clicking the scales in the upper right corner of the post.Posted Image

  • We are currently excluding the Rant Room, BG forums, Name Change, Off Topic, and Guild Recruitment from the reputation system. You also gain reputation as your post count increases and as a function of your length of membership here on AJ.

  • Leaving reputation is currently anonymous.

  • Reputation is displayed under your teams in your postbit. You can hover over the green or red icons to get a description of the reputation level of that user.

  • Clicking the scales icon on your own post will display your current reputation points.

  • As you gain reputation your reputation power increases and when you leave reputation for another user it is worth more for or against them.

  • This is NOT a substitute for reporting posts. If a post is breaking the rules report it. You can also give negative reputation to that post, but remember to report it as well.

The site rules have been updated. There is a new infraction for insulting users through the rep system.


Insulting Posts
- 1 pt - Reputation Comments - Any reputation comment that personally insults or harasses the poster. When down repping, leave a reason.

Reports of a violation should come to me as a PM.

Let us know what you guys think. Thanks for the suggestion Sallice.