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#3825749 Watcha think boys.

Posted Jidox on 22 December 2012 - 06:34 AM

So many complaints haha... In my opinion alot of the changes are for the better. Blood fear should have never been in this game, and I'm happy that it's becoming useless. I'm also glad that they made spell lock not blanket people anymore if you fail to land it on cast, this was bad design from the start and hopefully they give mages the same treatment too with counterspell. This will help out healers immensely, not forcing paladins to bubble in a deep blanket or a shaman to just die outright without being able to link.

I think affliction survivability is pretty bad at the moment, and we need some form of damage mitigation buff like shadowpriests and moonkins. In previous expansions demon armor coupled with soul link and passive healing from siphon life, haunt and drain life helped significantly and we have none of that anymore, except drain life but its not used nearly as much as we need to malefic grasp. Passive survivability for locks needs to go up, reduce damage from demon soul and grimoire of sacrifice for pve, and this should allow the damage of dots to be buffed without hurting overall dps to much. Dependency on haunt is to much as well, and in the current game with 1 dispel and everything's gone, its a bit of a clunky mechanic and I think should be reworked.

plz let us spread our aids, ty

#3805280 Demo Aura change in 5.1

Posted Jidox on 15 November 2012 - 04:12 AM

Remove blood fear, bring back casted fear, bring back consistent damage around the board so that dps can pressure outside of cooldowns adding some form of skill to the idea of which team can outpressure the other (i.e. lock mirror, which lock fakes better, has better dot management and does more dmg overall and fears at the right time to create pressure/peel). This cooldown based game is rather boring I feel, and it makes it so that the difference between a top player and low player becomes even less, because everyone pops their swifty macro and blood fear can be pressed by a 1500 player or a r1 player, due to the execution being just as easy for any player. Delete instant CC, delete blankets, improve consistent damage, reduce burst on cds.