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Hey wound, I just tested the DR Tracker script that you posted in the Default UI Scripts Thread. Only Cheapshot has the correct icon, gouge/sap has just a black box, but in your picture, it shows the sap icon, do you have any clue why mine wouldn't?
Jun 16 2012 02:23 AM
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Hey, just wondering if you can type out a basic list of the addons that you are using? Please and thank you.
May 04 2012 04:13 AM
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Hi. I wonder if your config is updated because most of the tunning from your ui didn't change on mind.
Apr 28 2012 01:26 AM
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Dld ur config, wondering how can I use it as EU.. Have any idea?
Last time I tried ended up with broken client, 2h of fun. :D
Apr 09 2012 07:37 PM
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Woudman what is your addon for tTo see if your target is in fight
Mar 17 2012 07:37 PM
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Downloaded your config but arena frames/ Player frames didnt change
Jan 18 2012 11:15 AM
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I had it changed from egwoundman to woundman. http://www.twitch.tv/woundman
Jan 14 2012 02:38 PM
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Where has your stream channel gone Woundman it says it doesnt exist anymore?
Jan 05 2012 08:01 PM