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In Topic: Incoming legacy servers!

26 April 2016 - 10:49 PM

Title is pretty misleading tbh. There is such a small chance blizzard is going to bring legacy servers back. Why? Undermines all their current hard work. They want everyone playing the same expansion. Splitting the community up playing different expansions isn't a good thing, especially with how dead WoW is right now.

People have been asking for legacy servers forever... Why is it such a big deal now? WoW is in a horrible state, that's why... I'm not gonna cross my fingers and hope for legacy servers, because honestly I don't care about them. I love WoW for it's progression and community. I'd rather Blizzard focus on improving the current WoW, especially if it's so difficult for Blizzard to run legacy servers like they said in the OP.

In Topic: Woundman's UI (11-30-16)

13 April 2016 - 01:26 AM

How to remove that icon near Target frame?

Go into the AutoScript folder and delete ExtraCD.lua

Enjoy. :)

PS: I need to update my UI lol...

In Topic: Can you idiots please stop calling it "Sap Bug"

08 December 2015 - 02:18 AM

I just remembered that the NE bug was the reason for causing this... I am so washed up, jeez....

In Topic: Infamous Sap Bug Explained

07 December 2015 - 08:32 PM

This is indeed true, thanks for explaining it clearly for everyone. This also works with Shadowmeld if I remember correctly. Thats why I love playing NE. :)

In Topic: [MACRO] Arena123 on nameplates

29 September 2015 - 06:55 PM

+Rep. Thank you :)