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Support for final pvp class choice

13 December 2016 - 06:09 PM

Dear Gladiators,

I play wow from vanilla and really like this game due to pvp.

I started by playing a mage and then moved on to shaman and dk.

long story short: i really enjoy playing casters (sp, lock) but i enjoy equally melee. Well melee maybe a bit more as my irl friends dont play anymore so i play with randoms. Noone peels when i play caster and as a result i get so pissed off. Recently i started with my dk again, got an easy 1660 with trash players (mostly healers) however dk apart from training doesnt have many things to do and makes me bored.

I was thinking to level my rogue or mage or any other suggestion. I havent seen all classes so i cannot decide. All i want is a char that wont make me bored and give me options for smart plays etc.