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#4595938 Holy Paladin Legion Arena Guide (Video)

Posted by Darkrizen on 08 August 2016 - 02:07 PM

Here is the link to part 1:

It goes up to part 4. You should really watch this if you want to increase your healing in arena. Literally if you are casting flash of light in arena, you are doing it wrong. Watch video to see why I stopped using flash of light altogether in arena!
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#4277362 Holy Paladin: Spell Firing Order, Finger Movement, and Cast Sequence Macro's

Posted by Darkrizen on 27 November 2014 - 06:47 AM

I used that technique on my rogue a while back because I wanted to use my scroll wheel to literally scroll through arena frames. I didn't want to assign "scroll up" to arena1, I wanted "scroll up" to move to arena3 if I was in action page 1.

Implementation for "true scroll UP through arena frames"
/focus [actionbar:1] arena2
/changeactionbar [actionbar:1] 2
/focus [actionbar:2] arena3
/changeactionbar [actionbar:2] 3
/focus [actionbar:3] arena1
/changeactionbar [actionbar:3] 1

And now for the Scroll DOWN "true scroll" focus frame
/focus [actionbar:3] arena2
/changeactionbar [actionbar:3] 2
/focus [actionbar:2] arena1
/changeactionbar [actionbar:2] 1
/focus [actionbar:1] arena3
/changeactionbar [actionbar:1] 3

There ya go boyz.

^ (hey look its something new)
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#4277269 Holy Paladin: Spell Firing Order, Finger Movement, and Cast Sequence Macro's

Posted by Darkrizen on 27 November 2014 - 03:07 AM

If Bob has 3 Turkeys, and Mary has 2 Holy Power, but gave 1 of her Holy Powers to 1 of Bob's Turkeys. How many Turkeys did Jesus eat before he said "Let there be Cowadins"?

Find Shift + X and show your work!

First Guess: I believe the answer is 1 turkey. (Cairne Bloodhoof)
Blessing of Kings? I.e. shift T?
Or Bacon of Light (Beacon of Light). Shift, @party2 macro without a specific keybound shown.

Second Guess: 0 turkey's, and the spell would be Beacon of Light.. or in other words "Bacon of Light"

Third Guess: It's a biblical reference, and the spell would be Blessing of Salvation, dealing with the "Green Jesus Theory" where Blizzard developed the Classic version of WoW in favor of the Alliance by giving paladin's Blessing of Salvation and allowing the Alliance to progress in dungeons faster than the horde whom were stuck with the Shaman (Turkey)

Fourth Guess: Shockadin? and my

e - This is my holy grail. Put it to work, but watch to not break CC Replace Holy

Shock on your bars with this and write back to me.

#showtootlip/castsequence [mod:alt, @player][] reset=1, Holy Shock, Holy Prism

No clue man, I had a lot better of a version written out but of course the reply to message box completely annihilated it, after I had closed ALL of my tabs.

Notes from search:

If Bob has 3 Turkeys, and Mary has 2 Holy Power, but gave 1 of her Holy Powers to 1 of Bob's Turkeys. How many Turkeys did Jesus eat before he said "Let there be Cowadins"?

http://www.urbandict... Take The Wheel
http://www.urbandict... Take The Wheel

God's 3 Answers:
Not Yet,
I have something better in mind.

Not yet is when Durotan promised the Shamans something better than Salvation?

Yes is when Blizzard promised the Shaman's something similar to Blessing of Salvation?

Jesus is Thrall
Green Jesus Theory, aka Blizzard's Capitalism Motive -

Thrall is Green -> Thrall Green Jesus


Thrall's parents are Durotan and Draka
Durotan is Bob
Durotan has 3 turkey's

Drek'Thar raised Durotan as a shaman

Turkey's are Shaman

Paladin's are Holy Power

Holy Power's

Alliance Paladin's

Horde Paladin's
Blood Elf


Alliance Shamans

Horde Shamans:


He didn't eat Turkey,
He ate Ham.

Beacon of Light.

Aka Bacon of Light?

And the spell is Hand of Proetction, @party1?

Or salvation? Not sure.

Best guesses, probably would never fully figure it out.
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#4277071 Holy Paladin: Spell Firing Order, Finger Movement, and Cast Sequence Macro's

Posted by Darkrizen on 26 November 2014 - 10:29 PM

why are you trying so hard when you're a 1900 player, OP? :duckers:

To make you less of a troll
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#4276906 Holy Paladin: Spell Firing Order, Finger Movement, and Cast Sequence Macro's

Posted by Darkrizen on 26 November 2014 - 07:25 PM

Reserved. Please and Thanks.

Here's a good rebuke macro for holy paladin.

This targets the nearest enemy player if you are targeting a friendly target or none at all and focuses them (regardless if current focus exists). In the case that you are already targeting a harmful target, then it bypasses the /targetenemyplayer and focuses your current target. It then rebukes your focus target such that if you are healing your partner, and run up to the enemy healer (without dropping targets) and you press this macro, then it will kick them. This would work say if, you have a resto druid focused, and a mage blinks to poly you: then you can hit this macro and it will automatically focus the mage (if he's the closest target in your frontal-targeting cone) and rebuke him. Some would argue that the frontal-targeting cone would be imprecise. However, consider that you must be within the frontal radius of range to rebuke anyways.

/targetenemyplayer [noharm]
/focus [harm]
/use [@focus, exists] Rebuke
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#4276894 Holy Paladin: Spell Firing Order, Finger Movement, and Cast Sequence Macro's

Posted by Darkrizen on 26 November 2014 - 07:12 PM

Everyone can view, comment, and EDIT! a progressed version of this post on the following google doc:

Hi, I'm Darkrizen.

Posted Image

I really like to press the 'Q' and 'E' keys.

And I'm sick of using the 'best' resources the internet currently has available for syntax on macros. The resources that I think every WoW player deserves, quite simply do not exist. Guys. I haven't learned anything about macros in so LONG.

WoW tutorial and learning websites are weak and appear to be updated about once an xpac according to a conclusion produced by not more than 30-40 contributors on the PvE end of the spectrum (elitistjerks probably still?) I want to push some people off the edge and allow them to make up their own minds for once as a result of an experience in the game. If you want to find an in-depth and rigorous castsequence macro guide, please try and look all over the internet and post it here. Because you will find very limited resources out there that aren't catered to macros for first time players such as macros similar to the following:


And another 'example' right below it because of the fear of overcomplicating things:

/target focus
/use Polymorph

The fact is, people in this game know some pretty hardcore shit. Welp? Where is it?

I'm not even complaining if you don't understand the above macros. Just I don't think you deserve to learn that slowly. I mean come on, we're a lot smarter than we used to be; and have adapted to this game at incredibly fast paces. Yet we're still doing the same macros. . . . This has to stop. Let's at least give people the option to decide if they want to take an advanced introduction to WoW macros. If people aren't interested in rigor, and improving their game play, especially at this age in the game. Let's be honest, that polymorph macro doesn't improve your gameplay even by the smallest amount. It's a necessity now, and I'm afraid Blizzard is going to make the game so utterly simple that it takes out the complexities that we all love dearly.

I'm not saying this is an "advanced introduction to WoW macros" -- in fact, this is more like an example of how I think people writing the guides and tutorials, and the streamers, should be treating their followers. People don't care what you have to say if it doesn't confuse them. If they understood everything right away, they would just walk away.

- my two cents.

I figure you probably have meticulously chosen a set of keybinds in which you may feel are "optimized" in your bindings-cache.wtf. So my question to the community is: What are the common spells that you often find patternizing? I'm not referring to just DPS spells, but as well as defensive cd's e.g., a warlock may pop his Battlemaster Trinket, the same time he pops Healthstone. This is a pattern that can be eliminated by using a macro.

Secondly, say this random warlock's battlemaster's trinket was shift-Q, and healthstone was shift-E. In my opinion, the keybinds going from s-Q > s-E and Q > E are about as smooth, efficient, and shortest finger distance traveled for me.

Your fingers move. And I'm asking which way? I Invite readers of all skill levels to contribute. Think of this as a castsequence holy paladin macro thread.

Question 1: was regarding the repetitive and common spell casting sequences. Can anyone identify anymore common events that are often paired together such as the numerous examples provided amongst the above paragraph (warlock battlemaster trinket + healthstone) and in the remainder of the thread.

Question 2: was regarding the keybinds in which you feel are most effective for those particular keybinds. I've often heard people say that it is easier to hit a modified key such as Shift-Q first and then to the lone key Q second, rather than the alternative of hitting Q first, and Shift-Q second. How can we prove this?

Some people play with just a mouse, and others play with just solely a keyboard. Whether you're related to rats or just bored (keyboard, ahha get it?), allow me to show you how we've only just broken the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to maximizing the efficiency of our keybinds.

Keep in mind and a taint of heart that this should be considered a living thread, and please forgive me for my YOLOness.

If you're like me and just hit the 200+ days played club, an enormous portion of your life has been spent trying to figure out the 'proper' function to maximize the position of your fingers when moving from spell A to spell B in regards to also keeping the amount of finger movement minimized if and when the circumstances-- ahem. circumvent and a TSG just mows your face down.

Now, as do most WoW players--I enjoy spending hours and hours, of fears, sheeps (baaah), kidney shots, and striking down injustice with an absurd amount of mathematical theory behind the movements of my fingers, and the scripts in which they execute. If you didn't know by now, (I at one time did not.) ---(ahem neither did you.) That I could keybind my favorite keys, Q and E, in over 16 different ways. (Ctrl, Alt, Shift)

I'm talking about the first time I put down the bound (pun intended) and delivered several precision strikes to those clackity keys in sight of the Ironforge War Room (where we used to queue for bgs) officially giving up the clicker's state of doom.

Do you remember when I said my favorite keys were 'Q' and 'E'?

My favorite key is no key.
Castsequence macros baby.
- Syntactically speaking, the suave~ style of the wow-inter-future-web will migrate to "/use " in place of "/cast ". Reason being, is that it does the exact same thing as /cast, except /use has 1 less character. And we're going to need all the space that we can get up in the 255.

- Ask questions about other people's keybinds. Ask them about their macros. Ask them about their positioning of icons and what position they like to keep their cooldowns, versus say their battlemasters trinket and Denounce. And if they won't give it to you, well then. /slap them in the game and IRL because they're are going to make us all terrible people. I intend to stand on the shoulder of giants in any way possible so that I can reach farther than my boundaries of a 40yd range with Flash of Light.

- Write something about you're annoyances with petty questions generated when you are teaching someone who is trying to learn! You sound like an assh**le when you try to tell them IRL that fan of knives is not a origami paper mouche'!
Don't you have a favorite keybind that you can pinpoint as being the most easily accessible? (Think of: Graph Theory and P=NP?) We want our fingers to travel the smallest distance. Right?

Then that must mean you have a Razor Naga with "Over 9000!" (19) buttons. Phew buddy! That's a lot.

Read this if you don't know what backpedaling is:

So, is my perfect set of keybindings your perfect set of binds? It will rarely be, since binding properly depends on everything from your keyboard, to the size of your hand. Habits are not important and come in second hand.
The first step of getting rid of potential bad habits is change!Lets start by removing unecesarry bindings!
You can skip this section, but it is near crucial for maximizing your binding potential.These suggestions might seem wierd or just plain stupid, but a big amount of good players (gladiators, top raiders) bind this way. Specifically regarding backpeddle and keyboard turning. It might seem overkill, but trust me. Not only does your flow and movement improve, you get used to it fast too.

s - By default bound to Backpeddle, but don't sweat it. You should NEVER EVER EVER backpeddle, unless you're a tank or have another very very good reason. Backpeddling is 50% slower than normal running, so it's stupid to not just turn with your MOUSE (not keys, covered below). Backpeddling is comparable to running into void zones and banging your head against your keyboard IRL. It will be more of use for us as a bind for a spell for instance.

q & e - By default bound to Turn, also called keyboard turn. It is equally encouraged as backpeddling since it's much faster to just turn with your mouse. These two keys serve as top notch spell bindings furthermore.

z - By default sheath weapon. If you want to RP go ahead, but if you want a fine keybinding then put a spell here!x - By default fly/swim down. Not really worth having, since you won't be flying or swimming when it really matters. A very unappreciated key.

c - By default Show Character Pane. Also a very well placed key that I personally use for spells I need to be fast at clicking on, so just rebind it to something much less important if you can't be asked clicking the character icon.

v - By default Show Enemy Nameplate. Just rebind it to ctrl+v man. V is a great bind.

b - By default Toggle Backpacks. Not really super necessary but nevertheless I have great use of it as a spell binding. Rebind it if you like it/need more space.

r - By default Reply Whisper. Just rebind that too, R is a really good bind.

t - Can't even remember, since blizzard made it it's probably not worth in anyways. A very good binding aswell.

y - I only recommend this if you really need space. It can for some be a bit uncomfortable for the index finger to reach.

f - By default Assist Target. You'll never need this either. This key is perfect (on my keyboard atleast) for spells that will be using a modifier of any sort (focus cast spells etc).

g - Can't remember. Also a worthwhile spell bind.

h - By default Toggle PVP Pane. A bit annoying at first to use as a spell bind, but totally worth it.Mousebutton

4 & 5 - Don't know what the default bind is, but I know that It's a incredible bind. Most mice will have them and some will not. How good of a binding these two are depend on the mouse and you.

Scroll Up & Down - By default scroll in & out. Not worth it in any way seeing it's a AA+ prime bind, and you can just rebind zoom to your up and down keys. As a reference I use scroll up for Mutilate, Obliterate, Dispel Magic and scroll down for Envenom and Frost Strike. Another underappriciated bind.

Shift+1 through 6 - By default bound to Action page 1 through 6. Rebind straight away, those bars will be shown anyways if you're using the 4 action bars enabled via Interface.

Source: http://www.wowhead.c...ybindingAuthor: Kaeyuri "http://www.wowhead.c...m/user=Kaeyuri"
Date Accessed: November 26, 2014, 1:24pm (-5GMT)

Okay welcome back, now it's time to to be critical of the author's selections of bindings up above.

s, q, e, z, x, c, v, b, r, t, y, f, g, h

Now I'm not saying that he said he was going to use all of those particular characters, however I will say that they are all about as spread apart as 'B' is to 'Q'. Yeah. I mean't that both physically on your keyboard and in the alphabet.

We all use those keybinds though, but not for like .. .. .. spells. :unsure: Swiftness potion, ok? Maybe.

Now allow us to count the number of spells in the paladin spell book (since this IS a holy paladin guide and the only other subject of interest to me besides healing super cray cray; is doing superman damage out of nowhere like a boss and dropping a flag by 1v2'ing two dps in skirmishes as, yup, you called it --- SHOCKADIN #RIP). I hope to start a movement, and I'm calling out all closet shockadins to come try and out damage the biggest baddest mutha truckin warrior you can find and neuter for him for me will ya? (Glyph of Harsh Words + Glyph of Holy Shock + Glyph of Denounce and go outside Orgrimmar or Stormwind now.) Because you can setup your modifiers like a king (chill a sec bro), and hopefully somewhere in this synopsis you'll learn something intellectually stimulating. In a (rather wordy & overly-explained) discussion guided by yours truly. Let's get dirty boyz.

The total of the summations' of all possible key binds with respect to the unsorted linked-list of conditionals (no order of operations, i.e. right to left, left to right, middle to end, it's all the same once inside the unordered set of brackets. for a single key is eight.

For example:

/castsequence [nomod][mod:alt, @party1]

Think about this:

Posted Image

Original Xbox360 controllers' have four buttons. Hypothetically speaking, if both triggers and only one bumper were assigned the tenure of being our three modifier keys (ctrl,alt,shift), we could key-bind eight abilities to each of the four Face buttons'. (Y,B,A,X) 8 * 4 = 32. Now what if those 32 abilities were castsequence macros that each took up 254 characters in your macro bank?I mean haven't you guys ever heard of a Swifty-One-Shot macro?! What about 32 glorious versions of a "one-shot" macro.How about this. IF YOU EVER MAKE A ONE SHOT MACRO, you're ridiculous.A castsequence macro, is undubituly not a ONE SHOT MACRO. It's intuitive right? You have to hit the button multiple times.If you made a macro such as:

/castsequence reset=3 Avenging Wrath, Holy Avenger, Holy Shock, Holy Prism, Word of Glory, Holy Shock, Word of Glory, Denounce, Holy Shock, Word of Glory


/use Avenging Wrath
/use Holy Avenger
/use Primal Gladiator's Badge of Dominance
/use Haste Potion
/use Engineering Bomb
/castsequence reset=3 Holy Shock, Word of Glory, Denounce, Holy Shock, Word of Glory, Denounce

Look, if you don't understand anything. Don't worry it's fine. Just rest assured that it's at least out and about on the internet now for future use.

You would notice that you can pop Avenging Wrath and Holy Avenger in sequential (linear) order because they are not on GCD. Where as on the first version, you would have to tap the button two times to get Holy Avenger. Both situations offer incentives over the other, obviously you could put every spell that we paladins have (and usable items or materials not on gcd) and theoretically make them all pop at once, assuming an unlimited amount of macro space.Speaking of macro space however, I would like to suggest a few Add Ons for macros that shorten your syntax and also open up the default space allotted from 255 to well over 1,000 characters.

Visit Curse and check out the following addons:
^ Important because you'll miss them and never be able to find the name of them again (they probably have not received large internet traffic yet)

Now the other addons that I think you should get or at least look at but you don't really have to if you don't give an elf.
DarkrizenUI https://github.com/nfgallimore/WoW/
My entire WoW Interface and WTF folders. If I did it, maybe you should consider doing something similar as well and spreading your data to a community in the name of OpenSource.

The above link includes all my AddOns and any WoW related goodies that I will never lose because we're going to keep them there forever, and shall include archives publicly available until the end of time.

Also, I have really old backups of Neilyo's interface, macros, keybinds and AddOns from back in the day. As well as a few other surprises in there too vast to explain in brief. Feel free to check out any repository on my github, that's what it is there for.

DarkrizenUI, is something you might not notice running at first. But if you open the LUA file up and take a peek. You're going to find a ton of the Arena Junkie's user made scripts found here on the forums that get rid of annoying blizzard nuisances such as: "I can't do that yet", or "Not enough energy" And among other things explained on the page. (Why would we want to see 140,000 / 140,000 health on a unit frame when it could be shortened to just 140k --or extended in inversion to even finer precision) Do we really every pay attention to the portrait damage spam? Yeah didn't think so.

For all of the code, where you can gather snippets and create scripts in your macro bank in game that do cool tricks, SEE: https://github.com/n...DarkrisenUI.lua

Check out the GitHub, everything is on there, along with every single addon I would ever use.


Neilyo - https://github.com/n...master/neilyoUI

Some might consider the effectiveness of cast-sequence macros, and many others probably will have no clue what a cast sequence macro is. Well that's an easy burden to dispel, here's an example of one:

/castsequence [mod:alt, @player][] reset=1 Holy Shock, Holy Prism

What this is saying is simple:

If you hit alt, blizzard better pass dat sheet to you my man! Otherwise, (**not holding alt **) pass dat sheet over my way son!" (Casts Holy Shock and Holy Prism at target like normal).

After the Holy Shock casts, a ticking time bomb begins to initiate. Unlike mage's Living Bomb however, this reset timer is ran off the earths magnetic field, and is constantly spinning. Or looping.

"For every keystroke you hear lil G, I want you to count to 1000 milliseconds. (1 second), If I'm not back here within that time, I'm probably dead. (Time between key presses greater than or equal to 1 second, you better hurry you're ass up and get back to the front of the spell list. Which in this case consists of only two. -- Holy Shock, and Holy Prism; respectively.

Note---I've found that any reset value less than 1, tends to conflict. But I encourage you to try some fookboi sheit.This isn't exactly a beast of a macro, but I mean hey man, my devotion aura is better than yours.Why? Well because I get more usage out of it.

Both of these do the exact the same thing but in different ways:

#showtooltip Devotion Aura
/use [mod:alt, @player][] Devotion Aura
/use Flash of Light

/castsequence [mod:alt, @player][harm,@player][help, @target][nomod,@target] reset=1 Devotion Aura, Flash of Light

Try it and you'll find an equivalent outcome in each conditional case as expected.

But if you're smart you might've caught my lie. The're not exactly the same, you see; the first version only requires one button tap.

See what happens when you hit the button twice. This is technically our order of operations or PEMDAS if you will, except much easier than PEMDAS because it only involves Left to Right stack priority. Note how all conditionals are in different set brackets though. Try to break the code boys. Go go go!


--- You wouldn't be able to cast Flash of Light more than once in the first or second version because of the Devotion Aura's priority ahead of Flash of Light.

If you happen to have a Razer Naga or any other similar device that I always see disappointed people talking about, in the TwitchHood (twitch.tv) (Swifty naga giveaways derp).

Then you might want to consider upgrading that ratchety ol' thang to the newer and further developed "Logitech Air 3D laser Mouse in Gold Case Made by Logitech, the Logitech Air 3D laser mouse is priced at $24,180.00 USD. . . . . . .( :eek:) The mouse is covered by using a gold case." ("http://www.bornrich....the-world.html")

^ Just stumbled across that, figured I"d share:

One word: Razer Naga.

19 buttons: that's 152 keybinds
on your mouse alone--
assuming you took full advantage of all 3 modifiers.

If you own a Naga, what are you going to use all those buttons for? Which ones take priority and are easier for you to master?

Throughout my time observing other people's playstyles and interfaces.
I often see people traveling deep into the 'T', 'G', and 'V' keyboard territories because they thought they could only use one modifier per key.

If there is one thing you get from this, it should be that you can create keybinds with more than one modifier:


You have 49 possible combinations just using keys 1 thru 4, Q, E, and S.

[EDIT] Apparently left and right shift are two different modifiers so some say this would be inaccurate, but I argue that we use our other hand for the mouse, and unless you reprogram your keyboard it's not viable to use the right-shift, right-control, and right-alt keys. [End]

That means you could more than sufficiently play with only 4 buttons.

But I would conject that the simpler Blizzard attempts to make our spellbooks, the more complicated they can become.

For example, keybinding the following macro -- to the 'W' key -- would cast Beacon of Light on your character when you hold down both alt and shift and the 'W' key.

/use [mod:alt, mod:shift, @player] Beacon of Light

****Remember that "/use" is identical to "/cast" minus one character.

Truth Table of Macro Conditionals:

NO MODIFIER (1x) (keybind: G)

/use [nomod] SpellName

ONE MODIFIER (3x) (keybind: alt-G)

/use [mod:alt] SpellName
/use [mod:ctrl] SpellName
/use [mod:shift] SpellName

TWO MODIFIER KEYS (3x) (Example Keybind: shift+alt+G)

/use [mod:shift, mod:alt] SpellName
/use [mod:shift, mod:ctrl] SpellName
/use [mod:ctrl, mod:alt] SpellName

THREE MODIFIER KEYS (1x) (Example Keybind: Alt+Ctrl+Shift+G)

/use [mod:alt, mod:ctrl, mod:shift] SpellName

Total of 8 different modifier combinations using all combinations of control, alt, and shift.

THEREFORE, that means that for every key we have, i.e. 'Q', 'G', 'E', or w/e key / button you want, we have the possibility to use each key EIGHT times.

As I said, I like pushing, 'Q' and 'E', therefore I can put 16 spells on my bar just using the 3 modifiers and 'Q' and 'E'

/use [nomod, @player] Beacon of Light

is equivalent to:

/use Beacon of Light

Example of Multiple /use commands in one macro that would require an addon called MacroToolkit, or be forced to split into two macros.

/use [nomod] Beacon of Light
/use [mod:alt, @party1] Beacon of Light
/use [mod:ctrl, @party2] Beacon of Light
/use [mod:shift, @party3] Beacon of Light
/use [mod:shift, mod:ctrl, @party4] Beacon of Light
/use [mod:alt, mod:shift, @party5] Beacon of Light
/use [mod:alt, mod:ctrl @party6] Beacon of Light
/use [mod:alt, mod:shift, mod:ctrl, @party7] Beacon of Light

Example of Multiple /castsequence commands in one macro that would require the addon *MacroToolkit or to be split into two macros.
/castsequence reset=3 [nomod] Beacon of Light, Sacred Shield
/castsequence reset=3 [mod:alt, @party1] Beacon of Light, Sacred Shield
/castsequence reset=3 [mod:ctrl, @party2] Beacon of Light, Sacred Shield
/castsequence reset=3 [mod:shift, @party3] Beacon of Light, Sacred Shield
/castsequence reset=3 [mod:shift, mod:ctrl, @party4] Beacon of Light, Sacred Shield
/castsequence reset=3 [mod:alt, mod:shift, @party5] Beacon of Light, Sacred Shield
/castsequence reset=3 [mod:alt, mod:ctrl @party6] Beacon of Light, Sacred Shield
/castsequence reset=3 [mod:alt, mod:shift, mod:ctrl, @party7] Beacon of Light, Sacred Shield

I just wanted to show that it doesn't matter whether we choose to apply this to normal spells OR cast sequences!

A viable alternative approach if you don't have an expensive mouse with (double digit quantity of) buttons would be to edit your registry to switch you're control modifier from the control key to caps lock. I myself think it reduces the awkward finger movements often familiar with the control modifier. (Please be careful, and only attempt if you know what you're doing)

Random Unsorted Macros

Hand of Sacrifice
#showtooltip Hand of Sacrifice[/center]
/use [mod:shift, @party1] Hand of Sacrifice; [mod:ctrl, @party2] Hand of Sacrifice; [mod:alt, @player][]Flash of Light

Hand of Freedom
#showtooltip Hand of Freedom
/use [mod:shift, @party1] Hand of Freedom; [mod:ctrl, @party2] Hand of Freedom; [@player] Hand of Freedom

Hand of Protection
#showtooltip Hand of Protection
/use [mod:shift,@party1][mod:ctrl,@party2] Hand of Protection; Divine Shield

e - This is my holy grail. Put it to work, but watch to not break CC Replace Holy Shock on your bars with this and write back to me.
/castsequence [mod:alt, @player][] reset=1, Holy Shock, Holy Prism

Stop Casting CleanseSelf ​(Ctrl-W)
/use [@player] Cleanse

Party1 (Ctrl-Q)
/use [@party1] Cleanse

Party2 (Ctrl-E)
/use [@party2] Cleanse

Flash of Light Macro V1 (Simple)
/use [@player] Flash of Light

/use [@party1] Flash of Light

/use [@party2] Flash of Light

Flash of Light Macro V2 (Big Single Target FoL w/ Beacon) ~ Applies Beacon AFTER FoLPlayer (Alt-Shift-W)
/use [@player] Flash of Light
/use [@player] Beacon of Light

Party1 (Alt-Shift-Q)
/tar party1
/use [@party1] Flash of Light

Party2 (Alt-Shift-E)
/use [@party2] Flash of Light/use [@party2] Beacon of Light

Flash of Light Macro V2.2 (Big Single Target FoL w/ Beacon Sequence) FoLPlayer (Ctrl-Shift-W)
/castsequence reset=3/target [@player] Flash of Light, Beacon of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light

Party1 (Ctrl-Shift-Q)
/castsequence reset=3/target [@party1] Flash of Light, Beacon of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light

Party2 (Ctrl-Shift-E)
/castsequence reset=3/target [@party2] Flash of Light, Beacon of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light

shift-e Beacon of Light + Sacred Shield (req. BoL glyph)
/tar party2
/use [@party2] Beacon of Light
/use [@party2] Sacred Shield

alt-shift-e Example of Things to Try
/castsequence [@party2] reset=3, Sacred Shield, Holy Prism, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light
/use [@player] Beacon of Light

alt-w (Ret Word of Glory Quick Heal - Self)
/castsequence [@player] reset=3 Word of Glory, execution Sentence

alt-q (Ret Word of Glory Quick Heal - Party1 )
/castsequence [@party1] reset=3 Word of Glory, execution Sentence

alt-e (Ret Word of Glory Quick Heal - Party2)
/castsequence [@party2] reset=3 Word of Glory, execution Sentence

shift-q Ret Macro Big heals party1 with ES and SS
/target party1
/castsequence [@party1] reset=3, Sacred Shield, execution sentence, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light
/use [@player] Beacon of Light

*note beacon of light was left in here because it doesn't affect the play when in ret, nor does it affect the play with holy.shift-q Try Running this as main /targeting macros with BoL glyph. If swapping targets and getting a GCD from Sacred Shield bothers you, take it out.

/tar party1
/use [@party1] Beacon of Light
/use [@party1] Sacred Shield

/castsequence [@party1] reset=3, Sacred Shield, Holy Prism, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light
/use [@player] Beacon of Light

f - If you bubble you have low health already, well why not start the cast faster?
/castsequence [@player] reset=1, Divine Shield, Flash of Light

3 I like the fact that whenever I magic wall, I don't have to fiddle to get a heal off. Very good macro that adds to play.
/cast Divine Protection/cast [@player] Holy Prism

Casts Freedom on Self
/use [@player] hand of freedom

/use [@player] Beacon of Light

4 Casts BoP on self
/use [@player] Hand of Protection

/castsequence [@player] reset=3, Sacred Shield, Holy Prism, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light
/use [@player] Beacon of Light

/castsequence [@player] reset=1, Word of Glory, Sacred Shield,

/castsequence [@player] reset=3, Sacred Shield, execution sentence, Flash of Light, Flash of Light, Flash of Light
/use [@player] Beacon of Light

/castsequence [@player] reset=3 Word of Glory, execution Sentence

/cast [@player] Cleanse

/use [@player] Flash of Light

/use [@arena1] Repentance

/use [@arena1] Hammer of Justice
/focus arena1

/use [@arena2] Repentance

/use [@arena2] Hammer of Justice
/focus arena2

/use [@arena3] Repentance

/use [@arena3] Hammer of Justice
/focus arena3

alt-` battlemasters trinket
/use 14
/use Healthstone

/use Blinding Light
/use Battle Standard of Coordination

/castsequence reset=1, Crusader Strike, Holy Shock
/use Crusader Strike

/use Devotion Aura
/use Flash of Light

g - Focus HoJ macro that tracks DR with stop watch
/use [@focus] Hammer of Justice
/sw 23
/sw play

alt-f (Turn Evil Macro)
/focus [harm]
/use [@focus][] Turn Evil

shift-s This is great for interrupting healers without dropping frames.
#showtooltip Rebuke
/use Rebuke

shift-s This one is better though (targetlasttarget)
#showtooltip Rebuke
/focus [harm]
/use [@focus] Rebuke

shift-s Yet I use this one
#showtooltip Rebuke
/focus [harm]
/use [@focus] Rebuke

ctrl-t no comment
/use Blessing of Kings
/e blesses your widddddle heart

P.S. This is what I wanted to create:

If someone types into google, "castsequence macro," and filters the results within the last year--this is (at the moment) the third result.
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