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AJ resto druid podcast & Everybody loves Zyrean wins ArenaLeague

25 August 2013 - 07:14 PM

ArenaJunkies Resto Druid podcast

On Sunday the AJ resto druid podcast takes place. Guests were Hotted, Nolij, Doomsen, Bigmoran and Hamlet. Hosts were Lazerchicken and Hildegard. We talked about all the resto druid changes for 5.4, about Cenarion Ward being available due to NS being baseline, about the Wild Mushroom changes, the glyph of Lifebloom being baseline.

We talk about resto druids in 5.4, PvP vs. PvE balance, Cenarion Ward, NS baseline, Wild mushrooms changes, the Glyph of Lifebloom. Druids look to be the strongest arena healers with patch 5.4.

Podcast MP3 version

Download the ArenaJunkies resto druid podcast as MP3.

Everybody loves Zyrean wins ArenaLeague

Congratulations to Everybody loves Zyrean for winning ArenaLeague! Check out the video playlist of the finals below.

New to ArenaJunkies?

AJ is the forum in which World of Warcraft arena is discussed. Our site is well known for the distinction made between Junkies and normal members. Only Junkies (former gladiators or players rated 2.2k or higher in 3v3 bracket this season) can write in some parts of the forums (General Section for example). Everyone, however, can write comments on the news and is able to post on the class forums. You can login if you are registered at other Curse websites like MMO Champion. If you're not, then just create a new account.

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Want to play on the ArenaPass tournament realm?

The registration is still open. You can not only compete for a spot to the regional BlizzCon qualifiers but also win a Murloc pet and the Vanquisher title, have up to 11 fully geared characters for the arena and ride close to any mount you like. Also you can /wave into the livestream or say hello to the tournament players.

More infos and registration: http://battle.net/wow/community/arena/

Tournament UI and ArenaLive UnitFrames

Many people ask about the new Tournament UI and the UnitFrames based on them. Here are the download links.

Download the ArenaLive tournament UI

Download the ArenaLive UnitFrames