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#4636391 PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

Posted by stickyjam on 04 September 2017 - 10:38 AM

Atleast he will not have to search for teamates for hours in order he get shit on later. With soloqueue he will just press 1 button and start playing the game, and maybe with this way he will have patience to play more than 5 games.

Atleast for me, the main reason I don't find the motivation to queue arena that often these days is not because I don't like the game, is because I don't have the patience to search 30 mins for partners in LFG so that someone rage quits after the first lost and i have to start searching in LFG all over again.

I want to press one button that will automatically do the search for me, like in every other PvP game.


Surely what you're really saying is you want an easier time to find partners.


Could just allow the queue system to filter via:

Max rating

Achievements, e.g. 2k last season, 2k this expansion, 2.2, 2.4, 2.7, duelist,glad etc.

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#4385166 Fear has been overnerfed.

Posted by stickyjam on 10 February 2015 - 08:15 PM

Baseline or shorter CD for Disc/Holy is the only buff fear needs now that tremor is gutted.

SPriests have a lot of other CC.. 9 seconds of non-stun DR kill CC (silence + horror) every 45 sec + fear. Honestly they are more than fine with current fear. They are top tier. Think about Godcomp.. adding Mighty Bash + Ice Nova.. that's 17.5 seconds of CC that doesn't break on damage every 45 seconds. Not to mention deep freeze, and spammable cyclone/poly.

They're top tier in a single comp, a comp of 2 classes that would have a much easier time with a rogue.
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#4062281 Spriest haste in s15

Posted by stickyjam on 23 February 2014 - 10:03 AM

Did the profiles in this post here:


the TLDR is around 500 of wasted secondary stat and ~1300 INT gets you all the benefits of heaps of haste and new breakpoints.
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#4062239 s15 ShadowPriest Haste cap ??

Posted by stickyjam on 23 February 2014 - 08:38 AM

you can but u need to regem everything haste and get hit and meditation ring whether its worth it or not idk

Is correct

You can be well over the next breakpoint in the new gear.

Is wrong. You can only make the DP+3 and SWP+3 breakpoints by gemming every slot haste and getting both haste/spirit & haste/hit rings.. aswell as this you'll need to stick with the haste/spirit belt.
1 of these hit/spirit items could be swapped to the crit/mastery alternative for less wasted secondary stats if it was worth it missing the breakpoints aswell as gemming for int instead of haste.

Anyway here is the profiler of what you currently need to do to make the breakpoint:

Seems breakpoint and high levels of haste(faster gcd/casts) vs more crit/mastery/int. Which I'll probably profiler in a bit.



quick update of not spamming haste gems.


1240 Intellect
53 Mastery (0.09)
580 PvPPower (1.45%)
750 Crit (1.25%)
322 Hit (0.95%)


437 Spirit
3248 Haste (7.64%)

So we're talking a marginal mastery loss, 1.25% crit, 1.45% pvp power(only from gems basically, probably suboptimal gemming anyway but I was just knocking it up quickly).

The more important bit is the loss of 1240 int(which with alternative non-pvp power gemming could be 1300+)

The wasted stat on the haste/hit ring only equates to a tiny 437 spirit lost

so Faster GCD/casts + DP+3 + SWP+3 vs 1300~ int.

Roughly equivilent to the intellect gained from going from Grevious Head/Chest/Legs to Prideful.

But there is also the practicallitys of the faster GCD/Casts particularly in regard to faster MB= potentially easier orb generation = potentially more. And faster Mass Dispel casts.


Time to buy 10 Quick Sun's Radiance gems.
~1300 INTELLECT more to gem INT
and only around 500 spirit wasted which if it was 500 crit/mastery it would be marginal.

Full geared expected stats:
~20% crit
20,336 int
35.17% haste
~28% Mastery
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