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#4099122 Mystic - Highest Rated Ret - Season 14 & Rank 1 Elemental Rogue Priest -...

Posted Mystzr on 12 April 2014 - 07:36 PM

Hey, all these games are from the end of season 14 with Souken and Waffle.

There's also a warrior montage at the end!

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy the video.

Song List:

Klaypex - Lights (Skrux Remix) Edit
Mediks - Blown Away (Raise Spirit Remix)
Mediks - Don t Let Go (Ft. Sarah Watson)
Curious Kontrol - To The Stars
Submatik - Firefly
Laszlo - Fall To Light


Hey, all these games are from season 13 on cyclone and the tournament realm.

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy the video.

Song List:

Katy B - 5AM (T & Sugah Remix)
Magnifikate - Changes
Rameses B - Timeless (feat. Veela)
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft Wolfpack & Katy B - Find Tomorrow (Ocarina)
Tobu - Higher

#3966088 Blizzard Invites Players for a PvP Summit

Posted Vanguards on 16 October 2013 - 09:02 PM

Blizzard Invites Players for a PvP Summit

Blizzard has invited numerous well known players for a PvP summit! This will be one of the first times that players have been invited to the Blizzard headquarters for feedback and PvP discussions.

The following players are invited so far:

#3927906 Trying to put these stupid accusations to rest

Posted Wallirik on 18 August 2013 - 04:26 PM

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God damn these hackers must be stopped!

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Posted Wallirik on 14 April 2013 - 05:02 PM

what a piece of shit.

#3909316 Arena League day 2 - 6pm CET start live on AJ

Posted Eveny on 06 July 2013 - 06:59 PM

View PostMinpojke, on 06 July 2013 - 06:44 PM, said:

Healers don't get enough recognition nowdays, it all comes down to team communication and trust, see it as a chess game, Im the king, i send out my chess pieces, i command them, letting them now wether its a go or not, run for your life/sit on ur block etc, don't get me wrong im not trying to take anything away from them, they played great obviously i just want a piece of the cake =)

you had enough cake hueheuheu :pp

#3806055 Battle.net World Championships Live and Compilation

Posted Enigmz on 16 November 2012 - 01:22 PM

View PostMinpojke, on 16 November 2012 - 01:12 PM, said:

first xx
but last to go to blizzcon xx

#3722375 Bleached Bones Arena Tournament - 5250 € Prize Pool

Posted Shawir on 29 June 2012 - 10:06 PM

next time they should invite you momoh, for greater laughs

#3721097 Osskary's single arena games. 27.06.2012

Posted duskfallx on 27 June 2012 - 01:43 AM

doesn't swap focus, clicks to target, doesn't swap to demon armor under pressure, random fears on the mage, haunts the wrong target, rather low dot uptime and overall pressure. no cot on priest ever, fakecasting too much. bad spell locks. shit coil on the mage to attempt to stop polymorph (he gets it off anyway lol) shit awareness, shit play. ur rogue won u the game, nothing interesting to see. this would be good for 2.2k bracket standards, maybe.

#3639809 Boomkin glyphs?

Posted Taunkaztorm on 12 February 2012 - 01:53 PM

View PostArgasnickarn, on 12 February 2012 - 03:39 AM, said:

Poke Mélby@ Ragnaros Alliance best boomkin-druid EU :)
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#3640498 Priestwille vs. Bash

Posted duskfallx on 13 February 2012 - 01:08 PM

Thanks to qulcark for making this possible.

#3405461 Totemtoe's PLAYLIST: v7.0, Hypster added

Posted Claynz on 31 July 2011 - 06:30 AM


I have now added 2 of my Hypster playlists to my website.   One is my main playlist and second one is my retro synth 80s playlist!

New design, add-free and easier to navigate around and way cleaner than my old one.

Complextro, 80s Retro Synth,  Electro, House, Chillout.

Keep posting feedback here in this thread.

Playlists currently out:

2x Hypster playlists out.  SHUFFLE BUTTON WOAH xDD


rep if like:)

CURRENT VERSION:  7.0 /Hyspter


#3572465 RLS - Season 11

Posted Evolute on 03 December 2011 - 11:40 PM


I have a fair bit of experience playing RLS: I've played it up to 2800 this season with a 90% win ratio at a 2900 MMR, so I hope I can help you.

RLS is basically a wear down comp. You swap, swap, swap, swap. And swap. A lot. Did I mention you swap a lot?

Your warlock should be attempting to keep 100% uptime with his DoTs on basically every target in the arena. That is his entire goal playing RLS. The key is to try and do that without using Soul Swap too much, however! Soul swap is going to be for when you're swapping to a target and don't have time to refresh your DoTs.

"But Evolute, our warlock is getting trained to the ground! How does he get his casts off?"

You have a rogue, good sir. He has so many ways of allowing the warlock to cast, either disarm or gouge or cheapshot or kidney shot or garrote or shiv cripping... The rogue makes the entire team in RLS. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. The rogue controls who you swap to, when someone dies, when a crowd control chain turns into a kill, and how fast your shaman dies. Simply, the rogue picks a target, the lock should already have DoTs on that target, and the healer (or DPS, if you're going on the healer) should begin to be crowd controlled.

The beauty of RLS is that you can go on anything and win. If you feel like going on the healer, you have a plethora of crowd control abilities (blind, fear, hex) to stop them from peeling you. If you feel like going on a DPS, not only do you have all the same crowd control abilities, but you also have kick, spellock, fel-dom spellock, and shock. Good luck casting, compadre!

There isn't a general 'strat' for RLS. Literally everything is usually a good target. The amount of damage that a Rogue does in a dance with cooldowns popped is usually enough to get a target low: the warlock dots supply the extra damage needed to kill, and all the while the healer (or the DPS) will be helpless to actually do anything because of all the crowd controls.

RLS is awesome in how when you're throwing out these crowd controls to secure a kill, so you're inevitably going to force a trinket. Guess who you can swap to now?

I wasn't kidding when I said you swap a lot.

RLS is really, really fun to play. They have a lot of peels, there is a lot of damage potential, and there is a really high skillcap for knowing what target(s) you CAN go on, and timing your DoTs and Kidneys and Crowd Controls to get a kill.

As for some examples of combos, I suppose..

:rogue: :mage: :priest:  - RMP

I'll just throw this out there. You're going to want a sap on something in your opener. Even if it isn't the ideal target, you want SOMETHING sapped. Sap makes it a 2v3 (or against other rogue teams, a 2v2) for a little while. It's too important not to get. ALWAYS try to be patient and get the sap off, too many rogues just go in with their party and are unable to sap because of combat issues.

Anyway, against RMP your IDEAL sap target is the rogue. But that's how it is always is against rogue teams. If you can't sap the rogue, you're going to want to be patient and see what's happening.

Against good RMPs, they're going to pick a target without the Earth Shield. Your shaman should have Earth Shield on himself at the beginning: for if they sap him and go on lock your lock is a lot more durable than a shaman (even with Earth Shield) and with a rogue backing him up it's not really an issue to live past the opener.

Always, however, attempt to stop the shatter. It does like 60k now-a-days, so if you can stop it with a opener on the mage or a spellock, DO IT.

Tip for shamans:

If you live past the opener, RLS already has the advantage. Just get your DoTs rolling on the targets, and go on ANYTHING. But as a general guideline, usally sitting on the mage and swapping to the priest when he comes out to fear/gets feared into africa by your warlock/has no trinket is a really good idea.

There isn't much more to say about RMP actually. Just try to get the sap off, stop the shatter in the opener, and ride the mage or priest for the rest of the game. If the rogue decides to follow you behind a pillar, go ahead and kill him however. RLS can kill anything, remember?

:paladin: :warrior: :deathknight: - TSG  

Really, really hard for RLS. The issues come with the fact that the Warlock can't properly peel for a while because of all the fear immunities. So if they go on him, your shaman has to blow everything to keep him alive, and if they go on your shaman, he also has to blow everything to keep him alive.

Against this team, it's basically all on your rogue.

You're going to want to open on the death knight: the DK is what kills healers and makes it impossible to cast. If your lock can manage to get some UA's up, it's going to make fear a lot more viable.

After you open on the death knight, just pop everything. Throw whatever CC you have on the paladin, and just peel like a mofo. If you can last the AMS/IBF immunities, you're really far ahead, because you can just shadowdance cheapshot the warrior and garrote the death knight (and pretend you're Reckful for a minute :P) and your shaman can top everybody off and the death knight has no cooldowns to survive your smoke bombs.

:deathknight: :hunter: :paladin: - PHD

Sit hunter.

.. that's it, actually. Try to get a sap off, but it's not always viable. Other than that, just peel the Death Knight if he begins to rape your healer too much, but otherwise just sit on the hunter and wait for the AJ QQ post about how underpowered hunters are and how stupid warlocks and shamans are.

:warlock: :shaman: :mage:  - MLS  

This one actually mostly comes down to maps. If you get Ruins, Nagrand, or Blade's Edge, it's in your favor. If you get Ring of Valor or Dalaran, it's in their favor. Why Dalaran? Ring of Frost on the boxes, lololucantgettomehehehh3h3h3h.

Against MLS, you need to shut down the mage. Train him to the ground if you have to. All three targets are actually a viable kill target, but in terms of easy-to-kill, you want to prioritize Shaman, then Mage, then Warlock.

As the shaman, shock every UA you can. You can basically keep dispelling everything and anything if the target doesn't have UA. Try to cleanse Elements off whatever has it too; 13% more damage is huge, and it's annoying as a warlock to have to keep applying it to something (and wastes a GCD).

Your overall goal in MLS is to force a shaman trinket, and then to swap to him. But doing that with like 292829 peels is a bit hard which is sometimes why you attempt to kill another target, usually the squishiest, which happens to be mage.

If you noticed one thing in common with all the strats, besides PHD, it was that you had multiple options. There isn't a 'right'and 'wrong' answer with RLS. You really have to realize which target is a good one, and go for it: which is why the comp may seem a little hard in the lower MMRs where you don't exactly know WHEN you should swap because they're prime.

I hope this little guide helped! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.