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#3805681 New totem changes

Posted Skizzlol on 15 November 2012 - 08:18 PM

madcuzbad? competition breeds winners boys, best be learning to play your class right now.

Oh and @flubbah, Rogues arent even bad, I actually enjoy where they are right now other than a few issues. Once they implement 5.1 I think rogues will probably be borderline OP and you will see many people cry about rogues...

I dont think shamans should be nerfed because of rogues place in arena.(as you so rudely imply) Shamans should be nerfed cuz they are op as fuck, and have been op as fuck for a long ass time now. Back in BC and WOTLK, good shamans stood out so much more because your positioning mattered, shocking mattered, juking mattered, knowing when the priest was coming to fear you mattered cuz you didnt have IWIN tremor version. Spirit Link is a fucking joke of an ability. This game is so noob friendly to shamans its a fucking joke. You put any shaman healer and ask them to play a disc priest they will fail so hard because they actually have to cast. OH AND THEY ACTUALLY GO OOM. Shamans have not had to worry about mana since season 6.  Shamans are the retard proof healer of the game right now and this change will actually make them have to try.

TLDR: Shamans are so easy nevershock can get rank 1. (even tho he wintraded and asked daddy jordon to get it for him)

The good shamans will still be fine, and the bad shamans will reroll druid. Just like all the bad rogues rerolled warrior/spriest/etc

Have fun with the changes ladies.