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Changing DPS healing

31 December 2014 - 01:39 AM

After playing vs several double FrostDK team as a DK myself I think DPS healing mechanics as a whole need a rework. I don't know everything about other classes, so don't rage at me when i'm suggesting things that you think are way to much of a nerf for your spec.
The "FrostDK Healing Specc" feels like S9 when glyphed Deathstrike did 20% HP heals, it's way too much and will get nerfed in some kinda way we don't know yet, but I'm pretty sure there will be changes. The problem is, the changes could be the wrong ones.

As of now % based heals are not affected by Battle Fatigue which helps making the cheap FrostDK Conversion healing too strong. Making these affected by Battle Fatigue again isn't the right change though I think. DKs struggled a lot with AMS and Death Pact being affected by Battle Fatigue in MoP and other classes might also.

-> My solution to solve FrostDK healing is: Make conversion more expensive but leave it unaffected by Battle Fatigue. Deathstrike is not an issue in my opinion.

Other classes with % based heals are: Rogues (recuperate), Hunter (spirit bond). While Recuperate has somekind of drawback it still can have nearly 100% uptime, while Spirit Bond is pretty much for free.

-> The issue with all these spells is that when they are unaffected by Battle Fatigue the longer the game goes the stronger they get. At the same time they get more important because other healing sources are getting less and less. But if they were to be affected by Battle Fatigue in the future (remember that it starts way earlier now compared to MoP) i think they could get "too weak". So i'd suggest to change such abilities to stronger heals for a short duration on a longer cooldown. As I said I don't know too well if this would be especially bad for certain specs but I don't think so. But if I'm missing out on something important or you have something constructive to add, please do so. I don't want Blizzard (even though they probably don't care) to make stupid mistakes again and crippling a lot of thing just because something was OP.

Hybrid healing... well that would take another topic and that discussion is going on for such a long time... i don't want to say more about it than: DPS healing goes down -> hybrid healing has to go down as well.
I just wrote this really quick so it may not be complete and I might miss some points but I hope you get my idea / thought process.

TL.DR: What should be changed or "nerfed" in my opinion is the "healing potential" these abilities have! They can lead to a ridiculous amount of healing done in a longer fight, what NO DPS should ever have! I know this might be a dangerous statement but I think its ok for DPS to have some kind of a healing ability, as long as it's on a longer cooldown or at least "expensive" to use (somekind of drawback) As DK for example "Death Pact".