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In Topic: WoW Down to 5.6 Million Subscribers

05 August 2015 - 03:33 AM

There are several reasons for this: (trying to keep it short)

1. MMOs  NOW vs THEN:
Back when WoW started, got big and was at its peak MMOs were THE thing. Today you could say that MOBAs are the thing. People go with trends and if something is big and good it's gonna get bigger.

2. Content:
MMOs need a lot of commitment, they are a "main-game" you play, meaning u put most of your time in this game if not all of it. Combine that with the payment model and the amount of stuff to do in the game and people will try the new stuffs but leave soon after because there is not much content and so they can't play the MMO as a "main-game" and it's not attractive to play just a few hours every week considering how much you pay.

3. Playerbase
Well in the early days of WoW quite a bit of the playerbase was kinda "hardcore" but yeah i think making an argument along those lines is not really gonna work out, especially because we can't really tell. Anyway, most of the playerbase is casual. I mean we are always flaming Blizzard because of stupid PvE changes (some really are) but even the "raiding" playerbase is not as big anymore. At least thats what i feel like (I do raid Mythic) when I look at pages like wowprogress. So that leaves us with a lot of casual players that maybe do LFR and some BGs but thats it. Looking at the second point -> what should they even do in the game? There is no real content for them unless they wanna farm achievements or do pet battles or something like that. Even leveling is not attractive anymore. Everything has been done already!

This results in:
-> Blizzard knows numbers are going to drop constantly (its just how MMOs and the market works now)
-> Blizzard releases Addons / REAL CONTENT faster (Patches aren't really that much content for the MAIN playerbase: Casuals)
-> The cycle of WoD will return (huge increase and heavy drop of numbers)
-> This doesn't solve the problems of the game! There are more people working on WoW than ever before (they said) but thats because they need to do stuff way faster now.
-> They CAN get stuff right (balance of the game, classes, models) but its more likely not going to happen, you just get a fresh start over and over again. I think old problems (like DK design as a whole) will not be looked at, instead they're going to layer more and more stuff over the old stuff ("the game will fix itself and the old stuff will vanish under several layers sooner or later anyway")

In Topic: Dk Comps

27 February 2015 - 02:07 AM

View PostOwnu, on 27 February 2015 - 12:57 AM, said:

maybe mage dk
I played mage dk for fun to 2.4k pre 6.1. It works, but it has quite some weaknesses and vs decent players in some comps you are struggling quite a bit. Now with 6.1 it became a bit stronger due to the magebuffs, and maybe you could run it with a priest (haven't tested how good priest might be, will do this weekend)
I'd say it's good if you have some friends to play it just for fun and stuff up to like 2.5k maybe even 2.6-7k but there is a limit to what you can do as mage/dk and stuff like godcomp or any train-mage-24/7-never-let-him-cast shut your setups down a lot and are extremely hard if they know what they're doing.

Monk will very likely still be the best healer for TSG, Smokebomb and on US i think these are the best comps to play as dk

In Topic: Glyph of Outbreak, possibilities for Frost DKs?

20 February 2015 - 01:29 PM

I think this could work pretty decent. As already mentioned the combination of plague leech and breath is worth it that way. 30 RP is not too expensive so thats fine.

The downsides are a glyph slot less. So we're giving up Presences or Sim. Now lets think about comps, where you'd play that glyph: stuff that roots you. (I don't count being slowed 24/7 here, because in 3s that never really is a problem, unlike in 2s)

So who is rooting us: Druids, Mages, Hunters (Priest and Shaman don't really count in my opinion)

Sim glyph: Against Druids and Mages i'd NEVER give up Sim glyph, against hunter teams... well depending on the comp you're facing it's possible.
Presences glyph: Well with 6.1 coming up, i'd never play without that against mages. Against druids and hunters i guess it depends on the comp ur facing and the comp ur playing.

So TL:DR: there is a spot for this glyph but it really depends on both sides (comp playing + comp facing)
I'm never gonna use it though, because I just really like to play with blood tap :P