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#4477751 Balanced EU qualifier team

Posted escu on 16 August 2015 - 09:02 PM

well praii is a fucking retard i already knew it. I heard he rage quit crying when he lost the replay. Maybe if he learnt to refresh slice n dice without letting it drop for 30-40sec everytime he'd actually do dmg as combat

#4477748 Balanced EU qualifier team

Posted jaimee on 16 August 2015 - 08:57 PM

So this pathetic retard (Praii) could not accept their loss as a complete counter comp to LSD3 (RMD). This is what i am told atleast, possibly the others had more involvement but considering they apologised i'm assuming its praii only.

After losing 2-1 the protocol was to upload screenshots of the scoreboard for proof of the win. In doing this, it was easy to see I was using gladius. Now, im not sure if some of you are aware or not but in EVERY other online tournament EVER all addons have been allowed. In fact, every other team in this tournament used addons, including all of the mage teams. I can say with certainty that the first series they were using atleast a DR tracker, as they sheeped off dr on cd etc. They refused to post any screenshots so I cant prove this but I would bet my life on it.

I got a notification that a protest was put in; we couldn't believe it.
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the technicality that they were trying to enforce is this (which is designed for KICKBOTS in mind)
A. Third party user interfaces compatible with World of Warcraft will not be allowed at the European Championship Qualifier or the Finals. At the 2015 European Road to BlizzCon, Team Members will have fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the first match with each opponent Team Member to prepare the computer on which they will use to participate in the Tournament match.

Clearly 'third party user interfaces' included gladius.

The dialog that was in another chat is this;
Joined room...
17:05:55 Jaimex: can you look at the protest please
17:06:02 NachtkindFX: will do
17:09:25 Jaimex: the thing is the rules are 'No timers, actions, scripts, or macros automatically activate or trigger in response to opponent’s or ally’s actions'
17:09:33 Jaimex: however an addon is not an automatic script
17:09:43 Jaimex: a script is either something like resize frames or the thing that is banned, a lua injector which allows a 3rd party program to monitor wow and track events i.e kickbot
17:26:55 ToTheTop: Hi boys can I get both leaders b-net tag's
17:27:13 ToTheTop: we are going to stream this game
17:27:33 healingstat: Healingstat#2101
17:27:46 Jaimex: all 3 members of the other team need to provide proof
17:27:50 Jaimex: that they arent playing with addons
17:27:58 Jaimex: it says nothing in the rulebook about addons
17:28:00 Jaimex: this is a joke
17:28:05 Jaimex: we won fair and square
17:28:37 ToTheTop: added you healing
17:29:24 ToTheTop: Can I have your tag as well Banana Boat?
17:29:33 Jaimex: We want to protest the reset
17:29:37 Jaimex: their team was playing with addons
17:29:47 Jaimex: last qualifier this team did the same team
17:29:49 Jaimex: same thing*
17:29:58 Jaimex: and the other team in that case was given the win
17:31:55 NachtkindFX: that's not true, there are protest periods and all was decisions were made after the rules
17:32:02 NachtkindFX: You'll have to play this match again now
17:32:24 Jaimex: we want to appeal to the blizzard esports team.
17:32:30 Jaimex: this is completely unacceptable.
17:33:04 Jaimex: the fact that a professional esports company is having a match replayed in unfair conditions when the other team has yet to provide any proof they played without addons
17:33:06 NachtkindFX: this was discussed with the Blizzard eSports team and you have only two options now: play the game or forfight
17:33:38 Jaimex: we cant stream and we wont be able to, healingstats team still has yet to provide proof
17:34:12 CaptainHassan: we will play but enemy team needs to prove they had no addons in previous game either
17:34:55 NachtkindFX: no, they don't. Forks down. Addons are forbidden, you can be lucky we havn't disqualifed you.
17:35:04 Jaimex: addons are not forbidden?|
17:35:15 Jaimex: in the rulebook it says third party interfaces
17:35:22 NachtkindFX: ready the rules I have linked in the protest
17:35:26 CaptainHassan: http://www.twitch.tv...best/v/10897036
17:35:29 CaptainHassan: this is the mage from enemy team
17:35:32 CaptainHassan: using addons himself too
17:35:38 NachtkindFX: this are the offcial competition rules
17:36:06 Jaimex: A. Third party user interfaces compatible with World of Warcraft will not be allowed at the European Championship Qualifier or the Finals. At the 2015 European Road to BlizzCon, Team Members will have fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the first match with each opponent Team Member to prepare the computer on which they will use to participate in the Tournament match.
17:36:11 Jaimex: Third party user interfaes
17:36:12 Vilaye: how is that any proof, we are playing without addons for this tournament
17:36:17 Jaimex: that is NOT addons
17:36:27 Jaimex: and vilaye's team has yet to prove to anyone they played without addons
17:36:38 NachtkindFX: because they don't need to
17:36:41 Jaimex: ???
17:36:45 Jaimex: so we used gladius
17:36:46 CaptainHassan: also every other team in this tournament have confirmed they have addons, addons do not equal third party user interfaces
17:36:48 Jaimex: and we have to replay
17:36:53 Jaimex: but they can just use addons again?
17:37:02 CaptainHassan: the rules were about third party interface
17:37:17 NachtkindFX: nobody needs, but you uploaded screenshots showing you used addons. A protest was made and it was justifed. Result a regame
17:37:35 Jaimex: the blizzard ruling is third party interfaces
17:37:40 Jaimex: addons are not third party interfaces
17:37:48 Jaimex: a third party interface is a lua injector
17:37:53 Jaimex: every other team in this tournament is using addons
17:37:57 Jaimex: feel free to check screenshots
17:38:01 CaptainHassan: blizzard describes third party interface as something that modifies the game ie flyhack
17:38:02 CaptainHassan: not addon
17:38:15 Jaimex: this also doesnt explain
17:38:18 Jaimex: why last qualifier
17:38:20 Jaimex: this team did the same thing
17:38:25 kveikur: Exactly, do you feel the difference? FLYHACK and ADDON?
17:38:25 Jaimex: and the other team was then given the win
17:38:58 lagyna: i want someone from blizzard to join the conversation
17:39:04 Jaimex: yes please.
17:39:28 NachtkindFX: not possible and like said you have two options now: play or forfight
17:39:42 Jaimex: this is completely unfair, why was the other team given the win?
17:39:52 NachtkindFX: it wasn't given
17:39:54 CaptainHassan: i want a response on the fact that addon does not equal third party interface
17:39:55 Jaimex: yes it was?
17:39:56 NachtkindFX: that's not true
17:39:58 Jaimex: they won that series
17:40:24 Jaimex: surely you can see in your records
17:40:29 Jaimex: the vods are on the twitch channels
17:40:32 CaptainHassan: blizzard rules dont say 3rd party interface equals to addons
17:40:35 CaptainHassan: can you please comment on this
17:40:37 Jaimex: the dennisman 4 took the win
17:41:15 NachtkindFX: last week did a team try to protest a game they didn't play, that's not possible and the protest period was over.
17:41:23 NachtkindFX: totally different story
17:41:26 Jaimex: no
17:41:28 Jaimex: this team
17:41:29 Jaimex: balanced
17:41:34 Jaimex: tried to protest a loss to the dennisman 4
17:41:38 Jaimex: over a addon dispute
17:41:49 Jaimex: they lost that protest and the team 'the dennisman 4' were given the win
17:41:52 Jaimex: check the twitch vods.
17:42:03 NachtkindFX: I made the call and know exactly what happened
17:42:03 CaptainHassan: please comment me where does it say 3rd party interface means addons
17:42:43 lagyna: im so tired of all this bullshit
17:42:45 NachtkindFX: please get ready and I will disqualify you. A regame is a fair way to end this protest.
17:42:51 lagyna: lets just play
17:42:58 Jaimex: but whats to stop them from using addons?
17:43:06 Jaimex: they can just use addons and win when we cant
17:43:24 CaptainHassan: enemy team ready for regame?
17:43:26 ToTheTop: If you are ready banana boat, could I get a b-tag from you
17:43:37 Jaimex: jaime 2540
18:01:14 ToTheTop: What map would you like Balanced?
18:02:41 ToTheTop: tolvir
18:02:49 ToTheTop: what comp you play banana boat?
18:02:53 Jaimex: LSD
18:02:54 Jaimex: 3
18:02:58 Jaimex: enh affli rdruid
18:04:57 ToTheTop: What comp are you playing Balanced?

which is clearly a fucking joke. Praii should be ashamed that they lost at all, then went on to cry about it, they played with addons in the 2nd series and we didnt, and then continued to lose again. Shame on you you pathetic nazi fuck.

whats even better is this is the 2nd tourney they've tried to do this in, in the qualifier before they did it vs gelubabas team; although the admins gave gelubaba the win that time.


Posted Gsgsgsgsgs on 15 July 2013 - 04:14 PM


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#3911403 Is this normal for ferals?

Posted Phaeleh on 10 July 2013 - 08:08 PM

when u mc feral bleeds go trough resi

#3911274 Is this normal for ferals?

Posted Flabbert on 10 July 2013 - 04:00 PM

I've played quiete some 2's games with a feral and its a blast to watch a priest cast mc on my feral. 3 ticks and 240k health down the drain. Had it quiete few times where the priests buddy died in the mindcontrol.

#3910747 Is this normal for ferals?

Posted Mattadoro on 09 July 2013 - 10:48 PM

when he mc's the feral the feral becomes his ally, dmg from allies arent affected by resilience so they hit for mongo numbers

#3910745 Is this normal for ferals?

Posted Icekingx on 09 July 2013 - 10:46 PM

View PostHurley7, on 09 July 2013 - 10:39 PM, said:

Am I the only one noticing hes the priest.. so he wasn't MC'ed so the DoTs have nothing to do with MC?
You have it wrong. when you mind control someone, the dots that are on YOU aren't affected by res for some reason this has been around for a few months.

#3910728 Is this normal for ferals?

Posted Jamiepaladin on 09 July 2013 - 10:16 PM

View PostZerlog, on 09 July 2013 - 10:14 PM, said:

so if he doted me, i throw an MC up the dots he had on me starts to scale without resi?

yes, as far as ive maked it out to be, i could be wrong tho.

#3910723 Is this normal for ferals?

Posted Jamiepaladin on 09 July 2013 - 10:09 PM

when you mind control someone, the dots that are left on targets aren't affected by resi afaik

#3907492 Is this even possible?

Posted Pritchard on 03 July 2013 - 12:17 AM

View PostMostvp71, on 03 July 2013 - 12:00 AM, said:


Thought Id ask some of you guys if this was even possible... I know both players are using interrupt hacks but I seriously don't think its possible for the lock pet to be following the paladin like that.

its not possible without additional help I would say.  My main reasoning for this is that using a spell cancels the pet move to reticle.  He is constantly casting spells while also moving at the same time.  Also, there looked like there was one time he was los of the pala and it was still moving.  Also at one point he asks "do you have me?  I'm right behind the pillar".  If he were truly constantly moving his pet onto the paladin, he should know very well where the paladin is, and should not have to tell him where he is.

#3905652 What Do rshammys need to be Competitive.

Posted Wallirik on 28 June 2013 - 10:17 PM

game is best when i don't have to deal with tremor totem.

oh another ele team

Posted Image

damn it

#3905290 What Do rshammys need to be Competitive.

Posted Adden on 28 June 2013 - 08:24 AM

Haven't really played much lately so i'm not that up to date but rdruids and disc priests seem absurd. Should just tone them down abit instead of giving any buffs to rshamans. Iron Bark should have a longer CD and/or shouldn't be usable while silenced, making it abit more clutch using it pre-cc instead of mindlessly using it on every silence etc, and should nerf the absorbs of discpriests and increase their healing done instead maybe.

#3905984 Arena Teams no More

Posted Zaephyr on 29 June 2013 - 05:52 PM

Yeah if they make it as easily exploitable as RBG

r.i.p arena

If they do it right it'll be amazing

#3905983 Arena Teams no More

Posted Abidalzim on 29 June 2013 - 05:51 PM

Being able to queue cross realm is sick.. but no teams sounds super-exploitable.

#3905950 Arena Teams no More

Posted Guest on 29 June 2013 - 04:52 PM

It'd be awesome if they made it so that titles were promoted daily instead of per season. That way when you achieve a new high rating you can login the next day with your new title. There would be active competition to be "rank 1" as well.