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#4577379 Vanilla.RE Nostalrius Reborn

Posted by Frosteye on 20 April 2016 - 02:45 PM

Forget about this. This is one of those classy guys trying to pull one off on a community that's scrambling. Nostalrius has said multiple times they're not associated with them in any way (which they have claimed to be) and they insist on using the name as well. 2 looks into the server and website and you can tell there's no effort in it and the people behind it aren't the least bit experienced. The core is a copypasta mangos core.

PlayTBC is another example. I understand all the desire but everyone has to realize that private servers don't come out of the blue. Yes I can have absolutely no experience in pservers and make one and announce it. However, if you'd like a non-buggy version of the game (and there's a difference between ok-buggy and buggy) like Nostalrius was it takes quite a great deal and capabilities. If you're really anxious to play an expansion tryout some more established servers that have been around for longer.

And while I understand that won't work because people are looking for progression, then just don't hype these new servers because it's going to be a giant let-down. I've been in industry for a while, trust me when I tell you a good core takes a while to build and a good team.

There is so much misinformation in this --

1) They never claimed to be the original Nostalrius Team, I'm sure you won't be able to find a quote because they haven't. All they've said is they would like to continue on where Nostalrius Left Off. You are correct that Nostalrius.org has not endorsed ANY particular server project, to include Vanilla.RE.

2) They are using Nostalrius Reborns name because that's what players want to use. They asked players if they wanted a different name and that is what the community wanted. Again they've never said that they are affiliated with the original Nostalrius, merely that they are waiting for that team to make PUBLICLY available the information need (See below).

3) Yes they are using a copy pasta Mangos core for their "BETA". Because Nostalrius.org has not released their Server Core Source Code, or the Player Database yet. Vanilla.RE has already said they are going to import these once they are available. The BETA is for them to prepare for the real thing.

Their leadership team has been very forthcoming and honest about what they plan to do, and so far they have delivered on their promises.

Other than going to Kronos (Who doesn't accept Server Transfers) there aren't really any great options. Nostalrius Reborn is planning to continue on where Nostalrius Begins left off. We will be able to play our same characters and not have to start over.

Why all the mistrust?
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#4577187 Vanilla.RE Nostalrius Reborn

Posted by Frosteye on 19 April 2016 - 09:02 PM

this petition thing seems to be rly blowing up, even csgo pros are tweeting about it

Yeah, I think most of us would definitely prefer Blizzard providing Legacy Servers, because then we wouldn't have to worry about all of our hard work being deleted when Blizzard decides to be greedy SOBs.
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#4577118 Vanilla.RE Nostalrius Reborn

Posted by Frosteye on 19 April 2016 - 05:52 PM



So it looks like a couple days ago Vanilla.RE launched a Beta Server for Vanilla 1.12 WoW, with the intent that when Nostalrius.org releases the Server Core & Database at the end of April, they will migrate everyone's Nostalrius characters to their servers.

What does everyone think? It looks like there is some animosity between Nostalrius.org and Vanilla.RE, but the project looks pretty well organized and legit to me.
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#4296039 I honestly don't give a fuck how bad Mistweavers are

Posted by Frosteye on 12 December 2014 - 06:48 PM

So fucking stupid, 1 minute cooldown on a thing protecting you or your friendly target for the entirety of their health bar, that can also be cast during stuns, like what the fuck ?

People who aren't melee cleaving can usually set their shit up every one minute, feels impossible to win versus monk healers as any setup that actually needs time to set up stuff.

Found the problem
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