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#3729235 How to play like Samx

Posted Paladinae on 13 July 2012 - 05:50 AM

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#3716614 Interview with Dr. Mayo

Posted WildeHilde on 17 June 2012 - 09:44 PM

Dr. Mayo is the winner of the grand vote on the Arena Junkies forum for my next interview. He invented the loathed triple healer comp, played one of the most amazing winning streaks in arena history with Reckful and Talbadar and played in several on- and offline tournaments against players from Orangemarmalade to Xandyn.

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From left to right: Novoz, Talbadar, Drmayonaise, and Snake (Sponsor)

Hildegard: Hello and welcome to the "Forscherliga Interview" Mayo. As always the first question is the same. What did you eat today, or if you haven't eaten anything, yet, what are you going to have for breakfast?

Dr. Mayo: Well as we speak I am having Nacho Tortilla chips... and that is all I will be having for breakfast I guess.

Hildegard: Sounds not so healthy, are you into sports?

Dr. Mayo: Yes. I am into free running (flipping) and I am usually on the move it's just I don't have that many options this morning.

Hildegard: Sammyx told me that you are working on becoming a pilot soon. Did you already have an interview with an airline?

Dr. Mayo: I wouldn’t say soon. I am studying to become a pilot and I have flown small aircraft before but I am still a long way from becoming an airline pilot which is all the way at the peak.

Hildegard: Do you think there are similarities between steering an avatar in computer games and an airplane?

Dr. Mayo: Asides from the many buttons you have to remember, nah, not really. There is a similarity between the piano and WOW though. You have to multitask and remember what keys to press to succeed. I am also into piano if you didn't know.

Hildegard: I was going to ask that. Do you play Jazz or Classic?

Dr. Mayo: I play what I guess you can call Modern Piano and some classic. Nothing like Mozart though. That stuff is just freaking hard.

Hildegard: That is true, you should try Beethoven sometimes, his pieces are incredible.

Dr. Mayo: Yes I should, but I don't have the time anymore.

Hildegard: Coming to World of Warcraft, you have a tournament history and played in the infamous Triple Healer comp back in MLG Columbus. Many players hated to watch any matches with your comp. Did you get a lot of hate at that time?

Dr. Mayo: Well first of all it was probably the most fun comp I have ever played. I don't know if it was the synergy we had or just the great players but we made it work. Although it was fun for me we had some games that were not the most entertaining per say. As for the hate, yes we did get some hate, we even got smart ass comments from some of the players back at Columbus.

Hildegard: Who invented the comp?

Dr. Mayo: I did. I remember asking Talbadar to give it a try and he would just keep saying that it didn’t sound like a good idea. Talbadar was always a little close minded when it comes to that. But if there’s something I can do after six years of playing it's that I can actually visualize arena games before they actually take place. And I saw it work.

Hildegard: Your first tournament wasn't as successful as it could have been. In the series against Orangemarmalade's RMP a position change in the fourth match by you probably cost you the series. Was this the reason you were later replaced by Diziet?

Dr. Mayo: We were the first game at Columbus vs the most veteran team back then so we were pretty nervous, which lead to unusual mistakes towards the last two games. I had a huge raging problem back then, I think it was because I made WoW my whole life. I raged at my teammates frequently and I was just not fun to play with. So I was replaced by Senor Diziet. Talbadar realized it was a mistake because they didn’t work as well without me but I probably would have done the same.

Hildegard: You played with him later on during the probably longest winning streak in arena history, along with Reckful. The comp was called "Reckful comp", but I guess you invented it, too?

Dr. Mayo: Well I think some credit should be given to Massives because he played a lot of the games too, but Massives wasn’t as active as we'd hope he'd be so one day we just randomly decided to try out Reckful because we knew he was a good rogue... And then we realized we had a better comp than DK Priest Druid and more fun, too.

Hildegard: You are a very successful arena player, but Talbadar and Reckful are known by a lot more players and were considered best of their class/spec. Would you have liked to get more of the fame yourself?

Dr. Mayo: In a way, yes, I would have, but at the end of the day I was just the healer. In other words they have the possibility to do more flashy things that I can as a Resto Druid.

Hildegard: Counter argument - the probably most famous arena player is Hydra.

Dr. Mayo: Yes, well if you fraps for long enough and record those flashy moments that make you look good and put it in a video that I guess will have the people with their mouths open when they see it, but watch him in a tournament and he will be just another good player. Neilyo is a perfect example and that is also what Reckful did with his video. I guess it just works.

Hildegard: Is this the reason, why losses are never shown in arena videos, unless to make fun of certain imbalances?

Dr. Mayo: Yes, the point is to make you look like a badass.

Hildegard: Talking about looking badass, I always enjoy watching matches in which healers have to risk something and not just run away. Right now this is the case for Priests and even more for Druids, that can only succeed by doing incredible control chains. Was this the reason you resisted to re-roll a Shaman?

Dr. Mayo: I’ve never been bored of playing Druid, even when they have sucked so much that it makes you want to cry. IDK maybe I am a masochist and I have yet to found out but I just love the class and I have it down perfectly. Most of my play during arena games are done almost unconsciously, such as knowing where to positioning to get Cyclones on the enemy.
I am also kind of lazy when it comes to learning a new class and I know that Druid is my strength and I wont play any other class as well as a Druid.

Hildegard: During the last tournaments you played Moonkin. Maybe you will despise me for what I am going to say, but your games with Sammyx and Khryl are the ones I liked the most and your series against Khuna's RMP is still my favorite this year.

Dr. Mayo: Well, the comp of Dancing with the Stars is new to the tournament scene and we did really well with it considering it was vs one of the best RMPs out there. Its always fun to fight vs an RMP I feel like you can actually have a real game vs it and it usually turns out to be entertaining to watch.

Hildegard: Azael said your team only lost the series in the end because you forgot to use Innervate early enough and so did not have the mana to peel in the end.

Dr. Mayo: I heard that comment and I disagree with it. I used innervate at around 5% mana and I went behind a pillar for around two seconds to avoid it being dispelled. When I saw them switching to Sam I went out again and started peeling. It didn’t contribute to us losing the game I can tell you that.

Hildegard: Dancing with the Stars was one of the crowds' favorite teams, why didn't you try to qualify for the regionals?

Dr. Mayo: I honestly didn't have the time to try and qualify and considering Dancing with the Stars isn’t too strong of a comp on TR. I didn’t want to waste our times. I wish TR had taken place with s11 gear.

Hildegard: Will you continue to play as team on further tournaments from Arena Junkies or NAO?

Dr. Mayo: I don't think I will be playing on anymore Tournaments until resto becomes a viable spec once again.

Hildegard: So no more Moonkin-Mayo, sad to hear that. Did you have a chance to test resto on the beta realm?

Dr. Mayo: I don't like playing on betas I'd rather way for the expansion to come out that way its more fun and exciting.

Hildegard: Considering only the mechanics or do you enjoy art and story as well?

Dr. Mayo: The mechanics and the art, the environment etc.

Hildegard: I have some questions from the AJ thread with the vote. Udderly wants to know, what the most important part is to become a successful moonkin and if there are comps without Rogues or Warlocks that can work for moonkins.

Dr. Mayo: Well I think the spec says it all - Balance Druid - It's not just about spamming damage as most people would think... You got to know when its necessary to Cyclone the opponents whether its to score a kill or to peel for your teammates. If you ever watched my stream you’d’d’d know that you actually do have to find the balance between spamming Moonfire, Cycloning and kiting away melee, etc.

Hildegard: Diziet asks how you decide when to go for Cyclones and when to play defensive positioning wise?

Dr. Mayo:  I'll be answering that question from my resto point of view. Well I have been playing for so long that when it comes to Cyclones I think it just comes down to instincts for me. Whether I am Cycloning to catch up on heals or to score a kill I don't really have to think about it its just like an automatic thought that I should do it. Same thing goes for the positioning. I don't really think about it. I just do it.

Hildegard: Minpojke asked something as well: "Also how to trinket poly and then go tree form right after (drmayopomadog 1)"?

Dr. Mayo: As I recall I trinketed poly and then tree formed in one of my movies with Reckful. Reason: Poly couldn't be tree formed back then so I trinketed and then tree formed to keep Reckful clean from Novas.

Hildegard: Minpojke and you do not seem to be on the best terms. Is this the competition or is more behind it?

Dr. Mayo: I believe there is always class envy for those top players. I try to be the best Druid there is and I have perfected my playing. I don't compare myself to other Druids. I usually let the crowd decide for themselves.

Hildegard: You also seem not to active in forums, like AJ for example. What would have to happen to draw you in?

Dr. Mayo: I think if there was some form of drama that I cared about I'd have to reply and give my point of view. Take for example the whole season 6 dilemma when I was going for my rank 1 title.

Hildegard: When you look back at your time in WoW - was it worth it?

Dr. Mayo: Kind of... I did learn English mostly because of WoW. I am not Mexican, I am Cuban. I also think it contributed to me doing bad in school though and having a less social life. My advice is to just play the game for fun and don't take it to seriously like I used to. A social life and a healthy lifestyle will do you better in the long run, trust me I am a doctor.

Hildegard: Nice quote. You were involved in paid boosting services and advertised these in your videos. Do you have regrets in regards to that?

Dr. Mayo: No I don't, I’ve made a decent amount of money from those boosting services and that’s always good. Making money from doing something you like that is.

Hildegard: No thoughts about the consequences for the ladders and the community?

Dr. Mayo: Well I always felt a little bad for those who bought the boosts. Its so much money wasted just for a game. As for the ladders - no I never really cared .

Hildegard: We come to the end of the interview, but before you can do your shoutouts, you have to answer one final question. You play the piano, so I think an appropriate question would be:
What are the five best video game soundtracks?

Dr. Mayo: Tiptoe through The Tulips
epic sax guy
Amazing Horse
Those 3 are the only ones I can think of atm sorry ;{

Hildegard: OK, time for your shoutouts.

Dr. Mayo: Khryl, Samm, Wataka and to all those who constantly watch my stream and have donated to it. I really appreciate it and thank you!

Hildegard: Thank you for the interview Mayo.

Dr. Mayo: Thank you for the interview. Good questions.

Game 5: Loaded.Black vs Arena Pwnage at MLG Columbus
World Of Warcraft: Drmayo The Life of a Resto Druid ft. Reckful!
Sammyx/Drmayo/Khryl vs. Khuna/Xandyn/Zunniyaki at the NAO Invitational 3

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#3726133 Talbadar's YouTube Channel

Posted Guest on 06 July 2012 - 04:57 PM

Hey guys just last week I started my very own YouTube Channel! I just released some videos you junkies out there may be interested in so check them out!

(Introducing myself on my channel + giveaway)

(skill capped introducing my channel)

I'll be posting more videos DAILY from here on out, so be sure to check back often!

#3716725 Bleached Bones Arena Tournament - 5250 € Prize Pool

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will this be hosted on Europe realms im assuming ?

Nope european tournament hosted on korean servers

#3720854 Wintrading

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op is somehow worse than wonderwoman

#3719122 Cyclone wintrading, Aetarius and sifr at it again.

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I feel like something shady always happens on Cyclone lol

#3715731 Yusehz: Rank 1 DK PvP

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why is there a myspace photo of a guy in a cowboy hat at the end?

#3716095 transferring for r1

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so many fucking dogs in this thread I could open a pound

< The Dog Pound > is recruiting if you are interested you can fill an application at www.humanesociety.com

#3677967 New MoP rogue changes

Posted TwistedWoW on 04 April 2012 - 03:12 PM

I'm going to go ahead and make a focus + redirect + deadly throw macro.

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