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#4631356 GCDTV Europe Spring Finals

Posted by Zeralis on 27 March 2017 - 11:13 AM

Past Broadcast from Day 2 (Sunday's stream) not up on twitch yet?
The last broadcast available is: 

EU Spring Finals Day 1 with Healingstat, Supatease and Dilly

Anyone know why?



It was streamed on Supateases twitch channel due to technical difficulties over on GCDTV.

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#4044224 Pet in 3v3

Posted by Zeralis on 30 January 2014 - 01:22 PM

Always with observer as stated above, though from personal preference if I'm against a shadowcleave or any cleave team I know is going to kill my pet frequently, I'll sac it - but that's just how I prefer to do it.

Going to slightly deviate this, does anyone use Suprem + Imp's mass dispel on occasion? I know it's hp is terrible, but it's damage is double that of the Observer and the mass dispell on 3 friendlies is incredible assuming it isn't killed before use + a little hot now and again is never a bad thing. Contemplating trying a few games where I'll SB summon it to free my healer from CC, seems extremely powerful if utilized well

If you really choose to not play a pet vs a cleave and you feel like you need a dispell, instead of using supremacy talent, use the sacrifice and sacrifice a normal imp. This will give you command demon.

A macro like this will dispell your healer for 1 ability, so use it smart:

/cast [target=yourhealernamehere] command demon

It also has a 10 second cooldown, most of the time vs cleavs id still choose to go for the 30% midigation that glyph of eternal resolve + soul link. If they kill your obsever that you will get more preassure from, go behind a pillar and summon a void lord. This thing is tanky, and provides the ability to disarm the cleavers. (might have to soulburn this)
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#4044212 Tips for pet management?

Posted by Zeralis on 30 January 2014 - 01:09 PM

As affliction, what should I do with my pet most of the time? Especially in comps with melee trains, it tends to die to AoE (especially bladestorm). I've tried just having it sit on the healer with focus petattack macroes but its pretty easy for them to cc it themselves to get a few casts off.

Either you can play with Observer/Voidlord(I only use this if they kill the observer first) and or sacrifice if you know that their comp is going to kill your pet over and over.
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#3830081 Arena is only available for "hardcore" players.

Posted by Zeralis on 02 January 2013 - 01:19 AM

Should just consider making a PvP vendor with full gear from the second you level 90 you can obtain it. Then gear wont have a factor in PvP just skills. Also remove Profession buffs for PvP (Maybe) Could make a lot of PvP'ers happy knowing that they only have to PvP. Gear that cannot get socketed, not enchanted nothing.

No RNG procs, just abilitys.

I'm just throwing this out there, and i believe a lot of people atleast in the arena community would love to be able to play their alts at full scale the second they reach level 90.
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