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In Topic: Warlock (arena). Help me decide on spec

02 June 2017 - 10:08 PM


Hi there.
I've been playing warlock since the beginning of time, but I've mostly played PvE. However, recently, I have been keen to do some PvP and I've played quite a bit of 2's and 3's with my friend who is a ret pala. I never put out enough damage so I'm seeking a bit of advice.
I've been searching for guides but most of them are pre 7.2 so a bit has changed since then, so I am looking for something more up-to-date (and in-depth). Whether it's a video or text-based doesn't matter. Please refer me to good guides if you know of any :)
Besides that, here is a few questions I'd like to hear your thoughts about (and which is what I'm also searching asnwers for in the guides)
Ad 1) Which spec "should" I play. I know that I "should" play whichever is most fun (since our rating sucks) but I hate losing so I would also like to be somewhat competitive. I've been playing affliction so far, but I feel like I die too easy and also I do like 50% of the damage he does? Why do you think that is?
Ad 2) Which talents (regular AND pvp) are recommended? I reckon talents will change depending on whether we face melee cleave, shadowplay or whichever combination people play. Suggestions on changes that are match-up dependent is most welcome.


General tips will be hard to give out post by post, but knowing all possible combinations you and your friend plays is a start. Ret palas and Warlocks arent usually paired together in pvp. 


Where warlocks usually play more of a control drain playstyle(mainly), rets usually play more of a cleavy high burst damage compositions. 


You should be able to pull out a lot of damage comparable to a ret paladin, though this will depend a lot whether you are being trained by opponents and such. 


I could go into much more detail, but I do feel like having a discussion would be more efficient time wise, if that is interesting reply to this and we'll figure something out :) 

In Topic: GCDTV Europe Spring Finals

27 March 2017 - 11:13 AM

Past Broadcast from Day 2 (Sunday's stream) not up on twitch yet?
The last broadcast available is: 

EU Spring Finals Day 1 with Healingstat, Supatease and Dilly

Anyone know why?



It was streamed on Supateases twitch channel due to technical difficulties over on GCDTV.

In Topic: Warlock Pet bug - Dalaran Arena

19 January 2017 - 04:50 PM

It gets stuck when you send your pet in before youre out of the pipes yourself, so dont combat bug and it won't get stuck


Also don't jump just run out of the tube

Allright, I will test this out. But even if this works, it is an annoying problem to deal with.