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Stealth Bar and Bindings as Sub

29 December 2014 - 06:03 AM

Sup guys, so i've been trying to redo my bindings and streamline them but I run into a problem when considering that I play more than just rogue, I have my bars setup to mimic basic functions across other classes, i.e, Stun is generally on the same binding for all classes, upkeep spell, DoTs, CC, major cooldowns, etc.

The problem is when I am swapping to sub on my rogue I still have the main action bar with my highly used spells Hemo/Stab, Evisc etc on 1,2,3 but it gets wonky when I enter dance or use subterfuge, I find myself trying to put frequently used abilities on modifier keybinds so that I can use them during dance if I need to but it doesn't feel as smooth as I like.

My question is how do you setup your bars as sub mostly, do you bind your stealth abilities outside of the main bar, which keys do you have your nonstealth abilities at and such.

Any advice would be great or just a screenie of stealth/nonstealthed bars.

Edit: Also have a g600 mouse but I have no idea how I want to set it up yet, any input on this would be appreciated too.