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#3912664 Bleached Bones Tourney Poorly Organized

Posted Conradical on 13 July 2013 - 03:45 AM

View PostPaladinae, on 13 July 2013 - 03:39 AM, said:

When you called them babies with huge egos, when you imitated Samx and when you said Samx shouldn't be afk that is dumb, but you guys know how Samx is and there was a lot of times you subtly insulting him. I don't want to watch the whole vod, but in the thread about the tourney, others also point out that you were bias.

The imitation was the only thing that could even resemble insulting them that occurred before they threatened to forfeit. If a team isn't going to respect the tournament, I'm not going to respect them as players in the tournament.

This doesn't mean I don't think they're phenomenal players. This doesn't mean I don't think they're fun people. This doesn't even mean I don't think they're good people. This means I'm not going to show them any respect in this specific tournament f they're not going to respect the tournament.

#3906227 Quit the qqing

Posted Saberstrike on 30 June 2013 - 08:20 AM


Warriors are fine atm

Everyone is fine. It's just that some are more fine than the rest.


iam not sure why everyone is crying about warriors not making it to the top and shit.

The answer's in the question!


I agree with some of topics not all of them.

Hint, that's not very special.


Warriors play style is kind of boring but what do you expect from warriors to go nova or sheep ppl?

Mage detected? If your definition of 'interesting playstyle' is nova -> sheep then your mind must be blown by sheer complexity of hunters!


we have had the same playstyle for years and its not going to change any time soon.

Ehm, no. We lost: 1) Enrage / Fury from Vanilla 2) Shield Play from TBC 3) Damage in Wrath due to this whole ArP fiasco 4) Most of the other misc. utility and viability in Cata 5) Bladestorm @ Arms / Pretty much everything else we gained with MoP besides banners.


because of all the other classes

Hmm, what do you call a situation when you're inferior to all the other classes... I'd say... Hm. Just an idea. BAD?


Anyone can play any class wither shit or not they could always get glad.

And you could fly if you flap your arms hard enough! But you're not doing it because you know it ain't worth the effort. I'll make you a deal, if you don't like all this QQ why don't -you- go ahead and get glad, prove us haters wrong once and for all?


Thier are many rank 1 s5 glad warriors who got rank 1 while it was a complete trash season for warriors.

Scroll up to see all the things we've lost since s5. Any questions?

If you're okay with the class why not shut up and play it? If anything, whining about whining makes you, sir, the biggest whiner of us all.

#3905888 Why do you warriors continue to play an obsolete class?

Posted Saberstrike on 29 June 2013 - 03:04 PM

It's the only class that lets you experience 'Getting in their face and smashing them' without any piss-colored magic, turning into cats n bears, calling wolves / stupid blob of fire, getting those gay 'swoosh swoosh' death knight sounds or relying on puss-out stealth.

If they made monk feel like a visceral hand to hand fighter rather than the same 'swoosh swoosh magic nonsense', I'd reroll. As is warrior plainly and simply feels more brutal through the way it sounds and plays, bad as it is. =/


What I've never understood is why warriors are still complaining. EVERYTHING that was outdated or broken has been fixed (bar a few bugs with the actual spells) and people are still unhappy.

Imagine if you lost mana out of combat, had to hit people with wand to regain it, had your shields cut by 40% except that one time for 15 seconds during 3-min cooldowns, had no pets or cc besides 1.5m cooldown fear, took 20% more damage except in stance where you gain no mana and were basically inferior to paladin in every way.

That's why.

#3905563 Feral PvP Guide (5.3)

Posted Kerberus on 28 June 2013 - 07:32 PM

Hello there current and aspiring Furballs

Having observed the recent decline in numbers of active PvP'ers and after seeing a few posts (on the official forums) filled with basic questions about how to PvP as a Feral and never seeing an answer that really satisfied me, I've decided to write a fairly comprehensive Feral PvP Guide. This guide includes not only basic things like gearing, gemming and enchanting, it also takes a look at how to deal damage, feral gameplay in general and some other specifics.

I chose not to write it on the forums as spreading it elsewhere would have meant a lot of extra work and I wouldn't have been able to design it the way I wanted. Link to PDF:

https://jumpshare.co...7J5Eltihn565Av3 (updated to v1.4)

Hopefully, this guide will answer most of your questions regarding Feral PvP. Should you have more questions, have an idea on what else to include or would like to tell me how wrong I am on everything, feel free to reply to me here and I'll answer as best I can. I will try to keep it updated, be that for a new patch or inbetween.


Here's the table of contents for those too lazy to take a look:

Welcome! 3
About the author 3
1. Getting started: Gear and a million choices 4
1.1 Gearing 4
1.1.1 Furry Gladiator’s Sanctuary 4
1.1.2 Gems and Enchants 5
1.1.3 Reforging 7
1.2 Talents and Glyphs 7
1.2.1 Talent choices 7
1.2.2 Glyphs 10
2. Dealing Damage 12
2.1 Core Abilities and Priorities 13
2.1.1 But wait, there’s more! 14
2.2 Damage Cooldowns and Burst 14
2.3 Wrap-up 15
3. Feral Gameplay 16
3.1 So… what do I actually do? 16
3.1.1 Utility 18
3.2 Healing and Defense 19
3.2.1 Defensive Cooldowns 19
3.2.2 Playing defensively 20
3.3 Symbiosis 20
3.4 Match-ups 21
4. Macros, Professions etc. 23
4.1 Common and Useful Macros 23
4.2 Professions 24
4.3 Race Choice 24
5. Appendix 25
5.1 Symbiosis table 25
5.2 Change Log 25

#3896569 The sad, sad state of warriors pt.2

Posted Braindance on 08 June 2013 - 03:43 PM

Continuation from http://www.arenajunk...s/#entry3873772

Fellow warriors:


Although most of our defensive problems have been addressed (and I think that the above thread had something to do with it), we still remain a dry, uninvolved class with no real depth. Due to countless complains coming mostly from the all-mighty RMP classes we have been stripped of everything class defining characteristics we had, ranging from our (once) unparalleled mobility , to our (once) supreme consistent damage. We have been reduced to a slow, damage dealing machine with no other purpose and no real niche. We currently are nothing more than PvE mobs with minimal player input.


The reasons for the above are:
  • Most of our class defining tools have been given to other classes (and some have even been removed from us like improved hamstring) - mortal strike, high consistent damage, strong melee damage reductions debuffs (clap+demo shout), good mobility, undispellable peels (improved hamstring where are you, disarm)
  • WotLK, as much as I hated it as an expansion, did a good job in greatly enhancing the utility arsenal of each class when compared to BC. The two expansions that followed, increased the utility of every class BUT warriors. Instead, since the start of Cata, we kept losing more and more class defining skills (eg intercept). Currently in MoP, we are 3 expansions behind utility wise. Even during BC we had mace stun and improved hamstring, which, even though RNG, were extremely powerful and effective

  • From s6 and beyond the game became more centered around casters. As a follow up, melee started getting tools to deal with them (ams, silences, magic damage reducing abilities in short cd etc, ranged damage in the form of dots throws.coils etc). On the contrary, our one main defense against casters, spell reflect, was nerfed. Just some food for thought, no one cared about spell reflect fine during the entirety of WotLK where casters actually casted, but it became a thorn in the side of the disgusting vocal minority that enjoys rbgs. I find it outrageous that the one ability that required complete awareness of what is going on in the arena to use effectively was nerfed.

  • Most melee gained the same, if not superior, damage output. Dks, ferals, rets you name it. It is hilarious that classes with quadruple our tools can have the same pure damage output as the traditional damage dealing class. An added bonus; manyhybrid/dk attacks are not affected by armor (feral bleeds, dk diseases/necro, etc)
We have no niche; we can't fill any role better than anything else; for every warrior comp, there is a superior one that involves a different melee.

Possible solutions

We need something class-defining that other can’t do as well:

1.    Unrelenting assault back in the game http://www.wowwiki.c...lenting_Assault . Yes you heard me, but this time the debuff is applied only to damage and not healing. Could be implemented in the form of a separate binding that expends 4 overpower charges to reduce spell damage by 50% for 6/8 seconds

2.    Reflect to 20 seconds for arms/ fury only. 15 with the glyph

3.    Mass spell reflect baseline

4.    Damage done in defensive stance reduced by 10%, but we gain 6 rage per white attack

5.    Glyph of heroic leap baseline since it’s mandatory

6.    I would like to see some limited ranged utility - Heroic throw silences for 3 seconds (would be the weakest silence in the game but still some utility), or it applies a slow for 60% for a few seconds (like a weaker version of chains of ice)

7.    Improved hamstring back

8.    Revenge available to arms once again

9.    After rallying cry falls, the hp % is retained.

10.   Shockwave cooldown is reduced by 7 seconds for every target it hits, to a minimum of 20 seconds

11.   Bladestorm baseline – it is a shame that one of our iconic abilities has to be at the same tier where shockwave is the beyond obvious choice. Warrior AoE even in pve is among the weakest around already anyway, so I think it makes sense

12.   Hamstring either removed from the global cooldown, or “baked” into some other spell (slam is a good example)

13.   Lower cd on reck/avatar/banner – lower the effect/duration to compensate. Avatar could also grant slow immunity for the duration (not snare immunity), since it’s relatively easy to peel a warrior already compared to other classes (no immunities like ams, cloak etc)

14.   Reflect no longer requires a shield – this has absolutely nothing to do with skill, it’s purely a QoL improvement for ppl with an ms higher than 100

Most of the above changes are very easy to implement code-wise, merely by tweaking numbers.
If we get half of windwalker monks’ utility, we are saved. They are a paradigm for a well-designed class, with excellent utility and very intricate spells (zen meditation comes to mind)

Please feel free to add your ideas/comments, but do so in a concise format so that Ghostcrawler/Holinka/devs can easily browse through, without spending too much time.

#3889674 Guide to Gemming in 5.3

Posted Veev on 21 May 2013 - 01:02 PM

I have updated my warrior spreadsheet for patch 5.3.

TL;DR version: Use the highest ranking gear and gems found here.

Red sockets: Inscribed Vermilion Onyx
Blue sockets: Piercing Wild Jade or Radiant Wild Jade
Yellow/prismatic sockets: Smooth Sun's Radiance
Meta: Still personal preference, but probably Reverberating Primal Diamond or Powerful Primal Diamond (and PvP meta once you can use it)

Slightly longer version: Resilience, in my opinion, is no longer worth gemming for.  The amount of resil on gems has been cut in half, without any increase to the effectiveness of resil.  The only time I can see gemming resil being worth it is if you are 100% sure you will be trained from start to finish (perhaps something to setup a 2nd set of gear for).

PvP power has been cut in half now as well, making it so that no one should ever gem primarily for PvP power.  Strength is hands-down better than PvP power now, and--somewhat surprisingly--crit is actually better than strength.  The only minor exception to this is that while Recklessness is up, strength is probably slightly better than crit, but crit is going to be significantly better overall.

Another interesting thing to note is that you may want to use crit/hit gems in your blue sockets (instead of crit/PvP power).  Assuming that you value hit equal to mastery (the median value of crit/mast/haste, for reforging purposes), and since 160 mastery is > than 80 PvP power, you will be better off gemming for hit and then reforging those would-be hit rating points into more mastery.  However, if you're forced to reforge those points into haste instead, it wouldn't be worth it (since 80 PvP power > 160 haste).

And please note that you still want to use strength enchants for bracers/gloves/etc.  1 point of strength is far superior to 1 point of crit (as compared on most enchants), but on gems you are comparing 1 strength to 2 points of crit.  And the resil chest enchant is still the best, since that has not been modified.

Good luck to fellow warriors on hopefully feeling viable again this patch.

#3883674 Sneaky drinks

Posted Rilor on 03 May 2013 - 07:41 AM

Posted Image

#3878181 tremor totem is a old and dumb mechanic

Posted Riizla on 21 April 2013 - 01:36 AM

View PostBraindance, on 20 April 2013 - 10:44 PM, said:


Posted Image

#3873798 The sad, sad state of warriors

Posted hoodrych on 11 April 2013 - 07:10 AM

pretty much agree with all of this, nice post. obviously warriors were stupid at the beginning of MOP with gag order and swifty one shot, but now that all of that has been toned down you can really see the age of the class.

spell reflect and shield block that actually reduced melee damage are my two biggest gripes. warriors are so weak against casters inherently and a lot of that is spell reflect. no one ever complained about 10s spell reflect in arena, when the nerf happened people were scratching their heads. it's a well designed ability, you actually lose all your damage, have to manually switch 1h/shield and either get the spell you wanted or it could get eaten by a moonfire, but at least you had the option every 10s, and there was a penalty. now if spell reflect is used you pray to have leap or prepare to get blasted for 25 seconds.

i've hated colossus smash since the beginning, it adds so much more clunkiness to our rotation and makes bursting a joke. a lot of our play style is clunky now too, which just makes it not very fun to play (been that way for a while). won't even comment on shield wall since you covered that nicely. dying to physical damage faster then cloth is old, thats my second biggest gripe, armor pen or melee abilities that ignore armor just crush through warriors like nothing. it's a sad state when I die faster to a cleave then my warlock does, so much for armor.

ive played this shit forever and it's really awful to just not even want to play, i logged in to cap today and just got bored and didn't even bother, it's just not even fun because of zero utility and being forced to play a 3min slam machine, literally chaning a couple 90k slams every 3 minutes is our only saving grace.

lastly, i've never really played an alt seriously but ww monk is amazing. i know they aren't super well represented and our weak vs some stuff but so much more enjoyable then warriors. so similar to warriors in a lot of ways.. playing a class that has actual modernized cooldowns has really opened my eyes to how ancient warrior abilities are. perma mini colossus smash, baseline imp hamstring, more mobility, more useful defenses. idk...

#3873772 The sad, sad state of warriors

Posted Braindance on 11 April 2013 - 05:29 AM


The golden age
It pains me to say that, but no one can refuse that WotLK was by far the best era for warriors. 10 second spell reflect, charge and intercept, amazing damage, bladestorm, strong sword and board play. In retrospect it was a paradise - you had every tool you needed in your disposal. There were lots and lots of things separating a good from a bad warrior, mainly because of our skill set variety.

The current age
Through cata and MoP, we have been stripped of everything:
  • Our defensive play relies on a passive skill and a ridiculous stance, without much action required from our part
  • Niche abilities have been removed from our arsenal - intercept, shield block, baseline bladestorm
  • The new rage system, while ideal for pve, is a total failure in pvp
  • Many of our abilities are frozen in time since WotLK or even BC
In this new era of abilities like cloak and dagger and RoP we don't have much to offer apart from our damage which is rivaled and even surpassed by other classes now - dks and mages(!?) come to mind. As Veev said, our playstyle is straight Hulk Smash. We have 0 finesse moves to "shine", mainly because we don't have sufficient tools to react to various situations. Eg. we once had improved hamstring and we were one of the very few classes with a disarm. Now almost everyone has a root effect and a disarm. We used to have MS, but its importance has vastly diminished over the years.

Long story short, even though we are still viable, the playstyle plainly Sucks (with a capital s). All you do is damage. Getting trained? Go defensive stance and still do damage. Partner dying? Use a shockwave, throw a charge, do damage and hope for the best.

We are heavily dependent on long cooldowns.Sure, throwing heavy crits every 3 mins is fun, but it becomes quite boring after a while.

Shield wall is by far the most outdated, pathetic cooldown in the game. 40% damage reduction every 5 minutes - requires a shield. Let's take a look at the more fancy melee cooldowns of 2013:
  • Icebound fortitude: 20% damage reduction, stun immunity for 12 seconds, 3 minute cooldown
  • Combat readiness: 10% mitigation that stacks up to 5 every time you are hit by a melee or ranged attack, 20 second duration, 2 minute cooldown
  • Cloak of shadows: no comment
  • Anti-magic shell: no comment
  • Shamanistic rage: 30% damage reduction, usable while stunned, 1 minute cooldown
  • Survival instincts: 50% damage reduction, 3 minute cooldown
  • Divine protection: 40% magic damage reduction, 1 minute cooldown
  • Barkskin: 20% damage reduction, 1 minute cooldown
It is immediately apparent that all of those abilities have the following common traits:
  • They all have relatively small cooldowns

  • They provides bonuses with minimal trade offs, allowing the user to stay offensive
I am not even gonna compare things like deterrence, dispersion etc. While it is true that we were given a strong 2 min cd defensive cooldown, it doesn't make up for the fact that once shield wall is down you are almost always 100% dead. It is a far superior, and more involved playstyle, to have short defensive cds that you can use proactively or actively before/ during every big swap.
Of course I am not implying that some of the classes with the above cds are better than warriors right now - they are not, but their weaknesses lie in various sectors and not in their defensive cds department.

A more involved playstyle
Changes have to happen, to make our playstyle more interesting, involved and, at the same time, less frustrating to our opponents:
  • It is an affront to any intelligent player, having to play with second wind and a moronic, bloated, passive -% damage reduction. it is reminiscent of s5 dk playstyle in a weaker form. Make defensive stance a mere 10% damage reduction - bring back sword and board. 10 second reflect back -  being "op" in rbgs was a joke in the first place

  • The rage system has to change. Whilst the active component of rage gains is OK, the passive one blows. We used to be angry all the time with a glowing red bad underneath our healthbars when trained - now I can have a mage and an sp blowing their loads all over my screen and my character is calm like a lamb

  • Introduce training protection - warriors ALWAYS had training protection either in the form of rage or enrage. I am not asking for a 25% enrage to come back, but rage MUST come back

  • To keep pressure up outside of cds we have to use almost every global to do damage. We don't have the luxury of casting sheeps, or blinking all over the map to  gain momentum. Therefore it is unfair to have hamstring fill 20% of our globals. Almost every melee has its slow integrated in a main attack - why is this not the case for us? Either that, or force all other melees to manually apply their slow every 6 seconds like we do. And 7 rage for a hamstring when your auto attack every ~3 seconds generates 12 rage IF in battle stance is a no-no

  • Why are some of our most interesting abilities in the same talent tier? Why is safeguard in the same tier as mass spell reflect? Why is piercing howl not baseline?

  • Berserk stance in pvp is almost entirely worthless. It is good for pve but it has 0 pvp usage - I've tried it countless times and it's so situational it's not worth wasting the 3  sec cds on stances

  • Why do stances have 3 sec cooldown...?
I am not optimistic at all knowing Blizzard. It is a shame that things like trinkets or single abilities are looked at, but classes in a more global, dynamic scale are neglected. I also don't believe that the new pvp developer wants to push such drastic changes into place. At best, they will keep tweaking numbers. But because hope is a human thing, I shed my thoughts here waiting for a miracle.

Tell me what you think.

#3869747 Atmosphere's Holy Paladin Guide (5.2)

Posted Nightmonkey on 02 April 2013 - 12:41 AM

Holy Paladin Guide (5.4)

The guides that are currently stickied to the top of this Forum are more of a history lesson than anything else.  I thought it would be a good idea to post an up to date one. If this guide looks familiar, it's because I used the same format that Vanguards used for his Ret guide.  I found Vanguards' guide very helpful and well laid out, so hopefully he doesn't mind.

What changed about Holy in 5.4 for PvP?

Holy got a few buffs in 5.4.  Overall none of it is drastically game changing.

Divine Plea no longer reduces your healing by 50%.  Bout time.
Illuminated Healing (mastery) no longer procs from hots.  Minor nerf to Eternal Flame.
Guardian of Ancient Kings has a lower cooldown and copies your healing onto your target.
Holy Insight now increases Eternal Flame and Word of Glory by 50% (up from 25%)
Holy Shock's mana cost reduced by 50%
Judgment mana cost up to 12% from 5% of base mana

PvP Talents

Posted Image

The highlighted talents are the most commonly used talents for Holy Paladins.  This is not a definitive selection of talents as they all have their different uses.

Level 15:

Speed of Light: the best choice in my opinion.  This talent provides a burst of speed that is not on the GCD and can be used while silenced.  This means that you can always use it exactly when you need it.

As Holy you won't always have the GCDs to spare to get a sprint through Long Arm of the Law when you really need it.  Pursuit of Justice is nice as well but in my experience it won't save your life or help you get into range to land HoJ like Speed of Light will.

Level 30:

Fist of Justice, Repentance, Evil is a Point of View

I've lumped all of these into one category because they are all viable.  The biggest thing you need to consider when you choose one of these is what CC's your team currently has, and which of them share a DR with your talent choice.

Ideally you want to choose a talent that does not share a DR with your team's main sources of CC.  For example, if you are playing with a Warlock you probably shouldn't use EPV.  Repentance is questionable too because it breaks on damage, and Warlocks like to dot things up.  In this case Fist of Justice would probably be best.

This is the train of thought that you should go through each time you play a different comp.

Level 45:

Eternal Flame: This is the one to get.

Sacred Shield: Even with the changes to Sacred Shield in 5.4, I typically do not use it.  This is a complete flip flop from what I used to have in this guide.  I used to think it was great until I started using Eternal Flame more often, now I never want to use anything but Eternal Flame.  I can't really think of a situation where Sacred Shield would be preferable to Eternal Flame.

I do not recommend Selfless Healer to Holy Paladins.  This is because of all of the spread damage going around, the increase to Judgment's mana cost, and the fact that you need to spend 3 GCD's before this talent really kicks in.  Any good Warrior will use Thunderclap to spread Deep Wounds, and that damage alone will eventually put you behind in healing without Eternal Flame.

Level 60:

Clemency: the preferred choice most all of the time for me.  This talent allows you to give freedom to your team mates, yet still have 1 charge available to you in case you get switched to.  It also allows you two get out of jail free cards against CC that breaks on damage through Hand of Sacrifice.  Also with 2 charges on Hand of Protection you should almost never find yourself coming up short on immunities for yourself or your team mates.

Unbreakable Spirit:  The change to this ability puts it on par with Clemency.  This is the talent to use if you are having trouble with wizards, or you are simply getting trained a lot.  This is something you will benefit from changing on a game by game basis depending on what will help the most.

Hand of Purity: also a viable choice, though not one I typically recommend.  It is a highly specialized talent that is only really useful against teams with more than one DoT class.  The 10% damage reduction that they added to it in 5.2 doesn't even begin to make up for all the utility you lose from not using Clemency.  This is a talent you will only use against certain teams, but in those specific situations it can really shine.

Level 75:

Divine Purpose: a really strong and random talent.  Sometimes it will proc exactly when you need it, sometimes it won't.  It can completely turn games around if it procs back to back when somebody is low, which seems to happen frequently because of its high proc chance.

Holy Avenger: also a very strong talent, but it is not random.  This talent is for somebody who does not like RNG and would prefer on demand burst healing with a cooldown.  I typically choose this talent for RBG's and sometimes for 5v5.  This talent gives you another button to press when things really start getting wild.

I have experimented with Sanctified Wrath in the past, but I do not feel like it is as strong as the other two.  I think Holy Avenger provides better controlled burst healing, and Divine Purpose will probably do more for you over the course of a match.

Level 90:

Holy Prism: the only real choice for PvP.  The cooldown on the other two talents is far too long for them to really be viable.  Be careful not to use it on a friendly target if they are standing near an enemy player that is CC'd by something that breaks on damage (Freezing Trap, Polymorph, etc) because the Prism will break them out of it.  Try and make an effort to use this on an enemy player whenever you can because it actually does a ton of spread healing.  This is especially important/useful in RBG's.

Light's Hammer might be useful since 5.2 added a snare to it, so it works like a 14 second AOE snare.  If you feel like you don't need the superior healing from Holy Prism you might find this useful as a kiting tool.  Execution Sentence used to be a cool talent until they changed PvP Power to not benefit healer damage.  The new dispel protection on it makes it more attractive, but I still would not recommend it.


Prime Glpyhs:
Beacon of Light (highly recommended) - I always use this glyph.  It is amazing.
Flash of Light (highly recommended) - Gives a nice little boost to your next heal after flash.
Divine Protection - Use this as your third against any double physical damage team.
Glyph of Devotion Aura - If you are not playing with wizards, this is a strong choice

Gems / Enchants / Stats

Priorities for Stats:
This is an area of a lot of discussion and debate for Holy Paladins.  I would actually like some input here, but I will try to present several options as best I can.

Intellect and Spirit are your two main stats.  You want both of these stats on most of your gear.  Paladins don't really have mana troubles these days.  They do have troubles with getting chain CC'd though, so you want whatever few heals you can get out in between CC's to be strong.

Mastery and Crit are the two secondary stats that tend to attract the most controversy.  After experimenting with a Mastery setup and a Crit setup, I think Crit is probably superior.  The sheer number of procs you get from Holy Shock really starts to feel mandatory in today's arena environment.

I feel like Haste deserves a mention as well because Paladins have a fair amount of abilities that benefit from it.  Sacred Shield, Repentance, Blinding Light, and every casted heal all benefit from Haste.

At the end of the day, whatever feels best to you is what you should do.  After personally trying full mastery, full haste, and full crit, my personal opinion is that crit seems to be the best.

PvP Power and Resilience:

Blizzard turned PvP Power and Resil on it's head.  The gems have been severely nerfed and your base PvP Power and Resil will mostly come from your PvP gear.  Your weapon and trinkets are your most important pieces for these stats, use the PvP pieces in these slots.

Recommended Gems:
Meta - 432 Spirit / +3% Critical Effect or your personal preference
Red - 160 Intellect
Yellow - 80 Intellect / 160 Crit (or Mastery)
Blue - 80 Intellect / 160 Spirit

Recommended Enchants:
Shoulders - 200 Intellect / 100 Crit
Back - 180 Intellect
Chest - 200 Resilience
Wrist - 180 Intellect
Hands - 170 Mastery
Legs - 285 Intellect / 165 Spirit
Feet - 140 Mastery / Run Speed
Weapon - Jade Spirit
Off Hand - 165 Intellect

Recommended Reforging:
This is where the personal preference and a lot of debate comes in.  I used to prefer to reforge out of Haste/Crit into Mastery.  Now I do the opposite and reforge into crit.  I reforge into Spirit wherever I can, though I think it's just one ring and your weapon where this is possible.  It's hard to go wrong really.

Viable Holy Comps
Once again I think Holy Paladins are kind of in a rough spot this season.  I don't think they're the worst but they're definitely not the best either.

To be honest I haven't played very much this patch, but it looks like your best option will be to make friends with a good Warrior if you haven't by now.  Once you have that taken care of, add in just about anything else and you have something that has potential to get to high ratings.

Some of the most notable Paladin comps in no particular order:


General Arena Tips for Holy Paladins
Make sure to keep rebuffing Might/Kings as long as your team is above 85%.  In 5.3 the mana cost came down on these buffs significantly, so this is even easier to do now.

Prioritize dispels on your most supportive classes. When your team is going offensive make sure to dispel CC that is "full" to maximize uptime for your mongoloid team mate.

Also just be really vocal with team mates when you don't have trinket or bubble, letting them know the other team is about to swap onto you before they do could really change the outcome of their swap.

I don't use a ton of macros, but I find the ones I use to be absolutely essential.  I'll put a couple here, maybe someone will find them useful.

Mouseover Cleanse & Self Cleanse
#showtooltip Cleanse
/cast [target=mouseover, exists] [help] [target=player] Cleanse

#showtooltip Cleanse
/cast [target=Player] Cleanse

My personal Preference is to use a Mouseover macro for cleansing.  You hover over somebody's raid frame, name plate, or character and then use this macro.  I didn't like how it behaved when I tried to self cast it, so I made another macro and bound it to ALT + my cleanse binding.  You can replace Cleanse with any other ability in this macro if you like how it works.

Psyfiend Turn Evil
#showtooltip Turn Evil
/targetexact [noharm] Psyfiend
/use [harm]Turn Evil

If you're too lazy to manually target the Psyfiend.  I don't actually use this one, but some may find it useful.

Stopcasting Macros
#showtooltip Devotion Aura
/cast Devotion Aura

#showtooltip Hand of Sacrifice
/cast Hand of Sacrifice

The purpose of these macros is to stop whatever your character is currently doing and cast a more important spell.  This is usually only used for very important spells that are time sensitive such as Bubble, Devotion Aura, Hand of Sacrifice, etc.  It makes sure that the important spell goes off when you press the button, no matter what else your character may be doing.

Adding Party1,2,3 targeting support to your macros
Personally I do not usually use this style of macro, but they are very useful and considered by most to be the proper way to use macros.  The idea is that for some (or all) of your abilities there are 2 to 3 different binds that cast the same spell, but on a different person.

Here is an example:
Let's say that R is bound to Cleanse.  Pressing R will cleanse your target if you have one, or will cleanse yourself if you have no target.  Now let's say you want to change things up and use a Party1,2,3 macro for cleanse, so you bind R to this macro:

/cast [target=Party1] Cleanse

When you activate this macro you will always cleanse the first person in your party, no matter who you are targeting.  So at the minimum for 3v3 also need a macro/binding to cleanse your other partner and yourself.

Now that you know how the Party1,2,3 macros actually work, here is how you apply them.  Arena1,2,3 macros work exactly the same way to target your opponents, so just replace "Party" with "Arena."

/cast [target=Party1] Any Spell Here

I felt like Holy Paladins deserved an up to date thread covering some of the basics.  The purpose of this guide is to help new and returning players that may not know what a lot of the new stuff does.

I welcome any constructive criticism or additions.  This is not intended to be a flawless and complete guide, just the basics.  I'm not claiming that my word is gospel or that I am the best Paladin, this is only intended to be a basic helpful guide - so please don't flame.

If you liked what I had to say, you can follow me on Twitch, but I don't stream that often:


#3552156 Warriors Need Utility or Snare Removals

Posted Zanso15 on 17 November 2011 - 12:17 AM

15% movement speed + make all snares the same reduction (50%) and make hamstring apply on auto attacks with a 9 second internal cooldown.

Pretty much would make us able to stick on a target longer and not waste 2 seconds out of the 5 seconds we are on a target refreshing hamstring which would be huge.

Warriors have never had utility, we had MS and mobility which was enough to get kills. When they nerfed MS they gave us stupid damage to make up for it, and now we have no MS/damage/utility the class is terrible.

#3079880 DK Basics 4.0

Posted Guest on 21 February 2011 - 05:48 PM

Posted Image

5.0 Notes:

- Dark Simulacrum does not copy Divine Shield or Ice Block.
- Corpse Explosion is a vanity minor glyph and does not do damage.

The following is out of date (4.0):

Press CTRL+F and then type index number you wish to view.

1. New Spells
2. Tips
3. Macros
4. Recommended Glyphs
5. Dark Simulacrum
6. Builds
7. Stats, Gemming, and Enchants
8. Runeforging
9. Professions
10. Team Compositions
11. Changes to note
12. General Addons
13. DK-specific Addons
14. Other DK Resources
15. UI [coming soon!]
16. Contributors

1. New Spells:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

2. Tips:

Posted Image Bind focus macros for the following abilities. Use /cast [@focus] spellname. Check out the macro section of this guide for alternate macros for each of the following spells.
● Death Grip
● Mind Freeze
● Gnaw
● Strangulate
● Chains of Ice
● Leap
● Dark Simulacrum* (see below)

Posted Image There's a lot of confusion over which spells are considered an immunity when using Glyph of Resilient Grip. Spells such as roots or a hunter's deterrence are not considered immunities. Spells that are considered immunities are:
● Divine Shield
● Ice Block
● Banish
● Cyclone
● Blessing of Protection
● Pillar of Frost

Posted Image Lichborne can be used for many things other than just breaking fear. Lichborne also prevents:
● Seduce (Will also break this effect on use)
● Sap
● Polymorph
● Hex
● Any form of fear (Will also break this effect on use)
● Mind Control (Will also break this effect on use)

*Note: Lichborne can be used at any time during a crowd control effect. This is great for preventing back to back polymorphs which overlap and do not allow any time between each other. An example of this would be using Lichborne to prevent Warstomp -> Hexs

Posted Image Your opponents will probably kill your ghoul if they are training you, or planning a quick switch for a kill on you while your Summon Ghoul is on cooldown. Keep in mind that you're able to also Death Pact your Gargoyle (see the macro section of this guide).

Posted Image Get comfortable with controlling your ghoul - it's underrated. Personally, I have Alt+Scroll up set to /petattack [@focus], while having Alt+Scroll down set to /petfollow me. This is great for keeping shamans in combat who are using water-shield. You're easily able to toggle your pet on and off the shaman without giving him too much mana.

Posted Image Death and Decay is great for interrupting healers which are out of line of sight and drinking. For example, you can be in the middle of Nagrand Arena and interrupt a healer drinking almost anywhere on the map.

Posted Image While Chains of Ice is effected by Cloak of Shadows, Plague Strike is not. When a rogue uses this ability it's best to reapply Plague Strike right away. Outbreak now has a chance to be resisted by Cloak of Shadows.

Posted Image Dark Simulacrum works through immunities such as Divine Shield and Ice Block. This means the debuff is guaranteed to be applied regardless of the target's state. If you cast it during a Divine Shield, it will copy either the spell casted during the Divine Shield, or the spell casted after the shield is down.

Posted Image I mentioned using a focus Death Grip macro in the first tip. I cannot stress enough how huge this is for interrupts. Don't just use it to close gaps.

Posted Image If you're running with a Warrior, Chains of Ice -> Death Grip another target into range of the Bladestorm for more pressure.

Posted Image Remember that both your Death Grip and Mind Freeze can be grounded. You can use an addon to show an alert for the "Grounding Totem" buff (I use Elkano's Buff Bars). If you need to use either of these abilities and there is a Grounding Totem down, just cast a quick Chains of Ice to get rid of the totem.

Posted Image Take note that Anti-Magic Shell not only prevents magic spells from being applied, but also poisons. Another great use for Anti-Magic Shell is preventing Nature's Grasp or traps.

Posted Image Bind a focus Unholy Command to your main attack(s). This will keep any healers in combat, assuming they are in range and line of sight, without using and runes or runic power.

Posted Image Gargoyle is affected by Unholy Presence, however Frost Presence does not provide any bonus. By using your Gargoyle in Unholy Presence, it will gain extra haste allowing 3 more casts. Also, if you're going to Bloodlust/Heroism, do it before you summon your gargoyle or it will not receive the benefit.

Posted Image When a Warrior is Bladestorming one of your team-mates, Death Grip it off them. When in Dalaran, Blade's Edge, and Ring of Valor, you're able to Death Grip the Warrior off a pillar or ledge during the Bladestorm, but you have to watch for a Grounding Totem and Spell Reflect.

Posted Image It never hurts to carry an extra weapon engraved with Swordshattering. Using this will reduce the duration of those disarms that feel like they will never end. A rogues rotation usually starts with a Cheap Shot -> Kidney Shot -> Dismantle with 1 second left. If you are able to Gnaw the rogue with 1 second left on his Cheap Shot, you can equip your Swordshattering weapon.

Posted Image If you notice that the priest is low on mana, has not used Hymn of Hope, and is running out of line of sight, he is most likely going to first check to see if there's a Ghoul he has to Shackle. Pulling your Ghoul off the Priest just temporarily can "juke" him into casting it when you are perfectly aware and can easily have your pet switch back to him for the Gnaw.

Posted Image If your diseases are about to fall off and the target Death Knight uses Anti-Magic Shell, you are still able to refresh them via Festering Strike.

Posted Image 5v5 Clutch Death Grips are very important in 5s, and one of the best places to do this is in Dalaran Sewers. You can grip the kill targets down to the lower area, using the wall to line of sight its healers. At each corner in Dalaran Sewers, there is a Shadowsight that spawns after 90 seconds. You are able to grip a player into this Shadow Sight, and it will increase the targets damage taken by 5% for the next 15 seconds.

Posted Image [Bug Fix] There's a bug where you will be in line of sight and range, not be silenced, and have enough runic power, yet Summon Gargoyle will not work. This only known fix for this is to drop your current target and re-target.

Posted Image Unholy Frenzy will break crowd control effects if it is active. However, it cannot be used while controlled. You are able to cast this on your partner, but it takes approximately 3 seconds for the first damage tick.

Posted Image The damage portion of Chains of Ice will work on a hunter with Deterence when using Glyph of Chains of Ice. However, this won't slow the hunter.

Posted Image When Sudden Doom procs, you are able to gain 20 runic power if you choose to use it to heal instead of doing damage.

Posted Image When going against a death knight, strangulate prevents the use of lichborne healing.

Posted Image Killing pets/mirror images will refresh the cooldown on Death Grip if you have Unholy Command talented. Also works for Shadowy Apparitions, which only have 5 HP.

Posted Image Although Cloak of Shadows causes Chains of Ice to resist, Outbreak bypasses it. So if you don't want the rogue to vanish, immediately use Outbreak soon as he pops Cloak of Shadows. NO LONGER WORKS.

Posted Image If you're an engineer who uses Nitro Boosts, you'll notice that sometimes it will fail and cause a debuff called Rocket Fuel Leak. This causes you to lose 15% hp every 8 seconds as fire damage. If you use anti-magic shell during this debuff, you will absorb the fire damage and receive a full runic power bar from 0. Nitro Boosts are not usable in arena or rated battlegrounds, however you can use them in normal battlegrounds, Tol Barad, or other world PvP.

Posted Image Mind Freeze is considered a spell and thus removes spell reflect from the Warrior. Using this is situational.

Posted Image Dark Command has a chance to proc Unholy Strength.

Posted Image You can put your pet on /petstay at a distance away from you, so that when the rogue opens on you with a Cheap Shot, your ghoul will Leap behind the rogue, circumventing any problems you would have with your initial Gnaw being dodged via Evasion.

Posted Image You only need 80 runic power to grant 5 stacks of Shadow Infusion, assuming you use it to heal and have and have Glyph of Death's Embrace. Although you lose the death coil damage, transforming the pet and being able to take advantage of its abilities is often even more beneficial.

Posted Image And do your teammates and self a favor and do not whine in skype or ventrilo.

3. Macros:

It's helpful to bind /startattack to as many abilities as you can for easy targeting and switches. If you really want to get the most use out of your Dark Command, then you're either going to have to avoid using the Scourge Strike macro in certain times, or just straight up not bind Focus Dark Command in the macro. If you don't have dispels or your dispeler is CC'd, you can taunt a Water Elemental, Gargoyle, or pretty much any form of pet to break a CC such as a Polymorph, anticipated Blind, etc. If you are running with a rogue, you should probably avoid using this macro because it can prevent potential saps.

#show scourge strike
/cast scourge strike
/cast [@focus] dark command
#show obliterate
/cast obliterate
/cast [@focus] dark command
Posted Image Alexek has found a working macro that will both apply Dark Simulacrum to the focus target, and also use the copied spell on the focus target. This requires the Bartender4 addon in the addons section of this guide. To use this, change the "5" in the macro to whatever number keybind you have your normal Dark Simulacrum bound to in Bartender. This can be found by typing /bt, clicking Key Bindings at the top of the menu, then hovering over your buttons to display the keybind # in the tooltip.

#showtooltip dark simulacrum
/target focus
/click BT4Button#
Dominos users can use /click DominosButton#

For a macro that both copies and uses Dark Simulacrum using the default UI:

#showtooltip dark simulacrum
/target focus
/click ActionButton#
OR /click MultiBarBottomLeftButton#
OR /click MultiBarBottomRightButton#
OR /click MultiBarLeftButton#
OR /click MultiBarRightButton#

The # part of the macro should reference your non-macro Dark Transformation. To check this, type /framestack and mouse over the bind.

Posted Image By default, using Death Pact will sacrifice your ghoul. If you would prefer to sacrifice your Gargoyle instead, use:

/use [nopet]Raise Dead
/targetexact Ebon Gargoyle
/use Death Pact
/stopmacro [harm]
Posted Image Here is macro that allows you to control your not-so-well-designed Gargoyle, while keeping your ghoul on its current target.

/use Summon Gargoyle
/target focus
/focus pettarget
/petattack [@focus]
Posted Image Use a Chains of Ice macro for Shadowfiend if you have any binds available.

/cast [@Shadowfiend, harm, exists, nodead] chains of ice
Posted Image Use a macro to Lichborne-heal yourself. As of 4.0.6, Glyph of Death's Embrace no longer refunds 20 runic power when healing yourself. This glyph now only refunds runic power when healing your pet.

/cast !lichborne;
/cast [@player] Death Coil
Another option is this 3-in-1 modifier macro provided by Proditor that allows you to use Death Coil on your current target, your pet, and yourself.

#showtooltip death coil
/cast [mod:alt,@pet][mod:shift,@player][] death coil
Posted Image Remember to cancel Lichborne if you see a Priest casting Shackle or a Paladin using Turn Evil on you.

/cancelaura Lichborne
Posted Image In order to better utilize your Ghoul, you can use a mouseover petattack macro. This macro will cause your ghoul to attack your mouseover, and if there is no mouseover, then it will attack your current target. It is great for stomping totems without switching your current target.

/petattack [target=mouseover,exists][exists]
Posted Image Sick of using Death and Decay only to have it not work due an invalid area? You can't really spam it because it will toggle on and off. This macro will prevent it from toggling so you can spam the macro and click in your desired area simultaneously:

/cast !Death and Decay
Posted Image If you press Huddle more than once, then it will cancel the cast. By adding an exclamation mark before the spell name, it will not cast a spell if it's already active. Also, remember that when your ghoul is Dark Transformed it can use huddle simultaneously with it's other abilities and still move.

/cast !Huddle
Posted Image Presence dance. (If you play in Frost  Presence, just switch that with Unholy Presence).

/cast Blood Presence
/cast Unholy Presence
Posted Image Here's a macro that allows you to summon a ghoul, and if it's already summoned, it will cast Dark Transformation.

/cast [nopet] raise dead; !dark transformation
Posted Image Note that it can also be used on partners, so depending on the situation, you may want to cast it on your partner so they can avoid CC.

/cast [@PartnersName] Unholy Frenzy
Posted Image Press this macro once to leap, and a second time to gnaw. This is especially useful when your ghoul is Dark Transformed and Leap causes a stun for an interrupt. It is very simple but cuts down an extra keybind.

/cast Leap
/cast Gnaw
/cast [@focus] Leap
/cast [@focus] Gnaw
Posted Image Use this to cancel the following buffs that you may receive from using Dark Simulacrum.

/cancelaura Divine Shield
/cancelaura Ice Block
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
Posted Image These macros will either toggle your Claw's autocast on or off. You can use them in a macro if you want. The reason for this is because Claw triggers a pet GCD, so if your Claw goes off at the same time you want to Gnaw, Gnaw will not work. It's also a pain to have to mash Claw all the time, so it's easier to just toggle it on and off as you please. You shouldn't include it in your strike macros because if you need to use them simultaneously while bursting, it will trigger a pet GCD.

/petautocaston Claw
/petautocastoff Claw
And if you just want 1 bind to toggle Claw on and off:

/petautocasttoggle Claw
Posted Image [2v2] The following can be performed by any class, but I will explain how a Death Knight would do so. Druids will often try and open with a Cyclone right out of Prowl. Cyclone is a 1.5 second cast, not including haste, so you will have a hard time targeting the Druid in time to interupt the opening Cyclone. Here is a macro to instantly Death Grip the druid, assuming he is the 2nd to appear in a 2v2 match. You have to use this at your own discretion. If you're going to use it, you best spam it while going heads up versus the druids partner.

/cast [@arena2] Death Grip
4. Recommended Glyphs:

Posted Image Unholy


Glyph of Death Coil - Increases the damage or healing done by Death Coil by 15%.
Glyph of Raise Dead - Your Ghoul receives an additional 40% of your Strength and 40% of your Stamina.
Glyph of Scourge Strike - Increases the Shadow damage portion of your Scourge Strike by 30%.


Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell - Increases the duration of your Anti-Magic Shell by 2 sec.
Glyph of Dark Succor - Causes your Death Strike ability to always restore at least 15% of your maximum health when used while in Frost or Unholy Presence.
Glyph of Strangulate - Increases the Silence duration of your Strangulate ability by 2 sec when used on a target who is casting a spell.


Glyph of Horn of Winter - Increases the duration of your Horn of Winter ability by 1 min.
Glyph of Resilient Grip - When your Death Grip ability fails because its target is immune, its cooldown is reset.
Glyph of Death's Embrace - Your Death Coil refunds 20 runic power when used to heal.

Posted Image Frost


Glyph of Obliterate - Increases the damage of your Obliterate ability by 20%.
Glyph of Howling Blast - Your Howling Blast ability now infects your targets with Frost Fever.
Glyph of Frost Strike - Reduces the cost of your Frost Strike by 8 Runic Power.


Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell - Increases the duration of your Anti-Magic Shell by 2 sec.
Glyph of Hungering Cold - Your Hungering Cold ability no longer costs runic power.
Glyph of Strangulate - Increases the Silence duration of your Strangulate ability by 2 sec when used on a target who is casting a spell.


Glyph of Horn of Winter - Increases the duration of your Horn of Winter ability by 1 min.
Glyph of Resilient Grip - When your Death Grip ability fails because its target is immune, its cooldown is reset.
Glyph of Death's Embrace - Your Death Coil refunds 20 runic power when used to heal.

5. Dark Simulacrum (Author: Bashel)

The following applies to Dark Simulacrum:

Posted Image The spell must cost mana.

Posted Image Phsyical abilities, despite using mana, do not work.

Posted Image You cannot copy pet summons.

Posted Image You can copy pet abilities.

Posted Image Spell power, talents, and glyphs will not be copied.

Posted Image When using the copied spell, it will always be an instant cast.

Posted Image Dark Simulacrum cannot be grounded.

Posted Image Dark Simulacrum can be applied through immunities.

Posted Image The copied spell can be grounded.

Posted Image Copied spells still have cooldowns.

Posted Image You can copy spells casted by opponent DK's Dark Simulacrum.

Posted Image

Can be copied:

● Cyclone
● Entangling Roots
● Solar Beam
● Star Fall
● Typhoon
● Starsurge
● Faerie Fire
● Swiftmend (requires Rejuvenation or Regrowth)

Cannot be copied:

● Shapeshifts
● Spells and attacks requiring shapeshifts.
● Nature's Grasp

Posted Image

Can be copied:

● Polymorph
● Mirror Images
● Dragon's Breath
● Pyroblast
● Living Bomb
● Counterspell
● Time Warp
● Ring of Frost
● Ice Block
● Blink
● Frost Nova
● Cone of Cold
● Mana Shield
● Ice Barrier
● Invisibility
● Deep freeze (requires frozen target, ex. freezing trap or hungering cold)
● Slow Fall
● Armors, Ice/Mage/Molten

Can be copied, but not applicable:

● Icy Veins
● Deep freeze (without a method of freezing the target)

Posted Image

Can be copied:

● Seals
● Hammer of Justice
● Divine Shield
● Divine Protection
● Hand of Protection
● Hand of Freedom
● Avenging Wrath
● Holy Wrath
● Consecration

Cannot be copied:

● Avenger's Shield
● Hammer of Wrath
● Any spell costing Holy Power (remember: requires mana to be spent)

Posted Image

Can be copied:

● Pain Suppression
● Power Word: Barrier
● Power Word: Shield
● Divine Hymn
● Mass Dispel
● Fear Ward
● Psychic Scream
● Psychic Horror
● Mana Burn
● Silence
● Mind Control
● Leap of Faith (aka Life Grip)
● Guardian Spirit
● Levitate

Posted Image

Can be copied:

● Hex
● Earth shield

Cannot be copied:

● Ghost Wolf
● Feral Spirits
● Totems

Can be copied, but not applicable:

● Spiritwalker's Gracefont

Posted Image

Can be copied:

● Fear
● Death Coil
● Shadowfury
● Howl of Terror
● Chaos Bolt
● Infernal
● Unstable Affliction
● Succubus' Seduction
● Felhunter's Spell Lock
● Haunt (increases the damage of your own dots)
● Drain Mana
● Drain Life
● Hellfire
● Hand of Guldan (although does not copy talents)
● Armors

Can be copied, but not applicable:

● Shadow Ward/Nether Protection
● Demonic Portal
● Spells that requires Metamorphosis
● Demonic Empowerment
● Demon Soul
● Soul Link

6. Builds

The following are builds that are popular at the moment. The code following each build can be used to automatically learn each talent. This can be done by pasting the code in the chat log, and requires a blank talent tree.

Posted Image Unholy 1 - 0/8/33

Posted Image
/run t,p,a={3,12,23,42,63,72,81,103,112,123,133,141,151,162,171,182,191,201,1,2,13,22,51,72,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=t[i]if a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end

Posted Image Unholy 2 - 0/8/33

Posted Image
/run t,p,a={3,12,23,42,63,72,81,103,112,123,133,141,151,162,171,181,192,201,1,2,13,22,51,72,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=t[i]if a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end

Posted Image Frost 1 - 8/31/2

Posted Image
/run t,p,a={2,13,22,43,51,72,82,92,103,112,121,131,142,152,161,193,201,1,23,33,72,3,12,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=t[i]if a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end

7. Stats, Gemming, and Enchants

Posted Image +54 Critical Strike Rating and 1% Spell Reflect: Destructive Shadowspirit Diamond

Posted Image +40 Strength: Bold Infernal Ruby

Posted Image +40 Resilience: Mystic Amberjewel

Posted Image +50 Spell Penetration: Stormy Ocean Sapphire

Spell Penetration:

● Reduces the target's resistance to your spells.
● The spell penetration cap is 195
● Enchant your cloak with Enchant Cloak - Greater Spell Piercing
● Spell penetration gems - Stormy Ocean Sapphire, Stormy Chimera's Eye

Hit Rating:

● The melee hit cap for 2 handed weapons is 5% (601 hit rating).

Unholy Stat Priority:

5% Hit Rating Posted Image 195 Spell Penetration Posted Image Resilience Posted Image Strength Posted Image Haste Posted Image Critical Strike Posted Image Mastery Posted Image Expertise

Frost Stat Priority:

5% Hit Rating Posted Image 195 Spell Penetration Posted Image Resilience Posted Image Strength Posted Image Mastery Posted Image Haste Posted Image Critical Strike Posted Image Expertise

8. Runeforging

Rune of the Fallen Crusader is considered the best runeforge for both Unholy and Frost PvP. This affixes your rune weapon with a rune that has a chance to heal you for 3% and increase total Strength by 15% for 15 sec.

9. Professions

While professions are still debated on the forums, Jewelcrafting is widely considered a definite for the gems with additional stats. Regarding your second profession, it's up to you, but personally I recommend leather-working due to the Draconic Embossment - Strength which enchants your bracers. With jewelcrafting, you can achieve 194 spell penetration, with 195 being the cap. The difference of 1 spell penetration should not concern you.

Draconic Embossment - Strength - Emboss the pattern of dragons onto your bracers, permanently increasing Strength by 130. Embossing your bracers causes them to become soulbound.  The embossment requires at least 500 skill in Leatherworking to remain active.

10. Team Compositions

Popular setups:

:deathknight: :hunter: :paladin: - PHD: Unholy/Frost, Marksmanship, Holy

Posted Image - TSG: Unholy/Frost, Arms, Holy

Posted Image - Shadowcleave: Unholy/Frost, Affliction, Restoration

Posted Image - Shadowcleave: Unholy/Frost, Affliction, Restoration

:deathknight: :priest: :druid: - Boringcleave: Unholy, Discipline, Restoration

:deathknight: :priest: :paladin: - Boringcleave: Unholy, Discipline, Holy

:deathknight: :priest: :shaman: - Boringcleave: Unholy, Discipline, Restoration

Posted Image - Ebolacleave*: Unholy/Frost, Feral, Holy

:deathknight: :priest: :paladin: - Unholyplay: Unholy/Frost, Shadow, Holy

:deathknight: :priest: :druid: - Unholyplay: Unholy/Frost, Shadow, Restoration

Posted Image - Untitled: Unholy/Frost, Frost, Holy

Posted Image - Untitled: Unholy/Frost, Enhancement, Restoration

11. Changes to note:

Posted Image [4.0.6] Outbreak is now properly effected by Cloak of Shadows.

Posted Image [4.0.6 - Unnecessary now that Icebound Fortitude breaks stuns on use] When a rogue opens up on you with a Cheap Shot, use your Gnaw with 1 second left on the Cheap Shot so you're able to Chains of Ice for runic power -> Icebound Fortitude to avoid being Kidney Shot.

Posted Image [4.0.6 - Fixed and no longer works] To avoid being sapped, you are able to send your pet in to attack the rogues partner from any distance. Your partner can heal you, but they will still be vulnerable to sap, so technically you're not in combat. You need to spam pet attack on any visible target and rush in on foot to do this.

Posted Image You can no longer Leap to partners.

Posted Image Chains of Ice no longer works through Cloak of Shadows. This is a bug that has been fixed.

Posted Image There's a bug which causes your Summon Ghoul cooldown to reset to 2 minutes cooldown upon mounting.

Posted Image Glyph of Disease has been removed, but you are still able to refresh diseases through Anti-magic Shell via Festering Strike.

Posted Image Death and Decaying mirror images is no longer as effective as their hp has been increased to that of the mage.

Posted Image Frost Presence and Blood Presence have switched roles. Blood Presence is now the presence to use to reduce damage intake.

Posted Image Using Rune Strike in Blood Presence no longer requires you to dodge or parry.

Posted Image The bug which allowed you to stack 5x Shadow Infusion before the gates opened in arena has been fixed.

12. General Addons:

Pharaunmizz has compiled both an addon FAQ and video tutorial that can be found here:
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

13. DK-specific Addons:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image I recommend an addon called TellMeWhen. You can use it to show the number of Shadow Infusion stacks on your ghoul. I have mine set to display the duration of Shadow Infusion, the stacks, and change to the duration of Dark Transformation after it is casted. Since only 80 runic power is needed (with Glyph of Death's Embrace) to transform your ghoul, I also use Power Auras to display an texture that informs me when I have the 80 runic power.

Detailed instructions below the images.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
1. Download Power Auras and TellMeWhen.
2. Type /tmw to config.
3. Right click any of the transparent icons.
4. Click Choose spell/item/buff/etc.
5. Type Shadow Infusion
6. Right click the icon again and check Enable icon.
7. Go to Icon type and check Buff/Debuff.
8. Check Show timer and Show timer number.
9. Go to Unit to watch and check Pet
10. Place the icon anywheres on your screen and resize by dragging the bottom right corner of the icon.

To display the Dark Transformation icon after using it:

1. Type /tmw to config.
2. Right click any of the transparent icons.
3. Click Choose spell/item/buff/etc.
4. Type Dark Transformation
5. Right click the icon again and check Enable icon.
6. Go to Icon type and check Buff/Debuff.
7. Check Show timer and Show timer number.
8. Go to Unit to watch and check Pet.
9. Resize and position the icon to that of the Shadow Infusion icon.

To display the Power Auras icon that displays when you have 80 runic power:

1. Type /powa.
2. Click New.
3. Choose your texture, position and size.
4. Under the Activation by: dropdown menu, choose Rage/Energy/Power.
5. Set the Threshold to 60% (80/130 runic power = ~60).
6. Check the </> to set the Threshold as inverted.
7. Under the Power Type: dropdown menu, choose Runic Power.

14. Other DK Resources:

1. The Dark Simulacrum List
2. Gear/Stat Discussion (Season 9)
3. Seed's DK FAQ Thread
4. Death Knight DPS Compendium

15: UI

Coming soon!
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16. Contributors:


#3534521 Creating Team for 4.3

Posted Laharl on 31 October 2011 - 03:46 PM

lets take a look at "famous players" shall we.

hydra, s2 r1 from 5s, s3 playing double healer hunter (hardmode), s4 playing eurocomp 5s (hardmode) s5 rmp with a super pve gaered mage and engineering (hardmode), s6 mage/priest on a french bg (hardmode), s7 rmp (probably the only skill related one), s8 wotlk 5s.

inflame s5 r1 playing dk/lock/pala (hardmode), s6 r1 dk/lock/druid (hardmode), s7 dk/lock/druid (probably the hardest i guess since it wasnt that good then) idk about s8

kalimist, s4 euro comp, s5 rmp, s7 rmp, only s7 was "skilled"

dakkroth, s5 r1 as holy play (double healer ret) probably the easiest comp in the history of wow, s7 double healer warrior on a bad bg, s9 5s, s10 mls

etc etc, now this is nothing against any of the above players, im sure they are all top players, see the difference between a top player and an average player is the top player has no problem running the overpowered shit, whereas the average player believes that playing something more skillful means more.

it doesnt mean shit.

#3397272 Buffing Resto Druids

Posted notbrossiah on 26 July 2011 - 11:20 PM

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