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#2727128 Priest Macros

Posted by Jhana on 18 October 2010 - 02:27 AM

/cast [nomodifier:alt,target=mouseover,nodead,help][nomodifier:alt,help,nodead][nomodifier:alt,target=targettarget,nodead,help][nomodifier:alt,target=player][modifier:alt,target=player] flash heal

Almost all heals have with that macro. So i can heal with out changing targets.

To help you avoid confusion, by default your spells already determine if your target is not dead [nodead] and is friendly [help]. The only case where I can see [help] or [harm] being used is with Penance.

You should be able to achieve the same result using the following macro:
/cast [mod:alt,@player]Flash Heal;[@mouseover,exists]Flash Heal;[@targettarget,exists][]Flash Heal

General Healing Macro (self-casting option enabled)
/cast [@mouseover,exists][]Flash Heal
Dual spec spells rolled into one macro. Pretty self-explanatory.

#showtooltip [spec:1]Circle of Healing;[spec:2]Penance
/cast [spec:1,@mouseover,exists][]Circle of Healing
/cast [spec:2,@mouseover,exists,help][]Penance
#showtooltip [spec:1]Guardian Spirit;[spec:2]Pain Suppression
/cast [spec:1,@mouseover,exists][]Guardian Spirit
/cast [spec:2,@mouseover,exists][]Pain Suppression
#showtooltip [spec:1]Lightwell;[spec:2]Power Word: Barrier
/cast [spec:1]!Lightwell
/cast [spec:2]!Power Word: Barrier

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