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Survival hunter stats - versatility vs. mastery

16 March 2016 - 05:28 PM

I've noticed a lot of hunters (who appear to be playing surv, and not bm) go for mastery now rather than versa.

I've tried to figure out what's better, and if these numbers are correct, it really seems like versa is the way to go.

Looking at my character ingame I've pulled the following numbers:

100 mastery = 1,08% magical dmg

100 vers = 0,77% dmg

The clue to this calculation is obviously the ratio between physical dmg and magical dmg. I've tried looking it up online, but haven't really found a good source. I dont have recount myself, but during a long arena session yesterday my teammate gave the following numbers:

8% auto shot
5% crows
5% glaive toss
5% pet dmg (this one is just an assumption, as his recount didnt show pet dmg)

So we have roughly 23% physical dmg and 77% magical dmg. The overall dmg increase from 100 mastery is thus 0,83%. Compared to the 0,77% from versa + half that amount in dmg reduction it seems like a bad trade-off, especially considering versa will grant more burst with crows and glaive toss.

What am I missing here? Are these the correct numbers? And if they are: Is the barely noticeable increase to steady dmg really worth it?

After another session today with bigger sample size, my friend's recount said the amount of physical dmg was higher than yesterday
9,4% auto shot
6,6% crows
6,9% glaive toss
still no clue about pet dmg

It seems like versatility is clearly the best choice, giving equal - if not higher - overall dmg than mastery, in addition to the other benefits. Please enlighten me =)