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In Topic: Nice melee meta

07 November 2016 - 03:19 AM

I absolutely love how every season of every expansion is a double caster meta or Rogue-caster-x, but when a double mellee comp or more are viable, the world goes shakalaka. I also love their "mellee just do damage" arguments. Riiiiight. Because literally DROWNING your opponents in (eventually) unavoidable cc chains lasting for 30 seconds is the epitome and pinnacle of skill. xD

You show a x2 Feral / HPala team and felt the urge to post how retarded that looks. What about the x2 Mage / healer that was viable in Cataclysm? Or the Frost + Fire Mage + Holy Priest team that got Gladiator back in MoP? By all means, I am not one who says the team you show isn't stupid as a concept. I just don't get why it's the only that surprises you when we saw the same exact same bad design in previous times as well.


Its possible to have an inbetween. S18 was fairly balanced in regards to melee/caster at the top tier. The core of the issue is the complexity of the classes and comps. You simply cannot balance the game for top tier play without screwing over pvp for everyone else (and vice versa: 1500 cant be balanced without screwing over top tier pvp). Not saying cervantes or whoever cant be as good as zunniyaki because of the class he plays. But the correlation between skill and performance is vastly different for the different classes/specs --> the difference in performance between cervantes and a 2k dk is less than that for zunniyaki compared to a 2k priest (even though the skill level of the respective players might be the same).


The solution is obviously to add more complexity and make sure all classes have a similar correlation between skill and performance. But jk pruning

In Topic: Elemental Shaman 7.1 viable now ?

27 October 2016 - 03:55 PM

What does viable mean? Instead of using vague and meaningless words maybe we should all use numbers instead...

In Topic: Action Bars Setup

14 October 2016 - 12:45 PM

Having multiple icons for the same spell helps to make it visually easier to track the cd of those abilities. When 3 buttons appear to be the same spell, one of them can be the actual spell, and the other 2 are most likely other abilities macroed with #showtooltip <ability1>. 


In general when customizing your action bars, the key is to have the most important abilities on easy-access binds that are also easy to visually keep track of. Interrupts and defensive cds require more immediate attention than dmg rotation gap fillers. There are many different approaches to action bars layout. Personally I play with default ui and swap between bar 1 and 2 using mouse scroll up and down, and have bar 3-6 as normal. This way you can benefit doubly from the most easy-access binds. You can obviously do that for bar 3-6 too, but Ive found swapping between 1 and 2 to be most convenient. 


As for hiding additional bars, its just to make it look more clean. It shouldnt have much impact on gameplay unless you really cant focus due to the added clutter on the screen =P

There are also many class restrictions when it comes to using #showtooltip to duplicate abilities and hiding bars. Abilities that require resources other than mana are good to keep track of, despite the ability having no cd and little impact overall. Whereas most classes using mana can neglect them without much drawback.

In Topic: Which player(s) did you look up to?

11 August 2016 - 06:46 PM

Hydra...obviously. Watching his movies in tbc made arena feel truly magical.

But the one person that ignited the most intense awe and admiration is definitely the hpala in the korean phd who won blizzcon vs all the scummy spellcleave overlords in cata. Being pioneers of positioning and using the map to their advantage, they are by far the most worthy blizzcon champions imo.

In Topic: [Video] BM Hunter Legion Overview

09 August 2016 - 08:48 PM

So I havent played any beta yet. Seen a few streams, but not much. And now Im wondering just how good the specs are. Is bm the only remotely viable spec? Bm is probably the most boring spec that has ever been in wow throughout history, and I really dont want to play it. But on behalf of my friends who will return to the game in order to do arena, I consider making at least one of my hunters bm if mm and surv are complete garbage.

Lets say warlocks are 10. What are the different hunter specs?