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07 June 2015 - 04:07 PM

Hi AJ,

trying to find new stuff, mostly listen to anything


MW in WoD

24 August 2014 - 03:36 AM

Figured I should make one of these for anyone interested in beta but doesn't have access.

Notable changes/thoughts:
  • GCD is much longer, and with the removal of orbs our main heal is surging mist/enveloping; topping someone is a lot more difficult. Thankfully blizz realized the problem of the global it takes to get soothing mist up before using those 2 spells, and has lowered the gcd after soothing mist to .5.
  • They've made revival s12/13 status, making it a reset button basically. It pretty much tops everyone if it crits.
  • I'm still not used to DR's yet but ring doesn't seem nearly as strong.
  • Gloves don't have a bonus on them on beta, but right now they put our aura mastery into a glyph. I'm ok with this and have actually not been using it vs most teams. With most classes having their blanket silence removed I'm finding it much more useful to fake more and use the glyph slot on something else.
  • The new glyphs are cool and fun, but you can't really use them because you're still going to need the mandatory life cocoon and paralysis.
  • They added a glyph that isn't use able atm but I feel will be extremely strong. (Dispell)Posted Image
  • They've updated talents recently removing path of mist and replacing it with pool of mists, which is what i've been using. It's not that useful but better than chi explosion because of our new set bonus; which reduces the chance for your target to be critically hit by 20% when you enveloping mist on them (6 sec) - which basically means there's no use to be spending chi on chi explosion when you can have barkskin on your partners. The breath of serpent talent heals for nothing.
    • 4 set bonus is really strong, which makes life cocoon only have a 55 sec cd, which makes up for our healing being pretty weak imo.
  • Crane stance doesn't do much, the healing isn't enough to be using it in pvp. The only time i'd use it is in 2's possibly.
  • Soothing mist no longer generates tea, which means the only way to get chi now is renwing mist/expel harm and chi brew. Since globals are longer it takes a bit to generate chi with surging mist, but with the new talent pool of mists (which gives 3 charges to renewing mist), i'm finding it pretty easy to get chi when I need it still.
  • The enhanced/improved spells are really nice and are basically just quality of life improvements. Roll moves faster, Transcendence has a shorter cd and is instant as well as Transfer.
  • Dematerialize has been removed, and since we don't have instant heals anymore getting trained is pretty rough. I was having a really hard time vs rogues, the instant port really helps though.
  • I haven't ever been using Detonate Chi, I don't see it being useful at all. There's only mastery orbs now, which don't really heal much.
  • Paralysis is only 4 seconds now, front or back. Haven't played enough 3's to feel how cc is, but not really a fan of this.
  • Our dps is much lower, lightning doesn't do nearly as much, as well as tiger. Which means eminence doesn't heal for much either.
  • The rest of our talents remain unchanged for the most part, still going to be using the same talents.
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