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#4233685 Protip if you happen to look retarded with new models.

Posted Sosseri on 15 October 2014 - 10:55 PM

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#4227448 every healer after every win in 3's

Posted Mattadoro on 10 October 2014 - 05:21 AM

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poor healers never get the credit

#4224283 Lytning 1 - 2500+ Holy/Disc Priest PvP

Posted Lytning on 05 October 2014 - 04:11 AM

Hey guys, remember like a year ago when I made Lytning 0.5? Well, here's the sequel. It's 100x better. All info in vid description. Thanks, <3


#4172131 Need Help From The Community [Burt]

Posted Miixzy on 18 July 2014 - 02:02 AM

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#4166788 How do you guys deal with orb botting/aura mastery botting mw monks?

Posted Regent on 11 July 2014 - 05:24 AM

If you can't beat a monk as a mage then the problem is you being bad, nothing else.

#4124339 [Bigmoran Video ft. Kettu] Crash Course - Hunter (BASS BOOSTED REMIX)

Posted Bigmoran on 20 May 2014 - 04:47 AM

havent posted here in a while. blizzard made some type of hunter tutorial, thought they could do better

pls rep if helped

#4111393 The Most Overpowered Ability in Game

Posted Saikx on 30 April 2014 - 06:20 PM

Fear as ability on its own OP? No. / Fear OP in the current state of arena and class balance? Yes.

Sheep as ability on its own OP? No. / Sheep OP in the current state of arena and class balance? No.

So lets see the difference here:

Warlocks, unkillable gods in arena, can outposition the whole game(without punishment), 50% haste = 1sec fear casts, shadowfury or coil to get 100% fears.

The problem here is NO ONE ever goes for Warlocks, except some underdog comps or some people trying desperate shit after losing to LSD for the 4895495th time :^) So all the Warlock has to do in arena is to dot everything up(takes like 3 seconds) and then spam fear the rest of the game cause it doesn't affect their damage output. So Warlocks can just spam cast(no one ever goes on them) whole arena while applying unhealable pressure to the whole enemy team, gimping dispels and on top of that they're Immortal and have 2 trinkets.

How to deal with Warlocks in Arena? You can't.

Mages, huge burst but die even faster than their opponents, canĀ“t spam Sheep cause getting tunneled every game.

How to deal with Mages in Arena? Just kill them, they flop faster than the fixed healing stream lmao

I feel like People are underestimating how incredible overpowered Warlocks are at the moment(the best class in the game by far), probably because they can't "oneshot" you like those "OP" Mages :^)

Meanwhile a Warlock rots your whole Team(while spamming cc lmao) and makes your healers life a hell cause evey dispel have to be carefully considered. Oh did I mention already that while doing this Warlocks are also Immortal and have 2 trinkets? I don't even wanna mention Gate, I think everyone knows that shit has to go.

Nerf Warlocks or Fear

#4103928 Does Blizzard realize they have people on payrole who do nothing?

Posted Djandawg on 19 April 2014 - 01:04 PM

I think software engineering process is really irrelevant here. If you have a complex program, obviously following the design policy in different stages will take longer time. The issue raised here is more about trivial problems being ignored.
The most common example we talked about, in this forum, is  the stampede bug. You have a button that does 100k+ dps on 300k health pool. This problem gets noticed in beta, devs are notified by hundreds of posts; 6 months later the game gets released and 6 weeks after the bug gets fixed.
Do you think the daily/weekly routine of a dev/pvp team member is a factor on how tons of stuff like this happen or is it more likely that the problem was either ignored on purpose or didn't get solved due to incompetence? Because this is a problem that can be reproduced by pressing one button and should be caught/fixed after internal testing, let alone hundreds of people reporting it on forums. I also worked in software development industry, I think this is just bad practice, plain and simple.(and we are not even talking about small problems that rise during the life cycle of the software)

On topic, US ladder, top 1000 is 2297+ (armory doesn't show more), we can guess, for the sake of the argument that people who have 1900+ care about and play competitive pvp and that's probably ~10000 players if we factor in inactive players. Do you think that that many people carries any weight over millions of people who play different aspects of the game?

#4054133 Best of Each Class Thread

Posted Bigmoran on 15 February 2014 - 03:29 AM

Since there was a giant circlejerk in the 'Best WoW Player of All Time' thread, I thought it would be cool to see who the community thinks are the best active players of each class.

Bear in mind I only play on US and have little to no knowledge about EU.

:druid: Resto: Starship/Baten
Boomkin: Maorimoron/Melby
Feral: Yipz

:hunter: Yoske/Tonystyle

:mage: Jahmilli

:paladin: Holy: Elite/Improvez/Shindy

:priest: Shadow: Jahmilli/Khryl
Holy: Hydera

:rogue: Pikaboo/Vaze/Syrex

:shaman: Resto: Cdew/Flubbah/Burb
Elemental: Novoz/Jyostar
Enhancement: Tonyjr

:warlock: Chanimals/Snutz

:warrior: Shawir/Braindance/Bobo

:deathknight: Revolutio/Vigaboy

MW Monk: Dannycarrey/Verdantstorm
WW Monk: Smoove

Best Dueler: Vurtre :ph34r:

#3992614 Regarding Batens Thread on Wintrading

Posted Bigmoran on 14 November 2013 - 05:25 PM



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#3976345 This game used to be so great

Posted Nashwoodz on 28 October 2013 - 02:55 PM

before: Posted Image

after: Posted Image

doesnt feel epic anymore

#3972016 Regarding Batens Thread on Wintrading

Posted Jaxington on 23 October 2013 - 06:03 PM

From what I see the logic is these ratios on the EU ladder should not be possible while actively queueing into each other.

(EU Ladder)
Posted Image

Also there is a large discrepancy in total number of games played between the regions. If you compare the EU ladder (shown above) to the US ladder (shown below) you can obviously see what I am talking about.

(US Ladder)
Posted Image

There is only one connection you can make between the US and EU ladders and that is comparing azaels current record on US ladders to a top EU players record:

Posted Image

I am not pointing fingers or saying anyone is cheating on EU.  That would be completely uncalled for.  But in my honest opinion after my analysis I highly doubt there is high end competition if they have flawless win ratios and are (as they say) actively queueing during prime time.

Sad to say this but it seemed like many top EU players were very defensive about people in this thread questioning their ratios.  When in fact it would be stupid for someone not to question a flawless win rate like that if it was on a ladder like the US ladders.

GL HF Q UP and PVP boys!

#3971212 Regarding Batens Thread on Wintrading

Posted Bigmoran on 23 October 2013 - 02:03 AM

**I decided to make this a seperate thread, instead of posting it on the individual post itself so that it wouldn't detract from the point of that thread**

While I do agree that wintrading is reprehensible, I find it ironic that the thread was made by a person who has a very conspicuous win/loss on the EU ladders.

Posted Image

In fact, the top players on EU all have really dodgy win/losses. I don't think they are wintrading or exploiting, tho Trillebartom was one of the players who originally exploited the conquest bug. Instead I think there is a serious problem with top EU players not queing into each other. Dodging is, to some degree, a form of queue manipulation and is overall bad for competition (just as wintrading is bad for competition).

Just contrast EU ladders to US ladders and you can clearly see there is some sort of anti-competitive outlook among the top players:


My challenge to EU is to start having actual competition instead of making a thread directed at an entire country in the name of fair play.

#3936758 Tryhards of Season 13

Posted Bigmoran on 10 September 2013 - 09:01 AM

This is a really untimely occasion for me to post this as I'm recieving tons of criticism in other threads but I think it would be a nice abd refreshing to collect all the R1 drama in one thread. I wrote most of this thread in advance, so some of the information might be dated.

Hey ladies and gentlemen, this type of thread hasn't surfaced on Arena Junkies in quite some time and seeing as this HOPEFULLY will be the last season for generally scum-baggery, I hope my post gets the attention it deserves. Most of my information from below comes from conversations about US ladders and focuses heavily on things I've heard through the grapevine. If you are a friend of mine and are on this list, no need to fret, this list is but a post in jest, and one that I hope will not ruin friendships (pls forgive me).

DK: Vigarista. Although not known by many, this Brazilian backpeddling superstar has made an appearance on a few BGs this season (namely Rampage, Retal, and Ruin). He seems to follow with the other Brazilian gods, playing PHD with the likes of Rynd and Beilgatta. For whatever reason, his Retal team decided to que LSD at the same time Rositajones was queing shatterplay. This led to a devastrating tank. Vigarista,  who was previously on the roster, backpeddled away into darkness to never be seen again.

Posted Image

DRUID: Once whipped by popular streamer Bamfxo, Lickerz, has been a realiable asset to the 5v5 bracket. Often playing with Kaska, Lickerz is present on five different BGs, all in the pursuit of the Tyrannical gladiator title.

Honorable mention go to Coolbears, the 15 year old Jewish Jungle-cleaver who literally combined rosters with himself after getting farmed on Ruin.
(http://us.battle.net...ns One African/) I don't actually know how many BG's he is on but I would venture to say it's more than the amount of hair he has on his armpits.

HUNTER: A prolific poster on this website, the winner of our try hard hunter goes to Reedz. Playing on at least three BGs, Reedz quickly became master of the 5v4 and 5v3 brackets. Unfortunately for Reedz, his razer naga dream team took some devastating losses on the Sunday night before season end, leaving only a trail of tears, a discarded box of Hot Pockets, and a 19 Button Expert Gaming Mouse that can be yours for the low price of $68.99. Merc out.

Posted Image

MAGE: Also known as SJ, probably short for his Sloppy Job at playing fire, the try hard mage of this season is Spicychopz! This kermit the frog voiced washed up bong is playing on five different BG's with little to no competition.

Sharing this award is Jahmilli, the highest rated player in World of Warcraft. Jahmilli was able to take time out of his role in the upcoming movie Insidious: Chapter 2 to get some titles. He climbed to the top of the ladder on a few BGs, patching together a Frankenstein lineup of  Goonies to 2800+.

Honorable mention goes to Rositajones. This flamboyant Living Bomb god has somehow convinced Jahmilli that he is worth carrying. He is playing on 2-3 different BG's going for R1. Though a tip of the hat to his team for achieving the highest 3v3 rating in the world.

Posted Image

MONK: There really is no try hard monk that I can think of. Dannycarrey is undoubetly the best monk that currently plays but I think by default this award should go to Jordons, the previous ring leader of the Cataclysm wintrading cartel (Jordons, Perry, Nevz). This season he will be adding another red helmet to his collection on Arena Junkies. It is sad that he has retired his days of controlling every BG, though I think his understudies (namely Kaska) have done a fair job of carrying on his legacy.

PALADIN: Gsgsgsgsgs. This emotionally troubled helpless romantic has found himself chasing as many rank 1's as he does girls. He is currently on the Rank 1 3v3 on two BGs, and the rank 1 5v5 on three BG's. His strategy is undoubtedly "Get rank 1, get laid."

PRIEST: The priest category has multiple winners. The reason for this is that priests seem to be essential for success in the 5v5 bracket. It is also the class in which we see the highest ratio of scum. It is said that 5% of the world population is related to Ghenghis Khan. By similar logic, I'm inducing that 5% of the priest population is related to Jordons. Carrying on his legacy of tryhardedness and wintrading genetics is Seestraighz, the sleepless superstar of the 5v5 bracket who is playing on five different BGs; Aetarius, the hopeful Aussie whose dreams have been repetedly crushed by resets (he's now going for R1 on two BGs); Exumbra, the autistic bottomfeeder turned slightly better than bottomfeeder who literally transferred an entire team (http://us.battle.net...5/mort de rire/) just out of spite of Seestraightz (http://us.battle.net...s_for_u_steven/); and Anapolis, the priest healing the aforementioned Coolbears.
Honorable mention to Save, but with a hair style that marvelous, he deserves exclusion from the main list.

ROGUE: Try hard rogue goes to my friend Fhos, who is playing on at least two BGs in hopes of the prestigious Tyrannical Gladiator.

SHAMAN: Currently receiving his PHD in Computer Science while finishing up his internship at Cisco systems, Kaska has somehow managed to infiltrate almost every single BG. Though the print on his Alt and TAB keys is surely reduced to cheeto dust and sweat by now, he still manages to be one of the most feared shadowrealmers in this community.

Honorable mention to Adversa - this newcomer to the Rank 1 scene is a strong candidate for S13 Most Improved Player. His teams never fail to get wins in the clutch; the force of his heals often causing a player of the opposing team to inexplicably log off.

WARLOCK: The obvious choice for warlock would be Rawkus, but I will spare him the humiliation and assign the title to Dotaphd, who hopefully is getting an actual PHD seeing as the debt on his mom's credit card from WoW related expanses is probably more than the average cost of grad school.

WARRIOR: There really were no try hard warriors this season. I almost gave this title to Casval, seeing as he was on the most BGs of any warrior this season, but instead I give the title to previous Rank 1 KFC hero, Halcyons. This guy's team spam q'd the last week of the season, falling short of Rank 1 by nearly 150 points.

Posted Image

Most pathetic: Though I am somewhat biased in handing this one out, Exumbra is surely the most pathetic person of this season. As I mentioned he had partaken in transferring an entire team to two different BGs to try and screw over Seestraightz (costing time and money in the name of revenge). Not only that but his 5v5 team on Ruin literally had a scouting schedule. It was confirmed by multiple people that he assigned members of his team different time slots to scout our server to see when we would que. Aside from that he claimed to have "eyes" on our server. When confronted about it he said that has a few people on Real ID from Bleeding Hallow horde who notify him and his team when any one of us log on.

<<< [2:40:10 PM] Aric (Exum): i have 6 teams with 2.3k mmr looking to snipe u

Best rating camper: Sodez and Mackenzie. Though Mackenzie has since tanked from his days at Rank 1 Bloodlust, Sodez has topped the charts on BG9 for months now. He sits on his slot from the $40 throne of Honey Bunches of Oats encrusted Target Brand chair at the gaming house. Luckily some Mastermind and his prodigy rogue were able to climb the ladder to an impressive 2840 rating.

Posted Image

Honorable mention goes to Cyprix, Elfxhunter, and Wizkhalifax who have literally been sitting their rating since a month into the season.

Boldest wintrader: Navajitas - Hailing for the land of Tacos y Burros, this sloth looking Feral Droid has made numerous attempts to climb to Rank 1 on Vindication. He was recently stripped of all his rating and gear but luckily had an honorable buddy by his side to get back his cherished Tyrannical gear (GG Tyranical Conquest Achievement). Since he has been reset he has disbanded his second climb team, claiming to do so because the win ratio looked bad.

Biggest virgin award goes to me. This is probably the most pathetic thing I've ever invested so much time into. I need to keep my rep/post ratio above a 4.0; this is the only way I know how.
Oh, and a special shoutout to Khi, Plat, Krystof/Dhale FFXIV God, Keklyz, Vexthizzface, Toph, Smulch, Vinny,  Ayra, Hildegard Sprigglespruxx, Not Reliuna, Gabe, Ruin/Retal, youtube.com/bobrosslol, Poppy, Thelfx, Deprive, Splatted-o, Bubbez, Rambojohnny.

#1442319 Arena MS paint rage thread!

Posted Cuddlybunny on 02 November 2009 - 11:29 PM